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Salescast Connector

SalesCast Connector allows you to automate the data feed generation and the file upload into your Salescast account from your Magento back office. This Package includes Data Feed Manager and Orders Export Tool in a special edition.



Connecting Salescast and Magento

Salescast Connector - Product Overview

The web application Salescast optimizes your inventory levels by using data on your business activity, current stock levels and open orders. It is therefore important to send a daily .TSV file with this data to the Lokad service platform.

Salescast Connector completely automates the uploading of the data to the Lokad service platform. It works in conjunction with both the Data Feed Manager and Orders Export Tool components.

Salescast Connector also allows the Leadtime and Servicelevel variables to be defined and adjusted for an individual product or for the entire product catalog.

Discover Salescast

The webapp Salescast delivers two key data for your inventory optimization: to know when to order and to know how much to order. The quantities suggested by Salescast rely on advance statistics as delivered by the Lokad forecasting technology. Salescast save you money with less stocks and less stock-outs; but also Salescast saves you time when reordering to your suppliers.

Opening a Salescast account

Salescast comes with an Express subscription free of any charge up to 10,000 products. The "Salescast Connector" let you take advantage of this offer from your Magento backoffice.

If you're not registered already, sign-up in 60s at Note that you will need your email/passwork to setup the "Salescast Connector".

Installing Salescast Connector

Following the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with your log-in details and a password to access your Wyomind account and download Salescast Connector.
  • Download the zip file from your Wyomind account
  • Unzip the file
  • Copy all the files in the folder
  • Paste all the files into the Magento web site root directory
  • Log-out of the Magento administrator account
  • Re-log-in to the Magento administrator account and empty the cache
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to activate your license
  • The installation is complete
Once Sales Connector is installed, two new tabs will appear in the Magento administrator menu : Under 'Catalog' - Data Feed Manager and under 'Sales' - Orders Export Tool

Configuring Salescast Connector

Salescast Connector allows two key variables, Leadtime and Servicelevel, to be defined and adjusted to maximise the effciency of Salescast. These variables can be defined and adjusted for an individual product or for the entire product catalog.
For more information on the two variables, please see the Lokad reference documents :

Default setting

To configure all products using a default setting, from Magento  go to:
System > Configuration > Wyomind > Salescast Connector > Setting

Individual product setting

To configure an individual product with unique settings, from Magento go to:
Catalog >Manage products > Edit > Salescast connector

FTP upload setting

Before uploading any data files to Salescast, the FTP settings needs to be configured for product data.
  • Go to: Catalog > Data Feed Manager > Edit Lokad_items.tsv > Ftp upload
  • Enter your account details (login and password)
  • Change the destination directory if necessary
Do the same for Orders Export Tool :
  • Go to: Sales > Orders Export Tool > Edit Lokad_orders.tsv > Ftp upload
  • Enter your account details (login and password)
  • Change the destination directory if necessary

Planning a scheduled task for updating Salescast data

The two export components, Data Feed Manager and Orders Export Tool, are both configured to export data once a day by default (Lokad_Orders.tsv at 11:30PM and Lokad_Items at 3:00 AM).

The times for export are simple to change by selecting the appropriate export profile in the Scheduled Tasks tab of Data Feed Manager and Orders Export Tool.

Notice : the main cron task targeting cron.php must be active on the server.

For more information on cron tasks, please see the following reference articles

Set up a cron task with Data Feed Manager

Set up a cron task with Orders Export Tool

Modifying the Salescast export template

The Lokad_Orders.tsv and Lokad_Items.tsv are already configured but they can be further modified.
The following reference articles show how to modify the export template.

Documentation Data Feed Manager

Documentation Orders Export Tool

Salescast Connector Features
  • Official module for  Salescast by Lokad
  • Data feed automation into your Salescast account
  • Preconfigured and customizable templates
  • Automatic FTP upload
  • Default values for leadtime and service level
  • Dedicated attribute set required by Lokad
  • Free support included for the module configuration and usage
Salescast Connector Screenshots
Installation questions
Installation questions

Where can I find the extension package?

You can find the extension package directly in your Wyomind account.

Go to My account > My downloads and click on the grey arrow next to the extension you've just purchased.

A new window opens. Click on the orange link on the right that specifies the version of the extension. Your download can start.

For any extension, you can download the package even after your free upgrade period.

In the case where the extension you've purchase includes other ones (for example Advanced Inventory or Pickup@Store), before being able to see the orange link, you will need to click on your domain name.

After that, you will be able to click on the orange link to reupload the extension package.

Check our faqs to install your extension and activate your license.

I'm asking to overwrite /lib/Varien/Data/Form/Element/link.php, should I carry on?

You can skip this file, it's only for magento < 1.4.

I get an error saying "err_connection_reset".

It can happen on localhost environments because of rights on session files stored locally.
You have to rename app/code/local/wyomind/salescastconnector/sql/salescastconnector_setup to something different: for example salescastconnector_setup_XX.

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