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Advanced Inventory

Manage your stocks in several warehouses and across all your pos. Automatically assign each order to one or several inventories. Create different stock levels for each store view. Give store managers the permissions to manage stocks of the pos/warehouses.

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Advanced Inventory Features
  • Manage several stocks for different websites or store views
  • NEW ! Update all your stocks at once by using csv files and scheduled tasks
  • Display on your front-office the available stocks for each point of sale
  • Automatically or manually assign each order to one warehouse/pos
  • Automatically decrement/re-increment the stock levels from each warehouse/pos
  • Allow pick-up at store as shipping method
  • Email notification for the warehouse owners
  • Manage your warehouses and points of sale: address, location, hours...
  • Display on your front-office an advanced Google Map to help customers locate their nearest point of sale
  • Define your own delivery rules for each warehouse or point of sale by using country codes and/or zip codes in order to automatically assign each order to one point of sale
  • Summarize the stocks of each product and for each point of sale in the product grid
  • Manage all your stocks in the same grid
  • Disable/enable multi-stocks for each product
  • Update in one block all your product stocks
  • Use the arrow keys to add/remove units
  • NEW ! Check the stock movement journal
  • NEW ! Manage users permissions per warehouses/points of sale
  • NEW ! Get a quick overview of your POS/warehouses stocks thanks to the treeview
  • NEW ! Use the assignation table to assign items to pos or warehouses
  • API to remotely control the different stocks from a third part software/web app
  • ...


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