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Quantity Switcher

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Add a +/- button on the product pages that gives the customers the ability to change the quantity in cart.

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Quantity Switcher
for Magento® 2 available soon!

Add a Quantity Switcher to your product pages

Easily implement quantity switching

  • Add a +/- button on the product pages so that customers can change the quantity in cart


To install the Quantity Switcher free extension on your Magento® admin, follow the below steps:

1. Go to the Magento® Connect page.
2. Log in to your account.
3. Click on Install Now.
4. Agree to the license agreements and click on Get Extension Key.
5. Select and copy the extension key.
6. Go to your Magento® admin in System > Magento® Connect > Magento® Connect Manager.
7. In the Settings tab, untick the Maintenance mode box if preferred.
8. In the Install New Extension tab, paste the extension key in the appropriate field and click on Install.
9. The installation starts and shows a message when it's complete.
10. Click on the Refresh button.
11. Return to your Magento® admin.
12. The Quantity Switcher extension is now installed and ready to use!


Quantity Switcher allows you to add a +/- button directly on the product pages.

This will give the customers the ability to easily change the quantity of items they want to add in their cart.

If you're using a different package than the default one, you need to copy the following skin, template and layout to your package so that it can work.  

- Copy app>design>frontend>default>default>layout>qtyswitcher.xml and paste in app>design>frontend>your_package>default>layout

- Copy app>design>frontend>default>default>template>qtyswitcher>qtyswitcher.phtml and paste in app>design>frontend>your_package>default>template>qtyswitcher

- Copy skin>frontend>default>default and paste in skin>frontend>your_package>defaultQuantity Switcher