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Mass Stock Update allows you to update manually or automatically all Magento stocks attributes in one go through any CSV or XML files available from the Magento's file system or any remote server through HTTP or FTP.

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Massively update all your stocks in Magento® through CSV or XML files easily and in no time!

Update your stocks
from any source

Update your stocks using CSV or XML files available from the Magento®'s files system, dropbox, webserver, remote servers using FTP or HTTP.

Automate the update tasks

Completely automate the update process thanks to the cron tasks or the command line interface. Be notified in real time of the progress of the process.

Completely customize the updated data

Benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Thanks to the advanced mapping features, the real-time preview and the scripts, the inconsistent, incomplete or misformatted data can be easily corrected.