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Mass Stock Update allows you to update your Magento inventory in one go through any csv or xml files. This extension also allows you to export all your stock into a csv file. This extension includes a task scheduler that automates the stocks update.

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Mass Stock Update
is available for Magento® 2

Massively update all your Magento® 2 stocks with Mass Stock Update!

Quickly update all your stocks

  • Back up your stocks in one click
  • Calculate the stock sum from several columns
  • Automatically get the stock availability

Modify your products attributes through CSV/XML files

  • Update any value of your products attributes (description, name, color...)

Highly customize your CSV/XML file

  • Create your own custom rules
  • Define how to map your columns

Completely automate your updates

  • Schedule the update of your stocks or of any other attribute

Enjoy the precious help provided by the extension

  • Use the powerful debug mode for developers
  • Preview your mapping in real time