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  • Sources
    Represent physical sites where the available products are stocked and shipped from. It can be warehouses, stores, wholesalers... 
    See your sources from: 
  • Source Item
    It is a source for a given product. 
    Assign sources to your products from the Sources tab of any product page in:
    Catalog Products   
  • Stocks
    One stock can be linked to several websites and sources.
    See your stocks from: 
  • Sales Channels
    Refers to a website. It can only be linked to one stock.
    See your websites from: 
    StoresSettingsALL Stores
  • Salable Quantity
    It is the total virtual inventory that can be sold from a website.
    Check the salable quantity from: 
  • Reservations
    It is the number of products reserved and deducted from the salable quantity when customers add products to cart and pass their order. 
    Check the quantities reserved from: 
    When an order is shipped, the quantity of reservations is reset and deducted from the quantities of the inventories of the appropriate sources.

Adopt the best way to manage your inventory with the MSI Suite

The MSI Suite includes several extensions. Each one responds to a problem and to a desire to improve Magento 2 default inventory management.

Thanks to these extensions that are completely plug and play, the MSI Suite easily adapts to your business model, whether you manage several warehouses, multi-stocks, dropshipping…

Perfect your inventory management and your selling process with the MSI Suite and enjoy:

  • optimal order management: optimize and automate the orders assignation to the appropriate sources. Save time and avoid human errors in your Magento 2 back office with MSI Order Management (available soon).
  • smoother and fine-tuned inventory management: gain considerable time while managing your inventory directly from the stocks grid and get a clear and accurate view of your products' availability thanks to the tree view with MSI Stock Management and MSI Backorders.
  • team management under control: limit the access to your orders, products, and stock management for each source by assigning specific permissions to each user registered in your Magento 2 admin with MSI Permissions.
  • more transparent information on product availability: provide your customers with more information on your products' availability, carriers, or delivery times via completely customizable stock status messages with MSI Stock Status and MSI Custom Attributes.

How to use MSI Custom Attributes for Magento 2

Since the release of Magento 2.3, many enhancements were added to the default Magento features and particularly to the inventory management. 

The MSI Custom Attributes extension allows you to expand your inventory system with any additional information.

You'll be able to create any kind of fields:

  • Text field
  • Number field
  • Date field
  • Yes/No field
  • Dropdown field

Create your custom attributes

You can create custom attributes for your inventory in:
StoresInventoryStock Attributes

Click on Add a new Attribute.

Configure the settings of the attribute

In the Settings section, you'll have to fill in:

  • Code
    Define an internal code for the attribute.
  • Label
    The label for the attribute will appear in the sources grid from the product page.
  • Sort order
    Define the order of display in the sources grid.

You can create different types of attributes and you'll have to fill in more information depending on these types. 

Text attribute

You can create text attributes. You'll have to fill in a default value and define if the attribute is required or not. 

Number attribute

You can create number attributes. You must fill in a default value and define if the attribute is required or not. 

Date attribute

You can also add date attributes. You'll have to define if the attribute is required or not. 

Yes/No attribute

You have the possibility to add a Yes/No attribute. 

The attribute will appear in the sources grid as a switch button. 

If you want to create dropdown attributes, you have to add the different options available in the dropdown list.

You must tick the default value and add the Value for Admin

Note that you can drag and drop each option to modify the order. 

Use MSI Custom Attributes with the extensions of the MSI Suite

The MSI Suite is a package including all necessary extensions to completely improve and enhance the Magento 2 inventory and multi-stock inventory. 

With MSI Custom Attributes, the Suite includes 5 other extensions: 

  • MSI Stock Status
    Display customized and elaborate stock status messages to better inform your customers about the availability of your products.
  • MSI Backorders
    Easily switch from a global backorders management to management at the level of your sources and arrange backorders dates and quantities.
  • MSI Permissions
    Control the access to the orders, the products, and the stock management for each source and for each user registered in your Magento admin.
  • MSI Stock Management
    Manage all your stocks inventory directly from the stock grid and get a clear and accurate view of your products' availability thanks to the tree view.
  • MSI Orders Management (coming soon)


The MSI Custom Attributes extension can be used in combination with the below extension of the MSI Suite.

MSI Custom Attributes with MSI Permissions

Using MSI Permissions with MSI Custom Attributes would allow you to manage your custom attributes for the sources for which store managers are responsible only.

See more about the MSI Permissions extension. 

MSI Custom Attributes with MSI Stock Management

Using MSI Stock Management with MSI Custom Attributes allows you to update all your custom attributes in bulk directly from the stocks grid.

See more about the MSI Stock Management extension. 

MSI Custom Attributes with MSI Stock Status

Using MSI Stock Status with MSI Custom Attributes gives you the possibility to provide your customers with more information about your inventory via customized stock status messages. 

For example, you could inform your customers about the cutoff time for each source in your stock status messages. 

You will be able to display these stock status messages:

  • on the product page
  • in the cart
  • in the checkout
  • in the order confirmation email
See more about the MSI Stock Status extension. 

Completely enhance your inventory system with additional information!

Easily extend your inventory with more information

Add as many complementary information as you want to your inventory: location of the products in the warehouse, name of the provider, contact info, dates, notes...

Brighten up your inventory with any kind of custom fields

Create any type of fields: Text field, Number field, Date field, Yes/No field, Dropdown field

Improve your stock management with MSI Stock Management

Manage all your custom attributes in bulk from the stocks grid available with MSI Stock Management.

Keep your stocks synch with your ERP thanks to Mass Stock Update

  • Update your stocks from CSV or XML files
  • Automate update tasks thanks to the cron tasks or the CLI
  • Start with the 4 included sample profiles
Freqently Asked Questions
Pre-sales informations

Find in the below comparison table, the differences between the Advanced Inventory extension and the MSI Suite. 

Advanced Inventory MSI Suite
Magento versions <v2.3, >= v2.3 (MSI disabled) >= v2.3
Stock management by storeview
Manage product availability at the storeview level

(default is by website)

Backorders management
Backorders at warehouse/store/source level
Additional fields (back-ordered qty and backorder date)

Stocks display
Stock grid display on the product page

Stock status message on the product page

Stock status message in the cart
Stock status message in the checkout
Stock status message in the order confirmation email
Fully customizable messages
Widget integration
Additional custom fields in the product/source management
Text field
Date field
Number field
Dropdown field
Yes/No field
Stock management improvements
Grid view management

(qty only)

(all inventory fields,
can be limited to a selection of fields)

Tree view summary in the product grid
Order management improvements
Automatic assignation
Shipping address-based assignation rule
Warehouse fallback assignation rule
Sources minimizer algorithm
Permissions management for admin users
Order level
Inventory level
Source level
Product level

This extension works with Magento Community Edition and also Magento Enterprise Edition. To know if MSI Custom Attributes is compatible with your Magento version, please check the Compatibility tab.

License and domains

A license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one single Magento installation

  • If you're using more than one Magento installation, you will have to buy a separate license for each instance.
  • if you're running several domains on a same Magento installation, you will need only one license for all of them.
Although your license doesn’t have a limited period of validity, your support period does. By purchasing an extension, you’ll be granted a 6-month support period for free. Passed this period, you will have to pay for a new one (see FAQ: Extend your Support period)

You can pre-register your live domain to your license in advance.

Thanks to this option, you'll be able to get the extension ready to use on your domain before it goes live.

To pre-register your production domain: 

  1. Go to:
    mY accountLicenses & DOwnloads
  2. Click on  next to the extension you want your domain to pre-register on.
  3. Click on the link at the bottom of the page saying:
    Do you want to pre-register your domain in order to be ready to go live?
  4. Finally, enter your domain name and click on pre-register now .
Attention, this doesn't mean your license is activated. You'll still have to activate it on your new domain when the extension is installed. 

One license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one Magento installation only. However, it is possible to extend or transfer your license in 2 cases: 

  • If you would like to add your testing environments to your license. 
    In that case, it is possible to extend your license to an unlimited number of domains for free.
    For example: or
  • If you want to transfer your license to another live domain.
    In that case, the support period for your license must still be active.

To be able to use MSI Custom Attributes on both your production and testing environments, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download MSI Custom Attributes.
    (see FAQ: Extensions download)
  2. Install MSI Custom Attributes on your environment.
    (see FAQ: Extensions installation)
  3. Activate the license.
    (see FAQ: Extensions activation from the backoffice or Extensions activation from the CLI)

Also, if you are managing a large amount of domains, please contact us so that we can automatically whitelist these domains.
Extension versioning and download

In order to download MSI Custom Attributes, log into your Wyomind account:

    1. Go to:
      my accountLicenses & downloads 
    2. Click on the  icon next to MSI Custom Attributes.

      A new window opens.

    3. Choose the version of MSI Custom Attributes.
      You will be able to choose the most recent version of MSI Custom Attributes (for both Magento 1 and Magento 2).
    4. Click on  .

Your download can start.

When purchasing an extension from, you benefit from a lifetime upgrade. You can at any time download the latest version of the extension directly from your account. 

To upgrade MSI Custom Attributes, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to:
    my accountLicenses & Downloads
  2. Click on  next to MSI Custom Attributes.
  3. Choose the latest version of MSI Custom Attributes (for Magento 1 and Magento 2).
  4. Click on download .
  5. Install the new version of MSI Custom Attributes to update your Magento admin. 

Extensions Installation/Uninstallation

You can install MSI Custom Attributes manually.

  1. Download MSI Custom Attributes (zip file) on:
    mY ACCOUNTLicenses & Downloads
    Refer to the FAQ: Extensions download
  2. Once MSI Custom Attributes is downloaded, open the folder and unzip it.
  3. Copy the content of the unzipped folder and paste all files and directories in your Magento 2 root directory.
  4. In your Command Line Interface, execute:
    bin/magento setup:upgrade 

    If you are using a production mode, execute also:

    bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy  
    bin/magento setup:di:compile  

You can install MSI Custom Attributes using Composer software in two cases:

  • if you purchased MSI Custom Attributes on Magento Marketplace.
  • if you purchased MSI Custom Attributes on AND requested access to our repository:
  1. Add to your composer configuration our repository:
    composer config repositories.wyomind composer 

  2. Execute Composer command:
    composer require wyomind/msicustomattributes
  3. Then go in your Command Line Interface and execute:
    bin/magento setup:upgrade ​
  4. If you are using a production mode, also execute:
    bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy  ​
    bin/magento setup:di:compile​

To uninstall MSI Custom Attributes, start with disabling the extension running the following command:

bin/magento module:disable Wyomind_MsiCustomAttributes

Then, you have 2 ways to uninstall the extension depending on how the extension has been previously installed: 

  • Manual installation

    Run the file (you can find it in the extension zip folder) from your Magento root directory:



  • Installation via Composer

    Run the below command line:

    composer remove wyomind/msicustomattributes

Once the uninstallation is over, refresh your cache and enable the compiler back again (if you use it). 

You can install MSI Custom Attributes via Web Setup Wizard if you purchased it from Magento Marketplace only.

To know how to proceed, all steps are described in the link below:

Next step is to activate your license:
Extension activation

Extensions activation

Once MSI Custom Attributes is installed, you have to activate the license. For previous versions, you can activate the license from your back-office:

    1. Go to your Magento admin panel. A message pops up at the top of the page.

      If the message doesn't appear then you must check that:

         1. The Adminhtml_Notifications and Wyomind_Core modules are well enabled.
         2. The HTML output of the Adminhtml_Notifications and Wyomind_Core modules are not disabled in:
      storesconfigurationadvanced advanced
         3. The encryption key well exists in app/etc/env.php:
       return array(
       'backend' => array(
       'frontName' => 'admin'
       'crypt' => array(
       'key' => '1e8f3c6772b7a6a6689c3c8cefa4ccf0'
       /* ... */
    2. Copy your activation key in:
      StoresConfigurationWyomind Your extension

      You can find your activation key in 2 different places:
      In the confirmation email that you received after purchasing MSI Custom Attributes.
      In your Wyomind account:My account Licenses & downloads
      Select MSI Custom Attributes and click on  .

      A new page opens where you'll find your activation key (see below).

    3. In your Magento admin go to:
      StoresConfigurationWyomind Your extension

      Paste the activation key in the Activation Key field and choose between the automatic (yes) or the manual (no) activation method:
      By choosing Yes, the connection to Wyomind license server will be automatic.
      By choosing No, you will have to log on to Wyomind license server yourself.

    4. Click on Save config .
    5. A message appears at the top of your admin panel. Click on that link: 
      Activate it now!
    6. Copy and paste the license code in the License code field from your admin or simply click on Activate now! 

    7. Finally, refresh your cache, log out and log in back straight after, to complete the installation.

When the extension includes other modules, repeat the steps described above for each one, using the corresponding activation keys (each module has its own activation key).

Add another domain to your license

To activate the license on another domain (test, staging...):

  1. Once the extension is installed on the new domain, copy your activation key in:
    StoresConfigurationWyomind Your extension
  2. After having saved the configuration, a notification appears. Click on Add this domain to my license.

  3. A transfer request will then be sent to our team within an hour.
    Once the request is taken care of, you will receive a confirmation email.
    If your transfer request is accepted, you can use MSI Custom Attributes on both environments at the same time.

Note that the order in which you activate your license on your domains does not matter. You can start with your staging/dev/local environment or with your live domain, the process will be the same.

Also, if you have loads of staging domains, or if you are an agency managing load of domains for your customers, please contact us so that we can automatically whitelist these domains.

Once MSI Custom Attributes is installed, you have to activate the license.

For this, you can use the below command line (change the Activation key with the corresponding value):

bin/magento wyomind:license:activate Wyomind_MsiCustomAttributes <YOUR_ACTIVATION_KEY>

To retrieve the list of all the available modules as well as the licenses status, please use:

bin/magento wyomind:license:status

 Among the different status, you can find: 

  • registered = your license is registered
  • pending = you need to run the activation command line
  • invalidated = the license has been invalidated due to a wrong activation key or a license infringement
Check how to add another domain to your license.
Magento® Compatibility

Magento® Open Source

(Magento® Community Edition)

  • 2.4.3
  • 2.4.2
  • 2.4.1
  • 2.4
  • 2.3.7
  • 2.3.6
  • 2.3.5
  • 2.3.4
  • 2.3.3
  • 2.3.2
  • 2.3.1
  • 2.3

Adobe® Commerce

(Magento® Enterprise Edition)

  • 2.4.3
  • 2.4.2
  • 2.4.1
  • 2.4
  • 2.3.7
  • 2.3.6
  • 2.3.5
  • 2.3.4
  • 2.3.3
  • 2.3.2
  • 2.3.1
  • 2.3
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  • Table name prefixes are taken into account
  • Improved conversion of dates from local to UTC format


  • General code improvements

First Public Release

  • Update for the phpdoc


  • Database improvement with EAV data structure
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