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Display on the Magento product pages and in the customer cart the estimated delivery date for the available products and for the backorders with a completely customizable message.

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Give your customers the ability to pick up their orders from any of your sales outlets or warehouses when checking out. Locations to pickup can be displayed on a Google Map and can be managed by store-views and/or customer groups.

Estimated Delivery Date
for Magento 2 available soon!

Give your customers the ability to know the Estimated Delivery Date!

Display the estimated delivery date on your Magento frontend

  • Add the estimated delivery date on the product and checkout pages      

Completely customize the display of the messages

  • Modify the messages with pre-defined variables
  • NEW! Add a dynamic countdown in the product page

Configure the extension on several levels

  • Define a configuration specific to each store view and website        
  • Take into account the days off and the current day time for the delivery date calculation
  • Manage lead times for each products (in stocks, backorders)
  • Define lead times by product attributes (ex: brand, color...)
  • NEW! Add lead times for configurable products and custom options