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With Wyomind, the more you buy, the more discount you get!

Bulk purchase

We offer bulk discounts from 2 licenses purchased in the main time giving you up to 50% off when buying 10 licenses.
Bulk purchase discount can be cumulated with the Reseller and the affiliate programs

Reseller program

In the case where you are buying our products on behalf of your clients (web agency, reseller ...), the Reseller program will make you earn 10% from €1000 of purchase and 20% for more than €2000 of purchase.
The discount is applied automatically to your account when you reach the first €1000 of purchase.


from €1000

gain 10%

from €2000

gain 20%

Immediate discount

No action required!
Your account will be automatically updated

Affiliate program

If you are referring potential customers to our website, you can be considered as an affiliate partner.
From €1 of purchase you receive a 10% commission and over €3000, you receive a 20% commission. The commission will be paid each 1000 euros of cumulated purchase. To become an affiliate partner, please complete the below form


from €1

gain 10%

from €3000

gain 20%

Commission paid each €1000

On demand
Please fill in the below form