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As part of our Support & Upgrade service, we deliver support to license owners, including advice, help with the extensions configuration and installation, diagnostic and analysis about potential issues, and any questions related to the extensions.

We continuously improve and update our extensions so as to offer license owners the best extension functionalities, usability, and scalability all along the life cycle of your projects. Such improvements are part of our Support & Upgrade service. 

Extension support 

Extension upgrades

  • Support provided by Magento® Certified Developers and Specialists
  • Response time under 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • 95% of opened tickets receive the first answer within one hour
  • 90% of messages (after the first message) receive an answer within one hour
  • 70% of tickets find a solution within the first 48 hours

  • New features
  • Feature improvements
  • Performances improvements
  • Compatibility with new Magento® versions
  • Compatibility with new PHP and/or Mysql versions
  • Security patches*
  • Bug fixes*

    * Purchasers before the 1st  of January 2023 can still access the legacy version of the extensions including security patches and bug fixes
Freqently Asked Questions

At Wyomind, support is part of the extension you are buying from our website. Our team, composed of Magento certified developers and specialists, offers outstanding support and answers to all your questions in record time. This is why support can't be provided without any cost. 

Anybody who purchases at least one of our extensions automatically receives 12 months of technical support to successfully complete a project.

Once the 6-month period is over, no support for extensions usage and configuration can be offered. However, if you're still having questions, you can subscribe to a new Support &  Upgrade plan and extend your Support period directly from your Wyomind account.

Prices for Support vary from €95 to €185  for 12 months (from €7,90  to €15,40/month).


Some key figures

  • At Wyomind, we guarantee all our customers a response time under 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • On weekdays and during office hours, 95% of opened tickets receive a first answer within one hour.
  • On weekdays and during office hours, 90% of messages (after the first message) receive an answer within one hour.
  • 70% of tickets find a solution within the first 48 hours.

In the case where your Support period expired but you still need our team to help you with your project, you can easily renew your Support plan from your Wyomind account. 

From the Support section

To renew your Support period, go in: 
My accountSupport

  1. Click on Support Renewal .
  2. Add your Activation key in the Domain(s) to update field and click on the

  3. Select the domain(s) to update.

You can now click on Buy Now  to extend your Support period. 

When creating a ticket

You can also renew your Support period when creating a ticket from: 
My accountSupport

  1. Choose the extension for which you want to receive support and click on the icon. 
  2. Choose the domain for which you want to receive support and click on the Cart icon
  3. You"ll now be able to renew your Support period from the pop-up window. 

To renew your support, you can also go in the following page:

Anybody who purchased at least one of our modules receives a 12-months technical support.

To submit a support request, you can fill in a ticket from your Wyomind account in:
My Account  support Create a ticket

Please include as many details as possible in your ticket (screenshots via links, settings, steps followed etc..).

There, you will also be able to find all the tickets you've sent to our team and check if your new ticket has been replied to.

In the case where your Support period is expired but the issue appears to be a bug or a malfunction, your message will be transferred to our Support team.


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User's reviews
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22nd July 2022

MSI do the job, Importing process and mapping system

my experience is 2 website on same machine, the first website; 4.000 products (Configurable and Simple) second 110.000 products (Simple products) in any case, it can manage both. Time for sync proliant G8 dual Xeon 32gb ram dedicaded. 4.000 products: about 3 minutes. If you have already update images is a dream machine. 100.000 products: not easy to config, time to execute 4/5 hours. be carefull to Elasticsearch issues, if it fail the process looping and you have to work for let it run flawless. you need a good skill in Magento and Linux system, moving thry logs and fixes. the support is ok.

14th July 2022

Very useful and powerful plugin

We use this plugin with several projects in Magento 2 and Magento 1. The website visitor gets a very fast and well structured autocomplete result overview. The search works on products, categories and CMS pages and it has still a very fast indexation, even with several thousands products. Apart from that you can define a configuration specific to each store view. We also appreciate the very fast and professional customer support.

14th July 2022

Helpful and eficient extension

I bought the extension Mass Product Import & Update as I needed to import products to my website daily from a feed that a large distributor provides me. The support was impeccable and the extension does exactly what it sets out to do.

18th June 2022


Il modulo di Google Shopping è davvero Unico, si interfaccia alla grande con magento 2 ed è di facile utilizzo. Consiglio tale prodotto a tutti quelli che cercano un feed dati davvero personalizzato e prestante. Grazie wyomind, siete fortissimi

1st June 2022


Very easy to use. This plugin has improve our conversion rate by 4%. The code is clean and the support is great. I would strongly recommend this plugin

28th May 2022

Extension is working great

Wyomind order export tool is working great for our website. we are using wyomind extensions more than 5 years for different websites. The order export tool extension have amazing functionality and meet your requirements. The Order export extension gave us access to all the order data we needed along with very flexible custom attributes. The choice of data delivery by a number of different methods and timed schedules was also very useful. Requests to Wyomind were responded to quickly and efficiently. solid and totally versatile piece of software absolutely useful for your M2 store.

2nd May 2022

Un plugin efficace

Un plugin simple, efficace et en plus gratuit. Avec en plus un service client pertinent qui vous accompagne malgré la gratuité du produit, chapeau bas messieurs !

Samuel - Merchant

14th March 2022

Great tool to handle product imports

We were looking for a tool that could allow us to handle stock updates and new product imports, witout creating mess with the magento 2 installations. This tool from wyomind, although not super immediate to configure, has done the job, also thanks to the super assistance by their support team

22nd February 2022

Great Support and Extensions. Excellent service

I am using Wyomind extensions for 4 years now. Since 2018 and i am tottaly satisfied. Especially i use the Wyomind_Massproductimport and it makes our life much easier. Before we have to upload products manually. This is not possible nowadays, and the extension makes our life much easier. You have a lot of control and you can assign almost every possible parameter to import the products as you wish. The most important is after sale support. You will recieve answer within 24 hours. Professional team, knows exactly how to solve problems, and treat a customer. Definitely top star for the extension and the team! Thank you.

BILL - Developer

13th February 2022

This plugin is essential for any Magento shop with a lot of orders.

Being able to export all the orders into a CSV file is pretty essential for the way our business works, we can easily pass this information to our accountant. The 2 things I love about this plugin the most is the support and the flexibility. Having the ability to build my own own profile to export the exact data I need is really good, they provide you with all the info needed to do this. It's also possible to add data from other 3rd party plugins, you can do this using PHP staright within the admin, that makes this plugin super powerful. Previously I was using a similar plugin from another company with Magento 1, it was good but unfortunately the support was not available. Wyomind will go above and beyond to make sure the plugin works as advertised, keep up the good work guys!

Paul S - Developer

10th February 2022

Very nice extension

The msi stock inventory extension is really perfect for my necessity of show a custom message on my front end product page, very good the support of Wyomind very professional, fast and always available for help and suggest.

8th December 2021

Great extension with fast search!

The Wyomind Elastic Search module was a great addition with speed and good results. Appreciated by our customers on the site.

Peter Herman - Ecommerce Agency

5th November 2021

Great extension with great support

We have integrated pickup at store on our website and it is working awesome. and the support them from wyomind is also very quick in support. It's worth the time and money spent in integrating it into our store

Steve Smith - Developer

28th October 2021

Excellent module d'export de commandes et bien d'autres

Ce module est excellent pour mes exports comptable et tracking. Je l'utilise aussi pour du dropshiping. Le support est au top ! Ne pas hésiter.

19th October 2021

Very helpful extension

Rich in features but a bit complicated. It is need some technical knowledge to deal with it. Very helpful customer service team (they even provide technical support and assistance after the end of the technical support period). Thank Wyomind Team

15th October 2021

Améliore les fonctionnalités de MSI sur Magento2

Cette suite de plugin améliore le système de stock de Magento2 sans modifier les tables de la base de donnée. Ce qui permet une compatibilité parfaite avec d'autres modules. De plus, le support est excellent. Toujours des réponses très rapide ! Merci

13th October 2021

Great extension

This is a well written extension, and has helped the merchant considerably in keeping their customers informed about when to expect the arrival of their ordered products. It is easy to customise, and the support when needed has been excellent. The extension allows easy set up of expected delivery dates against each product as a product attribute. It is simple to configure and gives a clear indication to the customers of when they can expect to receive their product. The extension can take into account the shipping method selected by the customer and adjust the expected delivery date accordingly. This expected delivery date then appears in all the relevant places you'd expect on the site - on the product page, checkout, and within the customer account orders section. These messages displayed to the customer are completely configurable. Wyomind's expected delivery date extension has significantly increased conversion rates on the merchant's site and has also reduced customer enquiries related to the expectation of the delivery of the ordered products. In terms of the code itself, it is well organised and conforms to Magento coding standards. It is easy to modify and straightforward to understand. We and the merchant would recommend this extension to anyone wanting to keep their customers better informed about the expected delivery date of their order.

1st October 2021

Simply Great extensions provided by Wyomind - Strongly Recommended!

Wyomind Data Feed Manager is great extension and we are successfully using this module from the last 3 years.

29th September 2021

Simple Google Shopping - Great Product

We have used Wyomind now a long time for solving issues and proving solutions on many Magento sites (both Magento 1 and Magento 2). The documentation is always clear, concise and very well documented. In addition should the documentation not give the answer needed - then support team are always on hand to help you to get where you need to. Version releases are always timely to ensure that the extensions work when the Magento 2 upgrades are rolled out. In conclusion, great extensions, great support a great company

5th August 2021

Great product

Great product and great support, highly recommended

Crim - Merchant

30th July 2021

Extremely helpful, even outside of support contracted timeframe

The team at Wyomind were very helpful with helping us change our main license domain even though we were poutside of our support contract. Thank you Paul for all your help and assistance; greatly appreciated.

Rupert B - Developer - User for more than 9 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

12th July 2021

Best module for generate Google Feed

Great extension, easy to use, and very good support. We are successfully using this module on our website for the last 5 years. Recently we switched to Magento 2 and it's working like charm.

Donnie Bachan - Ecommerce Agency

6th July 2021

The best feed extension out there!

We're using this extension on every single Magento website we have and saves us a lot of time! The support is top notch and happy to assist every single time fast and efficiently! Would recommend with no hesitation!

1st July 2021

Great addition to ElasticSearch

This works like a charm with Magento's inbuilt ELasticSearch. We upgraded our version and it still works fine with our new site. The extension is up to the point of doing what it should - displaying the estimated delivery date for custom orders! Shop holidays and shipping carrier holidays can get managed. Since the use of this Extension, the number of calls received by customers querying "when will I get my order" dropped to almost zero. Besides - the wyomind team is still delivering the most effective and fastest support I ever got from any extension partner!

16th June 2021

Good extension and great support

Great module, with the possibility to create any feeds do you want. Support very fast in replying. We are successfully using this module on our website since 5 years. On our Magento 1 webshop and recently switched to the Magento 2 version.

30th May 2021

Great extension with a great service and features

I have been using this extensions for more than 6 months and this extension is simply great and the features provided in the extension are very good. Support of the extension is great and team is highly responsive and always tends to provide the solution. I highly recommend this extension to everyone if they are looking forward to do a frequent product import. Extension is highly configurable and you can achieve almost all of your requirements by tweaking the settings in the admin panel

27th May 2021

Great extension

Extension work well, great support from Wyomind!

Alessandro - Merchant

26th May 2021

Makes Managing Google Shopping Feeds Nice and Easy!

The Simple Google Shopping extensions takes the hassle out of creating feed files. It's easy to navigate, customise, de-bug and use. The capability to set rules on what to pull into the feed, along with the category mapping against Google's taxonomy are fab! Plus support has also always been great!

Mel - Merchant

20th May 2021

Super fast support

We had a problem with a script to find the orders we needed. Jean-Paul gave excellent superfast support. Now it works perfectly. Thanks!

9th May 2021

Best Support & Value for money

I have been using the extension for many website and for long time and i never faced any kind of issue. And talking about the support, i get the solution within 1 hour, Support team is very helpful. And the Extension work flawlessly, its a value for money product.

Brahmdev Sharma - Developer - User for more than 3 years |Magento 2

7th May 2021

I would recommend

Clean code, great support team. Product was very helpful it achieve our target and the support team is professional I shall highly recommend this product

4th May 2021

Excellent extension & support

We've been using Wyomind's Datafeed Manager for several years. And it does a great job - like Wyomind's support team. It's very responsive and it helps when problems arise. Highly recommended!

Dominik - Merchant

27th April 2021

Store locator better than advertised! Great tool for our ecom site and amazing support

we bought the store locator tool for our client. The took worked amazing and the support team got back to us quickly with installing and questions about setup. strongly recommend. What we loved most is the featuers and how well it works on mobile. Given that mobile is the future, we look forward to using more extensions from here for future projects. I strongly recommend them!

22nd April 2021

Essential plugin & excellent support

I've been using the Wyomind plugin for years now and it is an essential plugin to manage my datafeeds. Each marketing channel needs specific requirements (Google, Share A Sale, AdRoll, Facebook etc) and Wyomind makes it super easy to configure the feed per each ones requirements. Also cron updates to create a fresh feed daily, very simple and barely need to maintain. Support is excellent too, very responsive and helpful. Super bonus that Im in the USA and they seem to answer the same day during my timezone which is stellar!

20th April 2021

Helpful and efficient team

The support is quick and efficient. Due to the optimization of the search settings, we were able to improve the search ergonomics of the website. The team is also helpful with the subsequent optimization of the search settings.

13th April 2021

This module has made our search functionality exactly as we wanted. Easy to integrate and provide great results.

Using this extension since last year. No major issues. Support is great. Support replies are very fast which I don't see with any other Magento extension provider. Support not only fix bugs and issues related to their extension but also provides an overview to get better results according to our website to improve the user experience. The best thing about support is they are very smart and experienced in their fields.

TB - Developer

30th March 2021

Great extension to set customers expectation re delivery!

The extension is up to the point doing what it should - displaying the estimated delivery date for customer orders! Shop holidays and shipping carrier holidays can get managed. Since the use of this Extension, the amount of calls received by customers querying "when will I get my order" dropped to almost zero. Besides - the wyomind team is still delivering the most effective and fastest support I ever got from any extension partner!

24th March 2021

Saves a lot of time and great support!

The extension offers many possibilities to customize it as we like to suite our needs and when we need to something additional the support is very helpful and proactive. Great extension with awesome support.

20th March 2021

Great Extension

One of the good modules with great support

19th March 2021

Works a treat!

great module with 1st class support

12th March 2021

Awesome tool and support

My client has been using the Magento 1 version of this extension for years. So it is needless to say, we needed it for Magento 2 too. The tool is fast and flawless. It's very flexible, as was the Magento 1 extension. Never had any issue with the support either. They're fast in responses!

Jelle - Developer

9th March 2021

great plugin - still need to tweak it abit to match our needs

I love to see how wyomind support clients with customization - its really great to have such an awesome support - top stars!

idrees - Merchant

5th March 2021

Great module

Elastic search has helped our customers a lot to find their products. Wyomind support has been helpful to resolve any issues we have found. We needed to customize the module to support requirements from the customer and support gave good inputs for us.

Peter - Developer

2nd March 2021

The best module for generate custom data feeds

Great module, totally customized and with the possibility to create any feeds do you want. Support very fast in replying and kindly.

25th February 2021

Work as is, fast and stable

Everyting works as described. Easy to use, fast and stable. But the most of all worths support we get from wyomind for every question we got! Reply comes back faster than we ask! i sugest working with wyomind.

24th February 2021

Great Extension and Support

We've looked around for a Magento Cloud extension that actually works and we found it here at Wyomind. The support is also fantastic as well. I'm already looking through their list of extensions to find if there is anything else we can use on our site.

Brian - Marketing Agency

23rd February 2021

Excellent basis for individual product import processes

We have been using this extension for several years and it runs absolutely flawlessly. We run our online store in several languages and for this the extension is perfectly suitable. The support was very quick to respond to our questions.

Roman - Ecommerce Agency

8th February 2021

Great extension

We have been using this extension for some time now. We experience few issues and the extension is very useful for webshops with multiple pickup locations. Easy to set up and fast support when you need it.

Henk - Ecommerce Agency

4th February 2021

Did recieve support and customization on the mass product import extention

Response time between question and time to develop the items was quick and professional. Also did result in an import of an XML-file correctly to a new magento site. Very happy with the result. Als now working on the second import and will depend on the same type of co-operation. Jarda Prochazka

Jarda Prochazka - Developer

3rd February 2021

Powerful Module

This module is very powerful for providing estimated delivery/shipping date information to potential customers. It has saved our customer service countless time as customers know when their order is going to ship/arrive. We've been using versions of it for years. The support from the Wyomind team has always been responsive.

austintech - Merchant

1st February 2021

The only extension you need!

I've been using their google related extensions on various websites and must say that we never faced any issues which could not be fixed within 10 minutes of submitting a support ticket. They are all easy to use and the support is top-notch!

1st February 2021

Great Extension and Support

The Mass Product Import & Update extension has been an absolute game changer for us. We are using it to connect to our PIM which means that our product info is able to be consistent across all of our systems. It allows us to run the export/import of data on a regular schedule as well as trigger it to run on our own when we need a quick update. This has made our site way easier for our non-technical team members to manage and saved us the time and money of creating a custom solution. The Wyomind team has been super responsive and supportive when we need help as well.

29th January 2021

Excellent support

The code and support are excellent!

21st January 2021

Wyomind mass stock management extension

Wyomind mass stock management extension for magento 2 looks to be what we are looking for we had a few issue that wyomind are quick to help us out and find the small bug which was stopping us from showing active stock level for our customers.

19th January 2021

Data Feed Manager you must have for Magento 2

We have for 3 years Data Feed Manager in use.The best programme on the market .Easy to use .But the best thing is the support, very fast reaction ,always competent answers.A clear recommendation.

9th January 2021

Must have

The module works perfectly, is better and cheaper than other searchers. I use several times the support and always resolve the problems. The searches have been optimized long after the installation of the module. Customers have told us that it works much better than before that we did not have this module.

5th January 2021

The fastest search

The modulo works perfectly, is better and cheaper than other searchers. I use several times the support and always resolve the problems.

24th December 2020

Highly configurable and practical feed

Easy to use and highly configurable, this solution works great with our need for our google merchant centre. You can customise the XML structure and include/exclude product categories or even add filters for even more granularity. Have been using since the days of Magento 1 and continue using it now on our Magento 2 stores.

Alex - Ecommerce Agency

15th December 2020

Amazing & extra-complete

I was looking for click&collect extension since native functionality into magento 2.4 does not work properly. After cheking the posibilities, wyomind click&collect seems to be the right one, and finally this is. But the most important is support team. The team is amazing, fast and professional, it is very nice to work with them.

5th December 2020

The best for Google shopping feeds

This plugin saves you so much time as it is ready to go out of the box. We use it for google shopping and it works great! Support is excellent and they really know their stuff!

factory99 - Developer

3rd December 2020

We use several extensions by Wyomind and they all do their job brilliantly, we have NEVER had an issue with them.

We have used several extensions from Wyomind now, Google Shopping Feed and Estimated Delivery Extensions are basically 2 that a store can not live without for feeding our products to google and telling a customer when they are going to receive them is vital these days. Wyomind support is also second to none they are always quick to respond & fix any issues (although most issues are usually down to user error!).

26th November 2020

Great Extension and support

Great Extension and support, I always recommend that extension to purchase it. Support is also very great they are quick and fast to respond on our tickets.

Yasmin - Merchant

25th November 2020

Best extension and Best support 4ever

The extension is very powerful and functional, it adds everything you need A powerful, customisable and fast search engine. An ILN that works perfectly. etc. The support is very friendly and is very involved in solving known problems. As a point of improvement, I think it should be less inclusive in the Themes than the default for magento. It is clear that the extension has been designed on the Lume theme, but almost nobody uses that theme and when installing everything you have to touch CSS to adapt it to your theme. ( it's easy )

24th November 2020

Excellent extension with awesome support

This extension gave me exactly what I needed to setup our Google Merchant Center so they can stay current with our inventory on Magento. The support is great, very fast and helpful!

17th November 2020

Great extension

Smoothed our feed issues over beautifully. Good support too!

11th November 2020

Wyomind has good plugins, we have used in multiple sites

Have used Wyomind plugins in multiple sites; pick up at store and the point of sale have also gotten some customization done for these. Overall experience was positive for installation and customization. The support desk was responsive and developers also were good although migrating to staging site created some issues in customization which were resolved later

10th November 2020

Great extension and superb support

The extension works as described, but the support was truly outstanding. All questions and problems were usually solved within the hour. I needed a little help in the beginning, but now this extension is running smoothly without any problems at all.

Tolli Birgisson - Merchant

5th November 2020

Flexible way to display inventory in multiple warehouses

This extension does a nice job of showing this information to the customer in a flexible manner. Support has been very helpful as well! I am using their custom services to add some custom feature we need for our site, and their developers are knowledgeable, helpful, and respond quickly - even when the time zones are way off!

TravRay - Developer

3rd November 2020

Wyomind Elasticsearch Autocomplete

Wyomind Elasticsearch Autocomplete is a must-have for any and all ecommerce merchants with elaborate (or simple) product catalogs. This extension is easy-to-implement and has a responsive support team behind it. I would recommend Elasticsearch to anyone looking to optimize their on-site search functions/capabilities. The feature that is most helpful is the product sorting (best sellers, price, etc.). Elasticsearch is the best option out there.

28th October 2020

Good module!

We are using the Simple Google Shopping module, and are very happy with how it works. It is easy to use and it is also easy to change data to fit our specific needs. We have had some issues with license and support was quick to resolve our issue to get everything working.

Melissa - Ecommerce Agency

26th October 2020

Great Extension - Great Service

Great extension, but even better support. The team at wyomind has gone out of their way with helping us get this extension work exactly like we would like it to and they are very easy to work with. Keep up the great work!

26th October 2020

it's from the best Solution we have been used

perfect Experience with perfect team support

23rd October 2020

Great products and excellent support!

Wyomind is the best place where you can find great products for extending your website functionalities! We have been using the "Simple Google Shopping" extension for our Magento 1 websites and it's working just fine. It provides you the chance to create feeds for your Google Shopping accounts in a very easy and intuitive way, you don't need to be a programmer to use it. Additionally, if you need to create feeds for other platforms, like Facebook, you can customize your XML ones according to their guides so that it makes everything very versatile. It's also very easy to modify any specific field according to specific needs and they provide a very good and clear documentation for this. We have never had any problem and when we had some doubts, we just asked in the chat system through their website and we have always received good support. Good Job, Wyomind!

22nd October 2020

Great Extension and Awesome Support!!!

Great product work as expected easy to install. User friendly Interface to import and export CSV/XML file. Feature is great easy to map the columns . It is saving lot of time to update /Add records . Great and quick support!

20th October 2020

Love this - so useful

Great support aswell

19th October 2020

Great extension that works as expected

This extension was easy to install and worked as expected out of the box. It has been a quick csv processing workhorse for us for 1+ years. Though rarely needed, Wyomind support is phenomenal. While many of the other extension providers tend to pass the buck and blame other extensions or your theme or play the language barrier game, Wyomind provides quick answers and solutions. Definitely recommended!

13th October 2020

Very good data feed management

Very good module and great support. thanks

info - Merchant

13th October 2020

Works Great

I have been using this extension for over 3 years now without any issues. It is a definite must-have for my website. The support was great when I set it up and the google feed brings in new customers.

13th October 2020

Great Extension and top Support

We was looking for an extension that shows customer the possible delivery date for every single Product and this extensin does it well. You can adjust everything in so much different ways you like and there are no wishies open. Our Customer loves it to know which product need how long. Great.

7th October 2020

Great Extension

Great extension with great support. This is the best extension for Google shopping, simple as that. We have it installed on a number of sites,

5th October 2020

Great extension & support

We were looking for an extension that would allow us to display the delivery lead time of products on our website and this does the job perfectly. Whenever we have had any issues, the support team have responded quickly answering any questions we have had.

5th October 2020

Good google feeding module - Work as expected

We have been using this module for the last 2 years and it is working as expected. Support from Paul, Pierre and their team are great! Thanks guys!

Don D - Merchant

30th September 2020

Essential for generating flows for marketplaces and PHP personnal apps

Using this extension with CRON allowed me saving much much time. I have at least 10 PHP apps working with the flows generated with it. More generally, i recommend Wyoming for their professionalism

24th September 2020

Great plugin - made things so much easier

Easy to install and set up - takes care of google shopping for me. recommended. Their support team are very professional as well. I use a few of their plugins and as is the same with them they are obviously coded very well. If your looking for a way to make tasks like setting up Google shopping and automating them then this is the solution for you.

20th September 2020

Great extension

Thanks to the DataFeedManager extension, we can keep the products of our store listed in the main marketplaces and price comparators in the world. It is easy to use and allows many possibilities for sharing product data. Great support also!

31st August 2020

Must have extension for creating custom feeds.

Very powerful extension because of the possibility to use php scripting. There is not much which can't be done. We use it to create our own high quality datafeeds. No need to use third parties. Great! Also support is fast and helpful.

26th August 2020

Wyomind's technicians are very good and their extensions are too

Very good extension. And above all great technical service. They helped us with the adaptation to the version of magento 2.1. It is also very easy to make improvements due to its clean code. Fully recommended.

24th August 2020

Great extentions

Great company with really good plugins, have been using a few of their plugins for a few years with no issues . Datafeed manager we have used on 1.9 and 2.3 magento. Both have worked well. We have had issues with a recent change we made with our site and datafeed manager on magento 2 with grouped products but hoping to get that fixed soon. Overall would recommend.

11th August 2020

It's a good extension for M2

We used this extension for one of our clients and they're happy with this extension's features it's also supported with the one-step checkout extensions. The extension also provides good support. Their user experience is good but you can also further customize it as per your brand needs.

11th August 2020

Right extension if you're looking for Magento2

We used this extension for one of our clients and they're happy with this extension's features it's also supported with the one-step checkout extensions. The extension also provides good support. Their user experience is good but you can also further customize it as per your brand needs.

John - Ecommerce Agency

10th August 2020

It's flexibility makes it a great time saver.

The module is very useful and the support is fast.

5th August 2020

Work without a glitch, excellent support

I have been using extensions from Wyomind since 2018 and the Data Feed manager is an excellent tool that we have used on 3 different websites. It is easily configurable and generates feeds in different file formats for different sales channels. A hidden benefit is that this can also be used for managing multi-store export-import much better than the native Magento CSV export. Their support also has been top-notch with the after sales support. All an all, happy to recommend them for some good solutions that work.

3rd August 2020

Great Extension

We have recently purchased this product due to it's flexibility giving us a powerful search tool than we had on our magento 1 website. We have been impressed with the customisation the extension offers and look forward to fine tuning it to our needs. I'm sure we will recommend this extension to our partners.

31st July 2020

google shopping orders come in instantly, works like a charm!

Very easy to install. Setup in just a couple minutes, first create an content API key inside your merchant center, upload the api key into the extension settings area, enter your merchant center id [numerical id number located at top right of your merchant center login] and connect. Orders synced instantly from google merchant center to my Magento 2.3.5 Amazing support by Jean-Paul, he responds immediately to all my questions. Definitely someone you can reply on. I use several extensions from wyomind and they never had any issues with my other theme and other extensions. clean high quality code. And the extensions are always up to date.

Steven - Merchant

28th July 2020

Great extension that gives the customer the heads up regarding delivery before purchase

This extension was purchased to provide our customers the information before purchase for their estimated delivery. It does exactly that. It also now saves us a ton of customer e-mails and phone calls that we would regularly receive daily. Thanks Wyomind for making this extension and for your very quick service whenever needed.

27th July 2020

A light at the end of the tunnel

Our project was stuck because we took a bad decision when choosing a web development agency. After solving several issues, we noticed that Magento 1 is not able to work natively with multiple warehouses, but fortunatelly we found Advanced Inventory extension. Wyomind provided a clean and professional installation service. We also received an excellent and fast response from support team when we needed.


22nd July 2020

Perfect for automating feed generation

We love everything we can automate. If we could automate our cups of coffee we would. We use the Data Feed Manager to provide our customers the number 1 solution for their marketing. Very easy to integrate and the customer support response is very rapid.

6th July 2020

Excellent module with great support

This module works out of the box to help you manage/update larger catalogs. Proactive support and the best update extension in the market.

1st July 2020

Great and quick support

Wyomind has always been great at answering our questions and helping us pick the right module. Their support is great and they are very helpful with installing and keeping the the moduls running.

30th June 2020

Amazing support

As an Ecommerce agency company we often have to use Wyominds support when certain issues arrive with our clients Google shopping. Each time I have dealt with them they have been fantastic, they are very quick and efficient with replying and helping to resolve the problems we are facing or provide the correct steps on how to fix it ourselves. This has always been a life saver as Google Shopping is so important to my customers as they can not afford their Google shopping to go down and lose sales.

Jameela - Ecommerce Agency

24th June 2020

It has increased our sales and made customer experience better

Installation of the module is simple thanks to the great user guide. Support has always been fast and very helpful

Viktor D. - Developer

19th June 2020

Great module and reactive support

We bought this module because we had it on magento 1 and we are happy to have compatibiliy with magento2 without any problem. All informations configured are back in Magento 2. The module have new usefull features like delivery date by delivery mode and when we have a question, support answers quickly. I recommand this module ! Kevin

15th June 2020


The extension met most of the requirements we needed. We purchased additional customization that make it even more functional. The quality of the code is at the highest level and allows a lot of personalization options. Very fast customer service. I highly recommend.

15th June 2020

Important feedback!

Google Customer Reviews are a vital source of feedback from our customers and the best way to stay informed of what our customers are experiencing on our site. Shoppers definitely rely on what previous buyers have to say about products and services that our company offers. No amount of advertising can purchase the value of positive feedback given by genuine customers. This extension has been used for a long time and has been a real value addition to the site. Customer support is pretty responsive and upgrades are relatively simple to accomplish. Would recommend to other users who also use Google AdWords.

5th June 2020

Been using for 5 years!

We have been using this on our site for over 5 years now, we tried others but this was by far the easiest solution to get google feeds (and we use the feed generation for other general purpose feeds as well) . Works great and the support has been solid. Thanks!

Rick - Developer

4th June 2020

Best Module out there!

Since I became aware of wyomind, I always try to use one of their modules first, if there is one for my current project. It started with google simple shopping. Then a long time passed and then I came across wyomind again when I needed modules for the article import and the order export. And the experiences I made then led to the fact that I now look here first to see if something is available for my current goal. The support is simply outstanding. I don't think I have ever waited longer than 1 hour for an answer. And even more important: No matter who answers you from the support team, everyone is obviously very competent in their extensions on a technical level. Up to now I always had the feeling to communicate with a technician and not with a sales person. For me this makes a big difference to other developer studios. If I may make a wish: Please develop a mega menu and a OneStepCheckout. I would change immediately! :D

26th May 2020

Excellent extensions and support

Very happy with the extension and support has been great

DLow - Developer

26th May 2020

Essential Extensions for Magento 1 & Magento 2 Stores

We have used Wyomind for many years with the Magento 1 stores we have built and configured for our clients. The support team at Wyomind are amazing, super friendly, and extremely knowledgable. We have also experienced their extensions for Magento 2. Wyomind are part of our essential modules when it comes to pitching Magento developments to our customers here in the UK. If its from the awesome Order Eraser, to the legendary Data Feed Manager, they are must have for any Magento Store owner - we will be back, again and again!

13th May 2020

The Best Extension for Store Pickup

I was looking for a good store pickup extension for Magento 2. I checked and compared many extensions, and the Click & Collect by Wyomind is by far the best. It comes with some features no other store pickup extension has (support for MSI is one of them). On top of it, the support team is amazing.

Isaac - Ecommerce Agency

8th May 2020

Excellent support, but module had too many bugs

Excellent support. Emails for support are always answered usually within 1 hour. They customised few features for us. But the core module had a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed. Yes they did that always very quickly, but could have been tested more before release. Can be very useful if you combine "central warehouse" (for ecommerce) with several shops.

8th May 2020

high-quality service

wyomind thinks with you. They help if necessary and deliver a product that you can't ignore as a serious magento shop.

8th May 2020

Great Extension

We have installed this on our magento 1.9, by far the best solution available for in putting products to google shopping. We had tried a few others riddled by issues. This has proved the better choice. Great Support available.

R Hussain - Merchant

5th May 2020

Works great out of the box

Great extension. The support reacted fast on questions from my side

Roman - Marketing Agency

5th May 2020

Datafeed Manager - Great Extension

I have used this extension for over 7 years on both Magento 1 and now Magento 2. I have used it for Google Shopping, Bing and CSV or XML exports to other applications. It is very easy to use with many features. It is must have extension for any significant ecommerce work.

30th April 2020

The extension we were looking for...

The extension met all the requirements we needed, and it was fairly easy to set up and run. When we needed help from support, we got it right.

Sergio - Merchant

27th April 2020

Brillant back up and support awsome guys thank you

We alwasy use these guys products they are A grade, We have been offered from another marketing ferm a free product but know with data feed manger the website will be a lot more safer and not hvae so many issues meaning we get a good product and a website that keep up unlick with other products that say are good the code is clean and also works thank you again for suporting us and our website

27th April 2020

Excellent must have extensions for any Magento Store owner

Been using Wyomind Simple Google shopping since 2011, the product is very easy to use with some great features. Support is 10/10 and very quick to reply back to answer my queries.

22nd April 2020

Fantastic Support

We have only been using wyomind for 1 month and so far it has been great for creating the product feeds for our international google shopping accounts, affiliate programs, amazon .com, us, es, fr / ebay accounts, personalised product recommendations system plus adhoc product reports that magento cannot deliver out of the box. It is also fantastic that wyomind has scheduling out of the box so you can choose how often the feeds are refreshed as often as 30 mins – which is invaluable when listing on 3rd party platforms so the data is accurate. The support from wyomind has been fantastic and they have helped us to fix any issues plus also extend functionality for bespoke areas of our business such as product FX rates and virtual magento 2 products. Before wyomind we used a specialist product company which had a very high monthly $$$$ - we are glad we made the switch to wyomind as we no longer have that cost and have not seen any dip in the quality of the data from wyomind. We would certainly recommend wyomind for anybody that has a Magento 2 store and wants to take advantage of being able to create product feeds on the fly with no impact to the overall store performance.

Retail Business Selling Sports Apparel - Merchant

19th April 2020

I am very happy with ELN

In my opinion, ELN is the best extension of this type on the market. It is very fast, easy to adapt to my needs (I edited style sheets myself). The quality of the code is at the highest level and allows a lot of personalization options. Very fast customer service. I highly recommend.

16th April 2020

Easy to use

This extension works great perfect to collect customer reviews for your store. We've used it for years now . Easy to install and works out of the box. Good support if you have any issues. Upgrading to PHP7.0 we need to update to a newer version and theyve been very helpful. We had a small issue when first installed and they fixed right away. Ive used multiple extensions from Wyomind due to their excellent support. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks

15th April 2020

great support

We are using this extension on many ecoomerce pages. It works very well. Easy to use, fast installation, very intuitive.

14th April 2020

Excellent extensions and great support

I have many of Wyomind's Magento 2 extensions. Advanced Inventory helps me to auto assign orders to our warehouse or POS making it easy to ship available product. It helps in our Omni Channel efforts.

5th April 2020

Keep Up the Good Work!

Import-export extension it's just the best we win a lot of time we upload 3000 products in minutes with no problems we are steel using the extension for a lot of mass action work... The support as always was excellent with a very very fast reply Awesome extensions! the best support! highly recommended.... Thank you wyomind Keep Up the Good Work!

2nd April 2020

Best Auto Category for MAg 2

Ive tried several and even bought and removed two other extensions that under performed and under delivered This is the best auto dynamic category extension i can find after extensive resurch and implimentations A few nigling things were corrected in upgrade and support was great when i needed it

MitchT - Merchant

30th March 2020

Great extension for custom feeds

It is possible to customize the feeds in any way you can imagine. Great support. You can export all data all formats. I highly recommended this extension!

MGear - Merchant

25th March 2020

100% Recommend this Module

This module is great. Easy to read and precise and clear documentation makes using and setting up feeds for all your needs easy and painfree. Along with the great support from Wyomind its a no brainer.

Tom Gregory - Ecommerce Agency

13th March 2020

Great tool for data extraction

Our store needed to export orders in different formats to integrate sales data with ERP, CRM and the post management system. All of this was possible with the Order Export Tool module. Today we have a data export profile for every need, working perfectly.

Thiago - Developer

9th March 2020

Good Software

Great extension we have been using for years that helped us integrate Magento and google shopping. Good Value and easy to use and has allowed us to be very successful on Google Ads. Great support when we needed it.

6th March 2020

Pickup at store with Advance Inventory

Great extension and working fine with latest 2.3.4 without issue. Quick support system never let you down highly recommended.

6th March 2020

Great Google Shopping feed module

A great Magento module. I've used this and the Data Feed module with countless clients now on both Magento 1 and 2 and it always does the job well. The flexibility for advanced users is great and access to certain PHP functions via the markup gives even finer control. Support is rapid and helpful should it ever be required.

Alan - Developer

2nd March 2020

Great module - Just working

This is just working, support are super, can recommend, a lower cost on support ours but other then that, its really great function.

30th January 2020

Flexibile extension with really good support

It is easy to see that this is a time tested extension, is easy to configure and get it to output what you need with really good support cover as well. Created a number of feeds and was able to easily set store local and currency by adding parameters that were concatenated with store urls

28th January 2020

Amazing extension which makes creating shopping feeds a breeze!

Had this extension for a few years now and it's the best data feed extension available. We mainly use it for Google Shopping and it's always been amazing, plus the Wyomind support is second to none.

Peter Symonds

22nd January 2020

Realy good extension and good support.

Thanks for the extension.

15th January 2020


Cumple al 100% con lo que promete, funciona perfecto y el servicio al cliente y soporte es insuperable


13th December 2019

Must have extension if running a bigger community shop

Its been 1 year using this extension in Magento V2 and highly satisfied with the extension so far. We have 100,000 of products that's been imported and updated daily and wyomind does a fantastic job here.

9th December 2019

Stable extension and good support.

I had a few problems, but the support helped. I can recommend this extension.

Patrick Christensen

20th November 2019

Great Extension Overall - Fast uploading products

We cut so much time and costs by using the product import and update. We can bulk upload many products in just a few minutes.

24th October 2019

Good extensions with the best support

We were looking for a secure, agile way to get an automated daily catalog update and a scheduled sales exportation. Wyomind got the job done with 2 affordable but full-fledged extensions that allow for thousands of updates in no time, as well as sending sells in a reliable way. Furthermore, Wyomind support helped us a lot to patiently address the typical early days issues.

14th October 2019

Excellent extension!

We really satisfied with this extension. Excellent product and excellent support


12th September 2019

Perfect extension

We are using the data Feed manager for a couple of years and use it for advertising on several marketing platforms. The Data feed manager is flexibel and good to use. Also support is verry quick with respons. I highly recommended extension!

Frank van Rooij

6th September 2019

Sky is the limit.

I've been using datafeed for a long time, in almost all of my projects. I was never in a difficult position, whatever the customer's requirement was. Wywomind is probably the best and fastest support I've come across in 20 years doing this job

5th September 2019

Best product!

Best feed manager for magento and support from Wyomind is excellent!


5th September 2019

A must have extension

Must have extension, improves the search,the autocomplete and the performance. Really useful.I have done customization for module and with the help of extension provider I was able to resolve issue.The support of team is very responsive and helpful.

27th August 2019

Great Service support and Extension

Always have been the best possible solution for us when using any of the extensions .


14th August 2019

Generating Feeds made easily and simple

We by the module to geneate xml feeds for google shopping. and it works easily and fine. Also the support of wyomind is fast and professional. We will try now another module - datafeed manager - and think we will get another expiriance.


13th August 2019

Quality Extension

Purchased a few excellent extensions from Wyomind, this one is no exception. Support is good and pretty quick to respond.


2nd August 2019

Excellent extension overall

This saved us a lot of time with uploading all of our products

1st August 2019

Best search ever!

Adding ElasticSearch to our webshop made our search so much better! Thank you for that! We had a few issues with the setup. The Wyomind support helped us a lot. When we need more Magento 2 modules, we will search on the Wyomind website first.


31st July 2019

Great module for integrating Elasticsearch with Magento 2

We have been using Wyomind's modules for years, especially Elasticsearch and Simple Google Shopping. They're very quick to help you with any issues and their prices are reasonable. Would recommend them to any Magento 2 site.

Zaq - Developer

29th July 2019

Advanced Inventory to the rescue

This extension has proven invaluable to us. We really appreciate the flexibility to create different warehouses and link them to individual store views and customer groups, as well as the Point of Sale functionality. Everything working very well, and the Wyomind support team was quick to respond and helped iron out some of the wrinkles early on in our project.

26th July 2019

Works Good. Nice Support.

Works Good. Nice Support.


26th July 2019

The ease of use and setup is marvellous and any questions or issues are promptly answered by Wyomind's amazing support team.

We have been using the Elasticsearch® Autocomplete extension from Wyomind since launching our site and we have to say it's greatly improved our search capabilities. Customers are now able to find exactly the products they are interested in, both quickly and efficiently. The ease of use and setup is marvellous and any questions or issues are promptly answered by Wyomind's amazing support team.

Phil - Merchant

18th July 2019

Great company and great service

Extension works super and support is more than helpfull

10th July 2019

Excellent Product

Installed very easily and configured quickly and creates our feed perfectly. Also support are great for any product queries. Many thanks

Tony Gillett - Merchant

4th July 2019

Awesome Extensions & outstanding support!

We always relay on Wyomind extensions for key business functionalities and processes. In wyomind you always find the right extension for your needs!


29th June 2019

Very customisable, Great support

Excellent extension which has endless power and customisation. Any questions and support team are there to help


29th June 2019

suporte top

muito bom o suporte

27th June 2019

Easy to use - Awesome support

The tool was very easy to use, the PHP script functionality enables users to put in custom logic which makes the tool very flexible to use. Also, the Wyomind support team is awesome, Paul, Pierre and Laurie are very quick to respond and are super helpful.


21st June 2019

Fantastic product with great support!

Our shop has nearly 50,000 products. The tool works very fast and reliable. The operation is very simple and well customizable. The support is awesome and highly professional. Thanks for all!


18th June 2019

Strong module and excellent support

The support was fast and very accurate. Et le support répond également en français !

9th June 2019

Great service & great product

Very easy to implement, solution has help to drive 214% increase in revenue. Support team are very friendly

3rd June 2019

Superb products

We've been using Wyomind extensions for years and always have great support. The Order Export module is superb and allows so much flexibility. The support team are always quick to react and help us to resolve any issues.

28th May 2019

great support and documentaion

We use a wide range of extensions from different suppliers but this is one of them that is something different! Broad functionality with a superb documentation and to add on top, the support which always reply within minutes! An experience i havent had with any other developer.

28th May 2019

Fast and helpfulll support

We are using this extension now for years and are very satisfied with it. This extension is maintained and the support is fast and helpful. So it is really a "Must have tool" for Magento

23rd May 2019

great module!

It works fine and have great support!


23rd May 2019

Certainly recommended

the module has several functions and allows you to import both csv and xml files. Support is fast and competent. Certainly recommended for those who need to import complex sources for catalogue products! You can also schedule import

23rd May 2019

Lots of features and amazing support

A fully developed implementation of Elastic Search for Magento. I had an issue getting the extension communicating with Elastic Search on install and support was excellent. Highly recommended!


22nd May 2019

Magento 2 - Orders Export Tool Extension

I m using wyomind extensions more than 4 years for different websites. The order export tool extension have amazing functionality and meet your requirements. Bug free and professional coding the support is excellent. I would recommend to buy extension from wyomind.

22nd May 2019

Nice Extension

Advanced inventory is easy to install as well as friendly to use, and it does support API interface which allows you to have integration, it helped us to solve our stocking issues. Support is responsive and helps as much as possible for us to accomplish our goal. Recommended product to go for.

9th May 2019

Excellent tool, has saved us lots of time and money and the best support of any magento extension ever

We were going to develop our own import type extension for our website and then I found this on Wyomind, we had already used the simple Google shopping which was excellent too. This extension is well worth the money, first of all it works which is brilliant :) but the the support speed is 2nd to none. You can pretty much guarantee an immediate response and it always end up with things being solved... FAST Thanks Wyomind for your hard work and great offerings

8th May 2019

Fantastic product - Amazing support!

We run several Magento websites, mixed across M1 and M2 and have been dealt with many extension developers over the years. Sadly, most will promise the world, then leave you high and dry when it comes to actual support - wasting days of your time with excuses and no real support until you give up. @ Wyomind, we found the complete opposite! These guys are on top of their game, solving complex issues on our end, usually within a few hours. Often replying outside of their published support hours. We plan on using Wyomind extensions to solve our needs whenever possible as they have offered the best support we have experienced by far...

7th May 2019

Great tool and very good support

We use this tool since 2013 and we are very happy with how it works and how easy to configure it is. In the first hours of use we had an issue with implementing some php-code in the XML-template, but the support was excellent. Thanks to Pierre this way. We can absolutely recommend this!

3rd May 2019

Great Plugin for shopping feed recommended

We are using this great extension now over one year and we are very satisfied. Every support question is fast and polite answered, so we recommend this data feed extension to every shop owner. I highly recommend this module to anyone, we have used it on all our websites and it offers unparalleled flexibility and is easy to use with Wyomind's brilliant documentation. A must have for your magento website.

2nd May 2019

Very nice tool to be used for google and facebook both

even if you dont purchase the configuration and setup support, the support team is very helpful if you explain them your issue clearly. very prompt response. I have already recommended this in my community


28th April 2019

Just keeps on working

We've been using simple google shopping for over 5 years across two websites with no issues whatsoever as far as I recall. The feeds automatically generate and are adaptable/customisable enough to deal with several rolling changes in requirements over the years we've been using it. It creates its own menu item in the backend, within which you can create as many feeds as you wish. Fairly simple, but does all you need it to. I do recall contacting wyomind once for upgrade assistance and they replied promptly and solved the issue.

27th April 2019

Excelente Extension

Muy buena extension y un excelente servicio técnico.

Alejandro - User for more than 8 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

26th April 2019

Great Plugin for shopping feed

We are using few extension's from Wyomind, they build plugin's which are bug-free and the support is very friendly and they solve few issues in a timely manner.

19th March 2019

Feature Rich with Excellent Support!

The Simple Google Shopping is THE best add on for Magento I have ever used. They constantly update it and have superb fast support via a chat window. It's a super stable app that does everything I need and more. Very, very, good. The support is absolute creamy goodness. Thanks.s


16th March 2019

OMG this is an amazing extension

This elasticsearch ext is just amazing. Everything you want and things you couldn't even think of all in one place. and the support is freaking AMAZING and FAST. TOP NOTCH ext and company. love it all.

15th March 2019

The most useful extensions with the best support in the business

We have so many choices for Partners on Magento, but Wyomind always produces top quality extensions that are backed by some of the best customer support in the industry!

JCoop - Ecommerce Agency

6th March 2019

Great extension

I use this extension for Magento 1 to update my warehouses. It's very fast and simple to use: for example i update 10000 products quantity in 30 seconds...very good! The user guide is very complete and clear and the customer support reply to my requests quickly. I recommend this extension to everyone.

Andrea - Merchant

5th March 2019

Works great for basic feeds

Was fairly easy to install on magento 2 website and works great for basic feeds. Set up differentiated feeds for different purposes. Support is normally replying within 24 hrs or faster. We would recommend this product Google Simple shopping for basic feed needs. We have used this feed for several ecommerce sites and works nicely.

4th March 2019

One of our must have!

We have been using Wyomind Data Feed Manager for many years. Have to say, we were so excited to see a tool like this exist. We use this extensions on regular basis to export our product data to analyse. There are many different usage of this feed. We love how easy and simple it is to use! Paul and Laurie have been very quick to answer of questions as well. Highly recommended if you need to export your product data from your store!

2nd March 2019

Excellent extension with brilliant support

As with all of Wyomind extensions, they do exactly what they say and support is excellent if required.Have 3 of their extensions from them now and more than happy with all of them. Thanks guys

1st March 2019

Perfect support and communication

Paul, Pierre and Laurie give a excellent support en great communication, They helped to setup a difficult import configuration with great succes. Have ordered 3 times an extension. Thanks for the good support.

28th February 2019

The best out there all round!

After we tried a couple of other extensions we stopped on Wyomind. The best extension out there. What we love the most about Wyomind extensions for Magento is the simplicity of them but complexity at the same time. The support is second to none I must say. They work very closely with you to make sure that you are fully happy with their support. We didn't stop here. After purchased one extension we came back for more and more. Well done Wyomind and Keep It UP!

22nd February 2019

Extension works great, Support is perfect

We've been helped by Support to achieve our goals with the extension and we're quite happy with the results.


19th February 2019

Great Extension

The Wyomind Data Feed Manager for Magento 1 is very effective for our Google and Facebook exports. You can customize many options and the support team provides pretty quick support, they will guide you through custom programming and login to your staging site to fix issues themselves.

19th February 2019

Very good extensions and very good support

Each time we need to implement a Google Shopping Feed, we are using Wyomind. It's a great extension and the support is very proactive! Thanks,

Guillaume - SEO Specialist

18th February 2019

Great Support and extension

We have been using the extension for few years now and it works great. It is fast with good results. Support from Paul is excellent, quick and always to the point. Highly recommended.


16th February 2019

Perfect extension

The Google Customer review module is perfect to collect customer reviews in your Magento shop. It is very easy to install and works out of the box. We had a small problem with Javascript but Pierre fixed that really fast :) That is why i buy at Wyomind Keep up the good work guys. Thanks

13th February 2019

Extreme powerful extension!

This extension is well thought and does its job instantly - so the search of the shop is very very fast. Also the support. I really can tell that the support of wyomind is very fast and professional. The problems have been solved and even some extra wishes on customizations were done instantly without any additional charge. I can really recommend the company wyomind, their support team and of course this great extension!

6th February 2019

Amazing Company

I buy the Import Module, its an amazing module and when i ask for support they answer me in seconds with the things i need, and updates for the module. I recommend the modules and Wyomind 100%

4th February 2019

Great extension fantastic support

This extension is highly configurable and has a number of options that can be configured to give customers an accurate delivery date, we often have products that are delivered directly from the supplier and so they take a little longer, all we had to do was create an attribute and then we could adjust the estimated delivery date for products with this attribute. Having a "cut-off" countdown we have noticed an increase in conversions as customers feel they need to get the order in before the cut off time. Like any Magento extension we've had a couple of issues with the extension itself and conflicts with other extensions (not always the fault of this extension) but the support has been fantastic, they are very responsive and fixes are usually given within a couple of hours OR we're given advice about where we went wrong with the configuration. Overall would highly recommend.

30th January 2019

Great module

Creating a google shopping feed can be really challenging, Simple Google Shopping module makes it as easy as can be with pre-made templates. Wyomind support are always responsive and helpful. Thanks guys for making our life easier :-)

24th January 2019

Best extension, best support :)

This extension is really flexible. It´s the best option to enable delivery dates estimation to your Magento site. I bothered to Pierre, Paul and Aurelie 100 times at least because our project was complex. They were always happy to help us! World-class support.

Alejandro Araujo

18th January 2019

Excellent extension with great support

We use the extension on our Magento 2.2.x website and it's really versatily and easy to use. It's footprint is quite small, it doesn't use many resources. Our customers always seem to find whatever they're looking for and our team as well as they can just easily search via the barcodes or SKUs. Support from Wyomind is superb, they always quick to reply and sort otu any issues we ever run into. I can't recommend this enough, it's a must have extension for any Magento store.

18th January 2019

Great Extension

Support helped to set up. Very good extension! Thanks

17th January 2019

Very good search extension

We often used the elastic search extension for our Magento 1 customers and now we also used it for Magento 2. It works very great and is fast. The Support from Wyomind is always helpful and we used it a few times already.

14th January 2019

Perfect extension

I like this module, because you have a lot of options to setting up different shipping times, based on manufacturer or some other attributes. If you are using magento this is a must have extension! Support is fast, and always ready to help or advice. This is the 4-th extension from wyomind that we are using.


11th January 2019

Great Extension! Easy to setup and use!

This extension from Wyomind is great! It super easy to setup and get your automated imports going! The support from Wyomind is also just as exceptional! Top work guys!


10th January 2019

Great and valuable extension

We use the Advanced Inventory suite for over a year now and are more than happy. The features are well documented, hassle free and help us further extend our warehouses in different countries with lots of options. Support is always helpful and fast - very much recommended.

Thorsten - Merchant

10th January 2019

Perfect service!

The guys know what they do and help you always!

10th January 2019

Perfect extension to know the delivery timeline

This is one of the best extensions for Magento we have seen to date. We do not think if there is any other extension available anywhere on the internet like this one. It has so much of configuration and with good layout and an easy to understand the configuration. A customer can read the delivery timeline on the product page and then the customer can see the delivery timeline in the cart page and that too for the individual products whoa. You also have an option to configure if the customer can see the delivery time in "My order" section or not for one or multiple products in a single order individually. What a well thought extension seriously. You also get an option to choose if the customer should get the delivery timeline in the order email or not for the single or individual ordered product in a single order. The support of Wyomind is really fast and life-saving. Very fast to act. We wholeheartedly this extension to all the Magento stores out there. Just click on buy it button.

10th January 2019

Good extension - but UI to be more user friendly

Easy to install and setup, fast and efficient support. The process was straightforward: install the extension, configure it, capture all our POSs info and then launch it. We use point of sale to manage and show our physical location of shops and with the help of it we could be able to receive a continuous stream of customers from our website to our stores. Considering feature point of view, it would have been better if nearest store could have been fetched based on the current location automatically in the POS dropdown instead of Google Map in checkout. This extension is great to use and support service is EXCELLENT. They answered immediately all our doubts,

9th January 2019

Easy to install and maintain

Installation of the extension was relatively straight forward and worked without any issues with other customizations. Support is responsive and have been helpful in resolving issues. I would recommend this extension to others looking for a product review extension!


7th January 2019

Wyomind Support is excellent!

We bought Mass Product Import & Update extension for almost 1.5 years, Wyomind still offers support to us. It's a very great support for merchants. Their extension adding many useful features that help us save much of time for updating our inventory. We think it’s a must extension for Magento store.


30th December 2018

Highly configurable for any of your feed needs!

Wyomind support is very responsive with any issues you may have. The extension is constantly being upgraded to remain compatible. Great experience.

19th December 2018

Great Way To Save Time In Creating Feeds For Google

I've been using this extension for a few months now and have had an overall great experience getting my Google Feeds up and running. It took a few minutes of research to figure out how to get all the fields I wanted added into the feed, but it was well worth it. When I had a couple of questions, Wyomind's team was quick to respond and was quite helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction. I've only currently used this for Google Shopping ads, but I will be utilizing it soon to create other feeds as well. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to get a Google Shopping feed going on their Magento 2 store.

18th December 2018

Exceptional support

I'm a junior web developer, trying to get a production site up and running for a company with limited resources to spend on a professional grade website. We're making tons of progress with very few people and a big part of that is that Wyomind has great developers supporting their code. I've learned a lot more about how Magento works from Wyomind than I have from Magento's own support.


13th December 2018

Great Plugin

Using this plugin, it makes it super easy to export to google shopping. I am very happy with the plugin but I am really happy with the support Wyomind provide!

6th December 2018

Great support!

Great support!

30th November 2018

Great Extension With Great Support 5 STAR Product

We choose Elasticsearch extension for your our Magento2 Store and its working perfect as well as I take much support from them and getting best and fast solution and response from them. Developers are always ready to help in case of any problems so I will definitely recommend this extension for your store.

30th November 2018

Simple Google Shopping is good extension with good support

The Simple Google Shopping extension from Wyomind has delivered exactly as expected. Configuration is comprehensive and can be customized thoroughly. There were no installation problems and having found one small compatibility issue the support team were very helpful and released a patch very quickly.

8th November 2018

Working great

This extension is working great ! The support answer very fast with right answer. I recommand it !

8th November 2018


Great range of extensions, to fulfil what we require as a business. Highly recommended modules with good support provided too. Wyomind is one of the best developers around when it comes to Magento extensions.


6th November 2018

Superb team!

The guys at Wyomind are always prompt to support any queries! Extremely knowledgeable and professional :D

Vicki H

30th October 2018

Great M2 Extension.

Customer Service , exceptional. Replies to emails very quick and very helpful with any set up issues


26th October 2018

Good Google Shopping module and great support

Good extension for handling your Google shopping feed. Also great support when needed.


25th October 2018

Good Extension, Great Support

Excellent Support and Good extension for inventory management.


19th October 2018

Top notch service

I was excited even before purchasing the module because of the fast and excellent support provided both by chatting and by emailing my problem. I have been experimenting with the module for two days now and everything seems to work as it should. The backend is clean and straightforward with so many things to configure. I am about to purchase another module from Wyomind, because it looks that their modules worth every penny. Keep up the good work! Regards, Fay

11th October 2018

Overall great experience

The functionality available is above expectations and the support is always great when you contact them, friendly and fast compared to other developers I have come across.


11th October 2018

The best datafeed generator

I do not hesitate to recommend this extension. Perfect for beginners with it's simple set up but with a set of advanced features from logical filters to in-line php code that allow for a totally customisable datafeed. Add to this the excellent support (I really do mean excellent support) and you have a product that is second to none.

10th October 2018

Good extension

We use this extension in our Magento 1 and Magento 2 webshop. The extension is easy to use and have a lot of functions. The manual has been extended and the support from Wyomind is excellent. I would recommend the extension to other people, also the FTP function works very well.


28th September 2018

Wyomind delivers great Magento extensions

Wyomind delivered high quality extensions for our Magento 2.1 based webstore. Their support is extremely helpful and what is more important the response time is usually 1-3 hours. I highly recommend them if you dont want to wait hours for a reply from support center in Asia as many other magento development do.


26th September 2018

Good Google shopping extension

Very easy to install extension and user friendly to use. everything is running good with google shopping. It has a lot of options to make the feed how you want. Great support - Highly recommend the extensions.


26th September 2018

Excellent search system

It is the best search system. It is the fastest of all the systems I have tested, with an easy installation and configuration system, but incredibly scalable. I have over 10,000 products in my catalog, and Elasticsearch provides a quick response to product inquiries in my online store. On the other hand, Wyomind's support service is very correct. The quality/price ratio is very good.

Paco Calvo Savall

25th September 2018

Excellent support and service

The service we have received from Wyomind has been excellent, would recommend.

24th September 2018

Profesional Magento extension

We are using Google Customer Reviews extension since 2016 without any issues. Iam pleased to say that this is professionally crafted Magento extension with good support at the right price.

20th September 2018

Great Extensions and Customer Service

These guys are one of the best Magento developers on the market. I've been using their extensions for years and have nothing but greats things to say about them. Clean optimized code, stellar customer service, and very useful extensions. Keep up the great work!

19th September 2018

Great extension with many possibilities

We've started with the Google Shopping feed extension a couple of years ago, but needed more customisation in the feeds for other channels. The data feed manager was the solution for this. We've used this extension for over two years and push feeds to several platforms. Great support.

19th September 2018

Great Extensions - Great Support

I have used many Magento Extensions from various people, two from Wyomind, Estimated Delivery and Stock Import. Both have performed really well and installed without any problems. When I have needed some guidance, because of my custom theme, The support has been second to none. Paul has been brilliant and very helpful. Thank you Wyomind.

18th September 2018

Great Module

Code is extremely clean and stable. Very easy to work with! The support team is prompt and professional, and is happy to assist you with getting things to perform the way you would like to maximize the value of the module. Elastic search is a must have, and no need to look any further than here... Can't beat the price & the quality.

13th September 2018

Great extension - very flexible

Good support as well. The guys know what they are talking about.


7th September 2018

Great extention and great support.

I found in this extension an excellent solution for exporting orders. Easy and intuitive, it allows many export options. The customer service was fantastic, it helped me to configure a customized export always answering with a solution to my questions. Quick and very kind.

David Sbardella

5th September 2018

Great time saving extension

Great extension which has saved us lots of time making sure our shopping feed includes all necessary fields to keep Google happy. Very flexible configuration meaning you can export exactly the right information you need. Support is very quick and friendly solving any issues I had.

4th September 2018

Good Extension, Great Support

The extension is very powerful and can be a bit confusing to configure. The support team is great at handling configuration and support requests. We had a bit of a different situation than most companies, they were able to help us get up and running quickly. They respond very quickly as well which is great.


27th August 2018

Fastest on the market

Works perfect now. Needed some support. Issue was resolved really fast.

20th August 2018

You have mass of product? This is a must.

The module Mass Product Import & Update for Magento 1 from wyomind it's really a very good tool for stores that carry several sku's. Helps a lot the inventory management and all updates of product at once. We carry more than 70.000 skus and adding 5.000 each month. The module Mass Product Import & Update for Magento 1 from wyomind it's a must for all kind of stores in the same situation. We are happy with the support. We had few issues in the begin, but the team was very good to fix all.

11th August 2018

Always great service

I've used a few of their modules including the Datafeed and I have always received great service and the products have always worked as expected or better. I would recommend wyomind to anyone looking for a good product and service.

9th August 2018

Great extension for inventory management

Excellent Support and Great extension for inventory management. Working Perfectly with latest Magento 2.2.5. Recommend!!

7th August 2018

Very good, excellent support

Pierre and Paul have been great with all my questions. To be honest there has been a few hitches, and you do have to explain exactly to the support guys so they understand, then are great at sorting out issues.


3rd August 2018

Really complete module!

We are using the module for more than one year and is it improving a lot our stock management. The support is really fast and helpful! We needed help many times and they were really fast to help us.

1st August 2018

Great and easy to use!

I'm using this extension quite a while. It is realy easy to use. Just select the categories you want to appear in Google Shopping - select the right Google Shopping categories and you're ready to start. I've been using this extension since 2015 and even some changes in my Shop were no problems. After changing my URL I had to get in contact with the support-team and my problem was fixed within one day.

27th July 2018

Love the module. Has sorted our google ad feed!!

This module is quite good. It has helped us to running multiple ad campaigns on Google without the hassle of creating manual feeds. Also the support is great and friendly bunch of people Would recommend everyone to purchase this module

Piyush Mehta

24th July 2018

Un module indispensable

J'utilisais jusqu'à présent le module Kongoo (Nostress) et ce depuis plusieurs années. Mais ce module est lourd et parfois un peu lent. Le module Data Feed Manager de "Wyomind" est beaucoup plus intuitif et plus paramétrable. Et le support est ultra rapide et efficace. Les mises à jours sont fréquentes et on a souvent l abonne surprise de voir de profondes améliorations, autant en ergonomie qu'en performances.

19th July 2018

Very useful plugin

Data Feed Manager is a very useful extension what I recommend to all my clients who need a feed manager. Also the support answer very fast to all my problems.

19th July 2018

Excellent product

The product and the support are second to none. Wyomind really are at the top of the pile when it comes to detailed guides and making complex problems seem easy. The fact that Simple Google Shopping Automates my feeds means that I don't have to worry about manually sending my updated feeds everytime I update my products. The flexibility of the product is awesome. You can build your feed however you see fit, but the extension will give you pointers as to what is required and what is totally optional. Very well worth the money. Thanks!


12th July 2018

Everything works fine

The extension works perfect! Wyomind have a really good support. They answer in a short time and help us in each case. I can recommend this extension. We use this extension for different datafeeds. It works since over a half year without any problems.


9th July 2018

I love these guys!

Everything always works and works well !


5th July 2018

Very helpful and simply works as advertised! A+++

Cron Scheduler Pro helped us make sense of unnecessarily complicated and unreliable cron management in Magento 2.2. Wyomind support have been super helpful and responsive. Overall thrilled with this extension and grateful the devs took time to make it. A+++


29th June 2018

Great import extension which can import BMEcat and ETIM files

I was looking for an extension which can handle BMEcat/ETIM xml files and I landed here. After some mail contacts with the support I've created a sample file with some data and started my tests in the online demo. The support here is very kind and replies really fast. I was surprised how fast they answer. After some issues which I could solve with some help from the support my import profile was ready to run. My import file had more than 25.000 products and I thought I will have some trouble because of the high number of products in the xml file. 15 minutes later all work was done: All categories were correctly created, all products landed in the correct categories and the product images appeared in the products. I am perfectly satisfied with this extension and I recommend it to everyone, who works with big files with a high amount of products. We will use this extension in the future to import some other BMEcat/ETIM xml files. The configuration and mapping is really easy and if you need some special stuff in your mapping, you can use plain php code, which is very helpful. So, my 5 stars are well-deserved.

28th June 2018

Simple to use extension & superb support

Great, easy to customise extension with a deep feature set First class support - Super-fast instant replies to tickets and very friendly and helpful


28th June 2018

Une extension magique

J'avais déjà tester la première version de ce module et je lui trouvais quelques lacunes. Et depuis quelques jours j'ai installé la version 3.1 et là je suis resté scotché. La version à terriblement évolué et permet maintenant de faire tout ce que l'on veut. La possibilité d’exécuter un script php en regard de chaque champ ouvre des perspectives infinies. Et toujours une qualité de support dont beaucoup devraient s'inspirer. Je travaille souvent le weekend et j'obtient des réponses aussi rapide qu'en semaine, le plus souvent sous quelques minutes..... Je sais pas comment ils font mais chapeau à toute l'équipe !


19th June 2018

The support is great

Thank you guys for your great support. Also the code quality is high.


18th June 2018

we are extremely satisfied with this extension

Our company is extremely satisfied with this good extension and other extensions and the great tech support services by the Wyomind team.


17th June 2018

Nice Work !

We love this extension. It has done its duty flawlessly since we implemented it. It's also incredibly useful to output xml feeds to our stock monitoring spreadsheets - I don't know what we would do without it! Support is also great - quick responses and always informative, not like some other suppliers that fob you off without extra payment. Highly recommended extension and highly recommended company. Thanks.

13th June 2018

Estensione indispensabile

Questa estensione è indispensabile, il supporto è sempre veloce gentile e molto competente. Il feed manager è molto flessibile ed è utile in molte circostanze. Direi che è una di quelle estensioni di cui non si può fare a meno.

7th June 2018

Great products, great support

Mass Product Import & Update is the second extension we have purchased from Wyomind and as before we are extremely satisfied with the purchase. All their extensions are very professionally developed and provide all the features needed to get the job done well as advertised. Not to mention their fantastic support that not only responds quickly, but is also willing to help with any issues and add features that are beneficial to the extension. Highly recommended.

6th June 2018

Awesome Extension!

Very good extension which helped me get all my produts into Gogole merchant center on the correct format. Very helpful and speedy support.

6th June 2018

The BEST rich snippet extension out there by far! (and we tried quite a few)!

For months we've been looking for a rich snippet extension that will easily allow us to have full control. Been searching up and down the web for something that is easy enough to use and extremely powerful with no luck. Until we got in touch with Wyomind and told us that they are working on an extension which will just do that! We decided to wait! And all this waiting worth every day/hour/second! Finally out! Using this extension we were able to fix lots of issues in our Google merchant center and we are not tied up on what more we can do with it - the sky is the limit! Not to mention the support from Aurelie which is top notch every time we have a question or problem. Extremely fast response and helpful advice! I can't fault this company. Their support is just like next door and will answer any query in no time! For any Magento 2 extensions we need they are the first to look first! Thank you so much Wyomind for making our life so much easier!

31st May 2018

Advanced Inventory and Mass Stock update

Advanced Inventory and Mass Stock update meets our requirements. It is working really well. Their support is really superb! Recommend.

30th May 2018

Great extension and great support

The extension worked as expected and the Wyomind support team was very eager to help to fix some minor issues we experienced with the plugin. 5 stars!

30th May 2018

Super easy to customize, very strong search capabilities, and great customer support!

Customer support has always responded quickly and resolved all of my issues so far. I recommend this to anyone looking to integrate Elasticsearch into their Magento site.


30th May 2018

Extension indispensable

L’extension fonctionne parfaitement et offre un large éventail de possibilités. Ceci permet d'afficher la date précise de livraison au client avant qu'il ne valide sa commande. Nous avons utilisé le support qui a été très rapide et efficace.

25th May 2018

Excellent extension and support

Works like a charm, works like described! Highly recommended extension and highly recommended company. Thanks.


21st May 2018

super service

We love this extension. It has done its duty flawlessly since we implemented it. It's also incredibly useful to output xml feeds to our stock monitoring spreadsheets - I don't know what we would do without it! Support is also great - quick responses and always informative, not like some other suppliers that fob you off without extra payment. Highly recommended extension and highly recommended company. Thanks.

15th May 2018

Responsive support

However elasticseach is a resource heavy addon it's a must have if your customers use your search functionality on your website. Out of the box the magento search is useless but with the module and elastic search set up we managed to get a better customer experience. I had a few pre-sale questions and all were answered within 15 minutes. Keep up the good work!

11th May 2018

Worth it

Easy to manage multiple warehouses. Simple DB structure makes it easy for various integrations. Support team always helps even when asking simple questions. Good support and a value adding extension! Recommend.


10th May 2018

Fantastic and works amazing

We love this extension. It has done its duty flawlessly since we implemented it. It's also incredibly useful to output xml feeds to our stock monitoring spreadsheets - I don't know what we would do without it! Support is also great - quick responses and always informative, not like some other suppliers that fob you off without extra payment. Highly recommended extension and highly recommended company. Thanks.


9th May 2018

Advanced Inventory easy to use, and awesome support

Found Support is awesome, any queries response time is at lightning speed. We are using module for 4 different brands. Extension helped us to setup our inventory specific business processes. Helped us to create business process specific experience for internal stakeholders. Advanced Inventory extension helped us to prevent inventory related bad customer experience. Advanced Inventory made our internal stakeholders happy. Same time Advanced Inventory helped us to keep our customers happy. Advanced Inventory usage helped us increase revenue and customer satisfaction. With Advanced Inventory we are able to show country specific products. Advanced Inventory multiple stock sources is also great feature. We would recommend similar businesses to use and enhance internal business process and customer experience.


8th May 2018

Advanced Inventory easy to use, does what it says on the box

Found this module very easy to incorporate. Support is excellent, any queries were handled quickly, professionally and clearly. Enables us to hold the stock over multiple sources and keep tabs on where we need to order sooner rather than later.

2nd May 2018

It works perfectly

Denne modulen har hjulpet oss med å sette opp en multi-store inventar og har gjort alt vi trengte det å gjøre! Understøtting er fantastisk, og den modulen er godt skrevet. Hvis du trenger et komplekst oppsett for magento produktbeholdning, så er dette veien å gå. Vi har koblet denne modulen med masse lager oppdatering, salgssted og pickup @ Store modul for å gi en perfekt løsning for våre e-handel nettsteder. Utvidelsen leveres med henting på butikk, masse lageroppdatering og andre moduler. og å være ærlig i å bruke dem alle, inkludert de gratis du kan velge når du laster ned - f.eks. watchlog. Støtteteamet har vært veldig responsivt før salg, under integrering og også i å høre om foreslåtte endringer i funksjonalitet. Translate in English

29th April 2018

Easiest & Fastest Way To Linking Products with Google Merchants

Before starting to use Google Simple Shopping plugin, frankly I had no idea it's how important to linking live product data with Google Merchants for page ranking and SEO. After six months of use, now, I can't imagine a Magento store without shpping feeds. Creating shopping feeds is not a piece of cake. But Wyominds perfect and fast support makes this easier and painless.

Mustafa İzgi

25th April 2018

Great extension

Needed a bit of support at first and they really went the extra mile. Great company

25th April 2018

Great module & Support

 Works really well, super fast results as you type. Magento's built in search is slow and has poor relevance. Wyomind module solves that and allows weighting of product attributes. Autocomplete layout looks good with product images. Definitely recommend this module for anyone with a serious Magento store who wish to provide the best search results possible.

24th April 2018

Excellent extension and support

I was looking for a Google Trusted Store extension for my client. After evaluating a number of providers, I locked upon Wyomind. It is easy to set up, works out of the box and the debug options are very useful before it can be ported to production. I initially had issues to activate the license but the Support team was quick to resolve it. I would recommend this extension to my other clients.


20th April 2018

Great support

Purchased, installed, and support helped us customize it exactly how we needed it with some complex code to manage vat numbers, and helped us set the export time to every 10 mins. Great product and service - saved us lots of time and admin from our old solution.

19th April 2018

perfect importer

most versatile importer i have seen so far and superb support!


19th April 2018

Very Useful extension and gives us what you want.

i m web designer and i m using wyomind extension from long. I must say that it works fantastically! The support team is friendly and fast.


17th April 2018

Nice extesion and excellent support

This exrtension supports multi store views with different domains. The support is very fast and pretty good.


12th April 2018

Extension works and Support has been exemplary

The extension comes bundled with pickup at store, mass stock update and other modules. and to be honest I use them all, including the free ones you can choose when you download - e.g. watchlog. The support team has been very responsive pre-sale, during integration and also in hearing me out on suggested changes in functionality.


10th April 2018

a very good extension

It works very well. It is great help when you need to make any complex feeds. It is important not to generate different feeds at the same time. This extension works very well with our store. Helpfull, undrestanding and fast support. Good team! Thank you!

6th April 2018

Great simple product

Very easy to use with a friendly support team. At first i was in two minds with this application but the colleague all recommend it, after we deployed this onto production i was amazing we had zero issues and the online tutorial are very helpful. Highly recommend this product. We came across some issues upon the syntax and we submitted a support ticket and within a hour we had a reply. The issue was resolved in the same day.

6th April 2018

Friendly simple product

When the business decided to start selling upon google shopping. At first i was in two minds with this application but the colleagues all recommend it, after we deployed this onto production i was amazing we had zero issues and the online tutorial were very helpful. The support team are very friendly they always go the extra mile to solve all of our issues

2nd April 2018

Easy to use add-on

The Simple Google Shopping and the Google Promotions Add-on are easy to use and configure. I have only had some problem with the time taken to generate the feed, for large websites. Trying to optimize this. Support is excellent and very responsive which is a delight.

28th March 2018

Worth every penny & Peace of Mind !

We were already using Watchlog as had a number of other modules from Wyomind before and it was installed from them. We recently got hit by a Brute Force Attack on locations which are vulnerable in Magento1. We upgraded to Watchlog pro and had peace of mind that the IPs were being automatically blocked. Over 45K Connections per day .. had to upgrade the server software so it didnt fold. Wyomind support is always prompt and helpful. Would recommend this company for any Magento modules. The build good stuff, and then support which is vital when adding additional features to your Magento Store. Got a small glitch with the cron firing every 30mins and sending me notification emails... still not figured that one out yet but will resolve with Wyomind support soon.

Al - User for more than 11 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

23rd March 2018

Fantastic product and outstanding customer support!

This is a fantastic easy to use extension that works perfectly and is a huge time saver with it’s ability to map spreadsheets and schedule imports. We are extremely happy with the product and the support team’s customer service is second to none. It’s a big thumbs up all round from us thank you Wyomind!

21st March 2018

You can say magic plugin for the warehouse inventory

Excellent Support and very powerful and magical inventory plugin, Very happy


20th March 2018

The extension and support are incredible

When Google came up with the notification that they wouldn't give support to their own extension anymore, I thought, I need to development my own extension. Then I remembered that I'd bought this extension twice for my clients, and they love it. I saw price and I realized that it'd worth each cents. And I was right! Great extension and great support.


19th March 2018

Uma Das Melhores

Muito boa Esta licença uso desde o magento 1 agora estou usando ela no magento 2. recomendo esta empresa a todos, o suporte é muito rápido e de qualidade, se tem alguma duvida não tenha mais faça a compra.

19th March 2018

the best module for google shopping

Very good This license use since Magento 1 now I'm using it in Magento 2. I recommend this company to everyone, the support is very fast and quality, if you have any doubt do not have to make the purchase anymore.

18th March 2018

Good extension and quick support

This app helped us run multiple warehouses. Support is quick.


15th March 2018

Incredible support and respect for the user

It is, in fact, the best tool we found, as well as pioneering. I am very satisfied with this extension because it's very useful for my store. I did have an issue with the format of my XML file, they worked quickly to resolve the issue. I am very happy with the support. Already planning on purchasing more extensions from Wyomind.

9th March 2018

Does what it says on the tin. So easy to configure and use.

Since Google has discontinued its own plugin/module for Magento, and others don't seem to be up to the job, we gave Wyomind's option a try. And we are so glad that we did. Everything works just as it should, and all of our products are up, live, and selling via google shopping. I would recommend this plugin, and also any Wyomind plugin to anyone looking for good, responsive support and plugins that are quite frankly - a steal at this price. Well done and thank you.

6th March 2018

Best Export Extension and top support!

Fast and really nice support. Has saved us a lot of work. We can only recommend Wyomind and this extension.

6th March 2018

Perfect Solution

it is very good data feed solution. And it is powerfull with the good support. Thanks guys :)

2nd March 2018

This is an amazing module

This module has helped us setup a multi-store inventory and has done everything we needed it to do! Support is great and the module is well written.


2nd March 2018

Advanced Inventory enhances Magento tremendously!

This module has helped us setup a multi-store inventory and has done everything we needed it to do! Support is great and the module is well written. If you need a complex setup for magento product inventory then this is the way to go. We have coupled this module with mass stock update, point of sale, and pickup@Store module to provide a perfect solution for our e-commerce websites.

26th February 2018

Great extension with lots of features

Great extension, feature packed with everything you need and the support is top class.


21st February 2018

Happy user of Elasticsearch extension

Wyomind Elastic Search extension works great on our website. We have more than 1500 SKU and this tool helps a lot to visitors to find the products they are looking for. We like also the search results preview with image thumbnails and product information. Thanks also for the good support and help with the extension setup!

20th February 2018

Good Choice - quick answers

Although my questions are quite basic I get answers very quickly, documentation is available with examples.

20th February 2018

high quality service

Wyomind extensions are a guarantee of quality and the customer service it's the best. Replies are quick and clear. You are giving a really high quality service.

15th February 2018

Very well thought of plugin

This is a great module for managing your google shopping feeds. Lots of powerful features have made customising my feed to match my needs a breeze. There is also excellent support to help you out with anything and quickly.

3rd February 2018

Very good extension

This extension works really good and it's very easy to create Data Feeds for Google Shopping. The Support is also very Good! Thanks

31st January 2018

Easy to Setup

This extension is very intuitive and allows you to create data feeds quickly. Simple tick boxes for most of the settings allow you to customise your feed's functionality, without demanding much technical expertise. Similarly, we have had some technical queries that were quickly resolved by their excellent support team. I would definitely recommend their product and service.

30th January 2018

Great features and great support

Really happy with Wyomind, brilliant support staff and tonnes of useful features. I would certainly recommend!


26th January 2018

Quick and wonderful extension and good customer service/support

Had some trouble installing it during Christmas time (installed the wrong Elasticsearch version). But even in these holidays they answered quickly. After installing I had some incompatibilities with my template, but this was also solved with the help of the great support team. Even some idiot questions I had, they were happy to answer. In short, Great extension, great support.

25th January 2018

Excellent Support

Used lots of times for clients, and the code is really clear and the support is always in a good mood. Thank you


23rd January 2018

Useful extension for many applications

I was looking for a bridge that would allow me to interface Magento 2 to my billing CRM, when I came across this extension that was right for my case. I must say that it works fantastically! The support team is friendly and fast.

18th January 2018

The best in his category

I am working at an online marketing company. We use Wyomind's data feed manager for a lot of our customers. It is a must have tool to export all product data for different feeds. Their support responds really fast and is always willing to help.

17th January 2018

Advanced Inventoy - Great Module

Advanced Inventory meets our expectations. The support of Wyomind is excellent, whenever we have needed it to answered with rapided and has looked for the solution to our problems.


15th January 2018

Great extensions and support

Advanced Inventory, Point Of Sale, Mass Stock Update, Pickup@Store are great and very useful extensions for Magento! Quick and concrete support!

12th January 2018

Top quality programming and great customer service

All the programs are well coded and tested well. When you need support they respond quickly and are efficient with finding the root of your problem and making sure it is solved. Make sure you go through the user guide so you can make sure you understand HOW it is supposed to work before you believe there is a problem. Most issues are the way you set up your settings.

11th January 2018

Great Extension and Quick Support

I've been searching for a Google Trust Store extension for sometimes. I am not a developer but I know a little bit of Magento here and there. I came across few developers that offer the same extension. After careful consideration, I decided to go with Wyomind based on their reviews and extensions that they offer. There was a bit of hick-up in the beginning; however, the support was quick and fixed the issue in no time. Thanks for offering such a great extension and professional support.

6th January 2018

A extension which saves you hours of work

Very easy to use extension. Just add a filter of attributes to the categories and the extension does the rest! And when something is wrong, just contact the guys at support and they will help you very fast. Response time most times within 15 minutes!

5th January 2018

Simply the best support I have seen in over 6 years using Magento

I am using Estimated delivery, Data Feed & Order Eraser. My site is heavily customized with a lot of core Magento functionally changed. This would normally be a nightmare for most extension developers. Not for Wyomind. They always came through quickly with help and fixes when other companies would have not. I have no hesitation in recommending Wyomind. I just wish all of my Magento development was done by them. Thank You Guys. 5 Stars are not enough. Matt

4th January 2018

Very easy to use extension!

We use this extension from a variety of other websites, in order to sync products and available stock across all of them. It is very easy to use! The support team was also very useful. The documentation contains everything you need!

4th January 2018

Very fast support

Send a message and received replies within minutes, excellent support and very helpful when I was not too sure what I was doing :-D We use simple Google shopping app for out site and has worked great up until recently, something has obviously interfered with how it works. I will be purchasing the 6 months support for 45 euros, this is as cheap if not cheaper than getting some developers to look at and you are going straight to the creators. Hopefully, it will get fixed as quickly as the rest of the support :)

28th December 2017

great service. amazing support

love it. Life is simple now.

27th December 2017

Great Support!

They solved my problem in 20 minutes. Extension working awesome!


20th December 2017

awesome plugin

This plugin helps me to generate automate feeds for my website, besides that it allows me to customize a lot of options for data feed to adjust to all need that I have. The support of Wyomind is really good and they always quickly answer my doubts about the plugin. For me, this is the best plugin that I already but for my e-commerce.

18th December 2017


Very useful extension, it's a big part of our website; and it's working perfectly. I want to thanks also the support team of Wyomind, very reactive and profesionnal. They helped us for every questions we asked about their service I recommand the use of this extension!


14th December 2017

Good magento extension and support with quick response

We are currently using pickup@store in Magento Community Edition version There is some problem with installation, since then, we contact with support team. Support team provides with quick support. And then we move the hosting platform from centos 6.5 to Centos 7, PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.5. And we don't find any compatible issue. Now, we are planned to upgrade Magento Community Edition from version to Magento Enterprise Edition V2.2+. We still have the confidence to use this Magento Extension.

10th December 2017

Excellent Support

Great team, very good Extension and always helpful

10th December 2017

Solid Product with Solid Support

We have used Wyomind for the last 3 years now. In that time the quality of the product has been superb and only matched by the quality of the support. Responses are quick, answers are detailed and questions or never a problem. Even when querying inner workings in more detail. I have no hesitation in recommending them for their modules and can honestly say it is now a no brainer to pick them whenever we need new functionality adding to our site.

7th December 2017

Ottima App

La uso da due anni e mi trovo benissimo. I used to work generation feeds with GoMage Feed Pro module. But I always had trouble .... filters didn't work OK... plus I couldn't get some attributes to work. Now....I am so happy I am writing this others lost souls can found peace. Support is by the way awesome. !

29th November 2017

works as advertised

Works great and support has been very helpful.


29th November 2017

Why would you try another data feed extension?

There is a lot of competition out there but I would not choose another "no name" company to help. Wyomind knows what they are doing and have been around for a long time. Take my advice, stop looking around and use this extension.


28th November 2017

The Best google shopping plugin!

Thank You for Your Incredible Support and awesome plugin!


27th November 2017

Nice extension

Great support.

27th November 2017




25th November 2017

Great Extension

The extension is the best available on market. Simple to configure and support is great too.

24th November 2017

Great extension and great support

We installed chose elasticsearch for one of our Magento 2 projects. When we started the development there were some issues but with the help of great support, we overcame these issues. Later on, we also had problems when we were launching the project for production, it was even more problematic because we were pressured by the deadlines. However, we were saved by support again. Support guys did a really great job in helping us. They were very understanding and quick with their responses. The third time we had issues it was when we were upgrading Magento from 2.1.9 to 2.2.1. This time we had a silly problem, yet support guys displayed their professionalism again and patiently helped us. Thank You for the great extension and great support!


21st November 2017

Excellent Extension

Great Support, Great extension with a lot of functions.


19th November 2017

The best Google Shopping Extension on the market

The Extension is easy to configure and is the best available on market. i tried several and wanted to save Money. but i wasted time and saved nothing. This Extension is the Money worth great support too.

15th November 2017

Simple to use

This extension is as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. You can choose the default exports and even use custom PHP code to take your variable and output to a higher advanced level. This meets all of our needs for creating XML shopping feeds for Google across various countries. The support is always very helpful. I cannot recommend this product highly enough!


15th November 2017

Great Extension, even greater Service

Amazing fast and super friendly support. Response time faster than speed of sound. Extension elasticsearch is a must have for magento, runs like a charm and is easy to config.


13th November 2017

Great Extension

I really like this extension, the support is also pretty good.


13th November 2017

Good and powerful extension

quick response support


13th November 2017

Excellent extension and quick support

We can't imagine how we would be using our multi warehouses without Wyomind AdvancedInventory. Everything is working as we expected. We had few questions while configuring the app, and the support was very professional and quick. Thanks.

13th November 2017

Great Extension - must have

elasticsearch-plugin is a great choice for magento 1 and 2 . i'm running it about 2 years wihout any troubles. configuration is quite easy and self-explaining. customers like the search experience - i got excellent feedback. technical support is also doing a great job, you'll get quick response and always immediately a working solution if you run into troubles. the application is really worth of money. simply a must have !!!

10th November 2017

Superb support

On the occasions we have needed support from Wyomind our support requests have been answered professionally, and very, very quickly. Following up has been even faster! No frustration of hanging around for numerous days or weeks for a response like we have experienced from some other companies. They understand the importance of quick customer support required to enable smooth running of your site. Probably one of the best extension companies for its customer support, its great to know they are there if needed. As per other reviews you can see that this level of support is not a one off. Well done guys. Fantastic and many thanks again.


8th November 2017

Perfect magento extension

This extension is excellent and the support is great.


6th November 2017

Great extension

We are using this extension and it works just fine. Thanks, great support also.

2nd November 2017

Elastic search M2

It is a very good extension. It is very easy to install and use. I also have done customization in this module and with the help of extension provider I was able to resolve issue Support of team is very good

1st November 2017

good product & service

we are satisfied with the quality of their plugins


31st October 2017

Always good software and always good support

Never had an issue with any Wyomind products. We're currently using x3. These are essential modules and they come with top reliability and great support. Would recommend Wyomind to any Magento user. We've been using the Google Reviews widget module for years (since the "trusted stores" days) enables us to take control of this feature - in the simplest way without any fuss. Well done!


24th October 2017

Simple to Use and Works Great

I didn't have an Issue installing the extension myself but when I did require info I visited them and quickly Chatted online and was helped same time. I recommend this Google Shopping extension over all the more expensive option available.

Ruaan Kraft

20th October 2017

Excellent extension and asy to use

Easy to use extensions and an excellent support. We've used it on our main website to export our product catalog to Google Shopping and found its working as expected, We recommend it.

19th October 2017

Great !!!

Good support by developers

17th October 2017

Great extension and good support

Great extension and always good support by developer.


17th October 2017

Truly a must have extension

We use this extension to list our products to multiple channels including Google Shopping and Fruugo. It's really versatile, you can use PHP to pull in custom data from magento ,it also has excellent documentation and the support is blazing fast.


15th October 2017

Data Feed Manager

We have used Data Feed Manager for a couple of years and have found it to be an incredibly flexible product. It has enabled us to dynamically create Data feeds for a number of third parties quickly and easily. Support has also been excellent. I would recommend this product.

12th October 2017

Great support

Every time we contact Wyomind's support they are quick in response and accurate with solutions. We recommend their extensions and knowledge.

11th October 2017

A must-have module

We must have installed this module, and its "little brother" on dozens of sites over the years. For those who need more power and performance than the Wyomind Simple Google Shopping module, the Data Feed Manager is a must-buy. It's handled pretty much everything we've thrown at it over the years, and whenever we've had an issue the support has been second to none.

8th October 2017

Great extension, excellent support!

Must have extension for your Magento 2 shop! Integrated great, easy installation.

6th October 2017

Really fast!

Switching from mySQL to elasticsearch module was great decision since the speed of our search increased drastically! The support was ready to answer all of our questions in time and were very useful. Would recommend the plugin to all Magento users.

5th October 2017

Very reactive and competent support team

The system of import works perfectly. The support team helped me understand the functioning and was very reactive on my requests. I am very satisfied of this extension and I recommend it. I will not hesitate to buy other extensions considering the competence of the support team.

3rd October 2017

I strongly recommend this extension it's slick very functional it has everything you need out of the box.

The support team are very helpful I've had a few queries and the replies were almost instantly and all of them have been fulfilled. Thank Wyomind team.


2nd October 2017

Super site !

je recommande, site très sérieux et sav réactif !

27th September 2017


Great extension and big support!!! Thank you so much

26th September 2017

Great extension and awesome support

Awesome module with a bunch of functions. Great for any purpose if you want to export product data, even image links. Very flexible due to use of php code. We can recommend this extension! Works fine together with magmi.

22nd September 2017

Great Extension and Wonderful support!

We have been using Wyomind's data feed manager for a year now and we have been extremely pleased. We mainly use it for Google Shopping. Very professional extension and highly recommended! We have our product feeds that make Google Shopping happy!

19th September 2017

Extension works well

Super easy to install and implement. The extension saves a lot of time. Great Backend Edit. The support from developer works fine and the guys answer fast.


18th September 2017


We use the extension with other from Wyomind, it was easy to install, top customize and the support is great.

16th September 2017

Great customer service

Very satisfied

15th September 2017

Very good extensions and helpful support.

Very good extensions and helpful support.

15th September 2017

Superb Extension

We have been using the Google simple shopping plugin for many clients for many years and the level of support we get really is outstanding. We would throughly recommend this product to anyone.

14th September 2017

A great module

A great module with fantastic support. We've used it on loads of websites.


13th September 2017

Société très sérieuse et réactive.

Les modules sont suivis et régulièrement mis à jour. Pierre répond rapidement et de façon détaillée. La programmation est propre et aux standards Magento. J'ai essayer pas mal de modules et je trouve que c'est le conçu pour gérer différents stocks. Je recommande.

12th September 2017

Awesome plugin

Awesome plugin with awesome support.


7th September 2017

Perfect working extension

Thanks to simple google shopping google shopping is simple now :-) Also support and the whole Wyomind Team is Awesome. Thank u very much for your nice extension and I hope we can use your extension for many many years. thank youuuu

5th September 2017

Excellent plugins with great support

We bought few of the plugins for our website and all the plugins were well documented and well coded as per as our requirements. Their support is really superb and top notch.


7th August 2017


Very good extension, excellent support!

26th July 2017

Best Service Ever

Hello, we use simply Shopping since 2 years and are fully satisfied. Thank you for that great service!

18th July 2017

Great extension, top notch service

I ordered the Google Shopping Reviews extension and faced a little problem when I was installing it. I contacted the support and they quickly sorted the problem out within a couple of hours of contacting them. You can't really fault this service and I would highly recommend this company to all.

4th July 2017

Very good service from these guys!

One of the best things about the extensions we bought, is the team behind them. Every time we had a problem, they instantly are available to help and find the issue. We are very pleased with them. Thank you Wyomind!


27th June 2017


Great service, I highly recommend it.

12th June 2017

Excellent support

This is a great extension and the support is superb.

26th May 2017

Great module, excellent support

The module is great, very useful. I won't elaborate on all functionality, but if you need to display estimated delivery dates, look no further. Additionally, the support is simply excellent. I had a small issue with the module so I needed to contact the support team. Answers to my questions within an hour and a fix after providing credentials within four hours. Impressive!


19th May 2017

Best company of magento products, I work with them for more than 5 years, totally recommended.

Best company of Magento products, I work with them for more than 5 years, totally recommended. I use their product on all my sites both google shopping module and others they are the best.

Rubens Ferreira Salles

3rd May 2017

Fantastic extension and support

Wyomind have always provided excellent support when it comes to their extensions, helping with any questions to do with installation or configuration. Thanks for the support!


26th April 2017

Excellent extension usefull and simple

We need to get a swiss army knife tool for our flux to the different market place. With little help from the team support we set up differents formats on our website. Works fine with little work ! Wyomind has an excellent support, one of the best ever !

25th April 2017

Excellent extension and support

This extension is great. Their service is even better. I am very satisfied.

25th April 2017

Superb extensions with lightning support

We have used datafeed manager for a long time now and is one of our core extensions we cannot live without! Wyomind has the fastest support I have ever experienced and always provide the right answers, highly recommended!

25th April 2017

Top helpdesk

Very fast answers on tech support tickets. This is great service you will get. Sometimes not so easy to understand each other but Paul does answer very fast so this means issues are getting sorted out quickly this way to avoid any delays in development of our website. Thank you very much for providing this great module. A little more documentation regarding design would be very helpful. Now is somewhat test and try but at the end it seems getting all ok. I'm looking forward how this extension will run on our magento 2 development server very soon.

24th April 2017

Nice extension good support

Really nice extensions, support is great!


24th April 2017

Excellent Package

Simple Google Shopping does it what it says on the tin - works a treat and the support is very good too.


24th April 2017

This is a must have product for Magento

This is a great product, we use it for our google product feed and our Amazon product feeds. It is a huge time saver for us. Support is fantastic if you ever need it.

21st April 2017

Really simple setup for an amazing extension!

The extension is really simple to setup and has so many advanced features. I really love that I can setup the delivery time for each product separately, even with a countdown. I had some problems with the delivery time that wasn't showing on products with color swatches. I've created a ticket and the same day it was solved. Really quick response from support, thanks Paul!

21st April 2017

Thank you for EXCELLENT service

The support that we received from the Data Feed Manager team has been EXCELLENT. They went to great lengths to help us out!! Quick response times and a positive attitude. Oh, and the product is also great!!

20th April 2017

Works well for my apparel store

Module works excellent and the support is is very prompt. I had some issue, but the support has fixed it in just couple of hours. Highly recommended this extension to live your products to google shopping.

19th April 2017

Great Extension and top support

This 'Estimated Delivery' extension is is great for us and really helpful for customers. Ideal!!

12th April 2017

Thank you from Seeds Here Now

We at Seeds Here Now we're looking for a solution that would do away with our Magento search sluggishness. We spent months searching for a way to help out customers search better and we found this extension here at Wyomind that would work with our customers elastisearch integration. It is fast and our customers can find our seed packs easily now. Thank you so much for helping us get our search engine up to speed with your elastisearch extension.

12th April 2017


Great extension! Works right out of the box. Best customer service in the business.


6th April 2017

Brilliant extension

We used this extension to integrate Google reviews with our store. This is by far the best extension of this type. Saving us on time and hassle. We recommend using this extension. The support was also great !

6th April 2017


Purchased this extension together with installation service and we're quite happy with both. Good plugin and good service. Thanks!


5th April 2017

Excellent Module and Support

Been using this module for a while and it's the best Google Reviews module for Magento. Very helpful support from a trusted developer. Upgrading the module and general support lightning fast, support ticket response was in less than 5 minutes - can't get better than that!

4th April 2017

Great extension!

Installed perfectly and support has been very helpful

28th March 2017

Well documented and handy extension with many useful options!

We originally purchased this to build feeds for Google Shopping, and Bing. But over the years Data Feed Manager has proven itself to be much more useful. We also found it great for working with our repricing and inventory software. The data exports we are able to produce are excellent for migrating data or bulk updates via dataflow or even Magmi. Inline PHP, and the ability to code your own custom attributes and functions have also been extremely valuable for getting the data just the way we need it. I am also impressed by the knowledgeable and responsive support team who were always willing to provide me with useful examples.

25th March 2017

Nice product, fast support

We bought the pickup@store for managing multiple stores and warehouses. Installation was fast and easy. Support (when needed) replied very fast. We had just a little problem with the IWD Checkout extension, but with the received support installation was fine.

22nd March 2017

It's a must-have Search Extension for Magento

This is a must-have extension to replace the awful native search functionality of Magento. It's easy to install and works out the box as discussed. The support is good and responses are quick, as advertised. This extension is compatible with Amazon ES which is what we needed. Thanks to the Wyomind team for great work.

Lex W

21st March 2017

Great extension, improve my business save money and time

I am using this extension from many years, I am always satisfied from extension and support which is very helpful and fast.

17th March 2017

Great Support and very usefull

We are using this great extension now over one year and we are very satisfied. We needed some additional settings like base price and the support helped us immediately. Every support question is fast and polite answered, so we recommend this data feed extension to every shop owner.

16th March 2017

Great extensions but AMAZING support

These guys create great extensions but customer support is out of this world!! I needed help with a licensing issue and they got back to me within the hour and had fixed the issue and guided me through the solution. Prompt helpful service. Just wish everyone else was as easy to deal with.

16th March 2017

Very good and fast support

This is a very good magento extension. Everything works fine and if there are any problems, support responds very fast and offers fast solutions. We're using this for exporting a individual xml file for google shopping. This really helps to improve our workflow for google shopping.


15th March 2017

Good Extension and Support

Extremely responsive support which helped us sort out some order issues. Its a good extension with the added bonus that the extension comes bundled with the security extension Watchlog if you so choose. Having used SOLR in the past its refreshing to now use Elastic Search with a good quality Magento extension.

13th March 2017

Excellent product and very good support

We've been using Simple Google Shopping for quite some time, and through that time we've seen big time savings from using the extension. Any problems we've had have been very quickly resolved by the support team

8th March 2017

Easy fast and great support!

We are using Simple Google Shopping feed for submitting data to google merchant center. All we can say is that this works out of the box. Install, map and start sending data. Just awesome! Thanks Wyomind!

8th March 2017

Fast easy search - must have.

Magento's out of the box search is a little bit inconvenient. We searched for a solution to offer our customers a fast search with product image preview. Elasticsearch from Wyomind does everything a search should do. It's easy and fast to implement and with a little bit of support from Wyomind we were live in a few hours with our new search. Thanks a lot!

3rd March 2017

Fantastic support

Fast, responsive & thorough. Big thanks to Pierre who helped us diagnose a stock issue today. We had recently upgraded our module after discovering items in our google shopping feed that shouldn't be displayed. On further investigation it revealed that in fact it was the way our inventory worked that was causing the issue. There aren't many companies that will spend time helping you fix an issue that isn't related to their module!


27th February 2017

Great extension makes life a lot easier and AWESOME support.

Have been using this extension on our website for 2 years and must say it's made our life a lot easier with this extension. To top it all off, support from Wyomind guys is phenomenal, nothing is ever too much and always happy to help!

27th February 2017

Great extension, Great support.

Simple google shopping is doing what it is supposed to do, without any problems. You have a lot of options to make your feed perfect, and then there is first class support from Wyomind.

22nd February 2017

Great Extension

We use this Extension in a couple of shops since several years now. Works really great and is very to customize to all customer needs. Especially the dynamic conditions and the support of php in the feed is a huge advantage to other Systems. Last but not least: The Support-Team is awesome!

Ingo Hillebrand

22nd February 2017

Nice build extensions and good support

We started in 2012 with the Simple Google feed generator extension and it worked like a charm. We wanted more options so contact Wyomind. So we switched after several weeks to the bigger Data Feed Manager extension from Wyomind. Upgrading was no problem and it was fixed in 30 minutes. We use it for a long time now. When you have a question about the extension you receive always a super-fast response via e-mail and there is always a solution available. Sometimes you receive a reply in the evening or in the weekends. It's great when you are working on a project and need fast response. I would recommend this extension. Also for multi-store environment. Nice to work with this Wyomind team.

20th February 2017

Extension with many features

I use the advanced inventory extension now for 1,5 years and it is a great extension with many features. We have 5 warehouses and 80 sales points. We import the stock from our ERP system into Magento 3 times a day and this is working great. Now we can inform our customer with stock. The extension we use on 3 stores and on Magento Enterprise. The support on this extension is really great and helped us very fast.

20th February 2017

Great dedicated Support from the Wyomind staff

We recently upgraded to PHP7 and noticed some issues while re-editing orders. Wyomind took all the time and patience to help and solve the 2 small issues until everything was fine again. I would recommend this module because it is lean and mean with great support that understands what you mean. You'll never end up with a non-working module.

20th February 2017

This is an incredible module

The support these guys give is incredible. I cannot recommend this module anymore.


20th February 2017

Everything you need from a feed extension for magento

That's a great feed extension. Very customizable, simple and efficient. I've used different extensions with different prices and I can tell you that this one has everything you need. Great support too! Thank You.

18th February 2017


Have used this extension for many years and it works well. Have used on many websites and support is always quick to help and respond. Had a bit of an issue with the installation but they have helped resolve it. The product is quick to generate a product feed with thousands of products.

16th February 2017

Good extension

We've been using this extension on our store for 3 years and never had any problems. Support is fast and reliable. I would recommend this extension. Also the setup is simple and documented (a documentation available for developers as well).

16th February 2017

Fantastic extension and support!

The extension is great and provides out of the box functionality. What really sets Wyomind apart is their support. They make sure you are successful. Highly recommend!


15th February 2017

Great Extension

We've been using this extension on our store for a long time. Support has been great and the extension has worked well for us. Would recommend.

14th February 2017


Would recommend the service, the support, and most definitely this extension. Setup was simple, and it seems to be the most functional tool we've experienced for feed management on Magento. This completely removed the need for a 3rd party feed management agency, optimizations are simple and relatively easy to grasp, even more so if you have a developer who knows what they are doing. I would recommend this extension to any e-Commerce website looking for presence on Google Shopping.

13th February 2017

Great Extension with Fab Technical / Customer Support.

I have this extension installed on 4 shops, works a treat. We have recently upgraded 2 to Magento Version 2. sensible upgrade costs with outstanding support. We have been using this now for around two years, 3 sites with smallish feeds but one with in excess of 17,000 products. Our site developers prefer this extension, and have asked for it by name. Had a slight problem with one site been upgrades, but support was there even chased us to ensure that could close the ticket and our problem was solved. This is our no 1 stop for this extension

5th February 2017

The best data feed generator there is.

On every site we build, I recommend Wyomind's DataFeedGenerator. The support is excellent, and the flexibility of the plugin is fantastic.

2nd February 2017

Best extension for multistore, and excellent premium support

This extension provide really multi inventory, easy to use backend and good support. Highly recommend, if you want manage inventories through different warehouses and pos.

Jose Luis

1st February 2017

Powerful and a must have

This extension is a must have, we win a lot of time and it's easy to use We used it for feeds our catalog to marketplace and for our retailers to generate csv of our stock, price list per customer. We appreciate the support guide and in case of problem, the support team answer fast.


21st January 2017

The most flexible and powerfull Data feed manager for Magento

Wyomind is the very very best data feed manager for Magento. Mos flexible and work fine with very big catalog ad export what do you wont in xml and css. Support very very professional and tremendous responsive. Over the top!!!


20th January 2017

Really useful!

This extension works perfectly on Magento 2.0.10 Flexible and useful I had a really good support from Wyomind. 5 stars of course

Linh PS

19th January 2017

I like this store for extension

You can very fast handle it, download, install license, upgrade, super fast and friendly support. I like the extension simple google shopping, is very good to handle, you can setup different profiles for any feed, you can select per attribute, category, product, also you can filtering. That is very well.

18th January 2017

Very very powerful magento module. This solved all my Google problems

This is very very powerful magento module. This is more flexible and advanced configuration setting , also with php code, permit high configuration. Powerful and very responsive support. 100% ok


16th January 2017

Using it for Google Shopping - Works as described

We have been using it since about a year and it works as described. In case of questions, the support is fast and helpful.

16th January 2017

Perfect module, great support and fast response

We use the data feed manager for quite a period now. Support guide is very complete. I was as newbie able to adjust and create many feeds to export to market places or create feeds for business customers. Absolute must have for each B2B or market place selling webshop.


13th January 2017

Great Support!

Wyomind is the only foreign company we trust in! The support is great and fast, we never have seen this quality in supporting software. we can recommend the whole team. The extensions are also really helpful

11th January 2017

Great Extension

Great extension and amazing support.

Gary Davis

11th January 2017

Absolutely Amazing

We use Data Feed Manager to create feeds for multiple marketplaces e.g. Fruugo, Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing. It works marvelously and whenever we have questions the support team replies within a few minutes. I can only recommend this extension and Wyomind.

11th January 2017

Very professional team.

Wyomind is fast, professional and has one of the best supports. We had some needs for customization of this module, Wyomind did all of our requests with a very good and cheap price.

10th January 2017


the extension works great and support team is helpful and quick. thanks

9th January 2017

Great extension does exactly what it says

We have been using Wyomind extensions for many years now. This extension was the first we bought and have not looked back. It is simple to use, easy to configure, I particularly like the documentation, it is simple for a beginner but also easy for a programmer to grab the info without having to read everything. The module once configured just works as expected. In addition to a great module the support is good too, a quick chat online or an email across to the team gets a quick response, usually the issue is dealt with by the same support person, so no worries about explaining issues to multiple people. We will continue to use this module and others as needed by Wyomind, 4 modules and counting!

6th January 2017

Great tool for marketing your products

Great Extension and Great Support

6th January 2017

Great extension and exceptional support

All the extensions I have so far tried and used from wyomind are well crafted and work as intended. Support is very responsive and helpful. Can only recommend them.


6th January 2017

Perfect extension

Works perfectly to show custom delivery dates on my store and is very flexible. Couldnt find another extension that does the same as good as this one. Support is always very quick and helpful.


5th January 2017

Good Module and great customer service

I discovered this module was installed when I toke over from a previous website manager. the team at Wyomind were very helpful and transferred the account to me very fast. their customer service is excellent and speedy. great all around :)


5th January 2017

Exactly what we needed

Worked much better than a competing product as it took the delivery detail right down to the SKU level live even on configurable products. Support has also been excellent


5th January 2017


Extremely quick, easy to understand (even for me) and very good results. Thanks for another great module guys (and all the support)


5th January 2017

Great Extension and Great Support

Great Extension and Great Support


3rd January 2017

Nice support for elastic search for magento 1.9

We need some modification for our website. Elasticsearch was a huge help for searching our 40.000 products catalog. Wyomind support was excellent and very fast, they replied in < 1 hour.

28th December 2016

Data feed manager takes the pain out of keeping my inventory synced

This extensions has greatly reduced the time needed to keep my inventory synced with google shopping. It is worth double of what I paid for it easily. Support is top notch.


28th December 2016

Thank you

Excellent extension, Excellent Support

27th December 2016

Worked like a charm

The extension works perfect, allowed us to easily generate a orders file to synchronize everything with our ERP automatically. The support is fast and reliable. Thanks!


26th December 2016

Great Support

Very powerful extension for Magento 2, but even better is the guaranteed support--all answered within 24 hours!

Jason Warren

23rd December 2016

A very easy and understandable solution.

Very fast and friendly Support. In my Optionion the Best Google Feed Generator for Magento.

Bjoern Griese

22nd December 2016

So far great experience

We have used about 5 extensions for various customers and had a good experience with product and support.

18th December 2016

Great extension

Best experience ever with Magento extension vendors. These guys are incredible.


18th December 2016

Very good search extension

I have tried solr bridge, but this extension with elasticsearch is more flexible and way better customizable. I recommend this extension if you are looking for better search results. Very fast support and problem solvers.

Sebastian Lorenz

17th December 2016

Great Extension

 We are using this product on our site and it works fine. I had problem in setting up the extensions and contact the support which helped me. Thank you Team Wyomind, Happy New Year.

17th December 2016

Great support

Wyomind provide excellent support.

16th December 2016

A must have extension and fast support!

Initially had some trouble getting the module working with my theme but Wyomind had it sorted out in no time. The default search in Magento 1 is very lackluster so we needed something that gave more precise search result and this extension did exactly that. Would highly recommend.

16th December 2016

Excellent Module and Support

Module is great and support instantly solved the problems occurred with template.


15th December 2016

Better than the rest.

Simple but - The BEST GOOGLE shopping feed on the market. It works perfect and is backed up by excellent support. DO NOT hesitate to purchase.

15th December 2016

The most profitable extension...

This is easily the most profitable extension that I have installed on my Magento store. Google are forever moving the goalposts with Google shopper and Simple Google Shopping gives us the flexibility and power to keep up to date and making sales. Further more the support received from Wyomind is first class.

Roy Woodthorpe

15th December 2016

Life saving, Hundreds of Hour Saving

Listen you have to get this module and I will tell you why! First of When you have thousands of product on your site there are going to be Thousands of keywords you're going to rank for and as such you need to have really well designed landing pages for these keywords with the appropriate products listed there! The pros that I have seen with this extension 1. Its better that any splash page/Landing page extension out there. Reason being you have total control of the Meta data that is added to these pages From title to tags and you can beautify the category pages with it. 2. The module not only add the product dynamically to the desired category but it also update the category attribute in the product itself. So if you have an export module you can export the products based on the category this extension dynamically created 3. once the criteria you used to add it to the category changes then the extension updates the category attributes of the affected products. 4. you can use a ton of conditions for almost all of your attributes, is, less than, greater my favorite (contains) and much more. I don't even know what else to say about this extension ( but It is a solid extension, the most though through extension for Magento since Magento itself) Oh Yeah the have a killer Support team. I mean Killer send them an email now go outside come back in and you will see a response from them! Need I say more?

Jerome Ricketts

14th December 2016

Best Google Shopping Extension

We use it on 4 different websites and it is the best we have found. Great support, flexible configuration.

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