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User guide

How to use the Full Page Cache extension?

To be able to use Full Page Cache, some modifications are required.

You can follow the below steps to configure the extension according to your needs.

Install Full Page Cache

After having uploaded the files and folders of the extension to your Magento root directory, you can simply modify the index.php file located in your Magento root directory and add the below code at the top of the file:

include 'fpc.php';

If you have defined a default store view with a code different than “default” then you have to add another line that defines the default store view like below:

define('FPC_DEFAULT_STORE', 'french');
include 'fpc.php';

If you have defined several hosts on the same Magento installation, you have to configure what is the default store for each host in the top of file index.php. Here is an example for a French store view with a specific host:

$host = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
if ($host == '') {
define('FPC_DEFAULT_STORE', 'french');
} else {
define('FPC_DEFAULT_STORE', 'default');
include 'fpc.php';

If you are using APC as an opc code cache, you have to be aware of the configuration. Check if the directive apc.stat is set to Off (or zero). If it is, you have to define the full page cache directory as excluded by adding the directive:


Then, you can enable full page caching in:
SystemCache Management

Configure Full Page Cache in a general way

To configure Full Page Cache in a general way, go to:
SystemConfigurationWyomindFull Page Cache

General Settings

In the General Settings tab, you can configure the Full Page Cache extension.

  • Enable cache auto-generation
    If enabled, the full page cache will be automatically generated as soon as a product, category, page has changed.
  • Enable soft cache clearing
    If enabled, the generated caches won't be cleared when a product, category, page is saved. They'll have to be cleared manually.
  • Cache Lifetime
    Define the cache lifetime in seconds. Note that 0 or empty means unlimited.
  • Enable Compression
    If enabled, the cached content will be compressed.
  • Cache AJAX requests
    If enabled, AJAX requests will be cached as well.

Storage Settings

In the Storage Settings tab, you can choose what is the cache settings for the Magento backend.

You have a choice between Filesystem and MySQL.

The default value is filesystem. If the custom cache backend is unreachable, the filesystem will be used.

Customize Full Page Cache

With the Full Page Cache extension, you're totally free to customize the configuration. This requires some knowledge and then is recommended for developers only.

To modify the configuration of the extension, you can go to:
SystemFull Page Cache

Store Views

In the Store Views tab, you have the possibility to generate cache for a specific store view.

You can edit each store view in order to enable or disable the cache by clicking on Edit

By clicking on Generate, a new window opens. All URLs of the store will be called and the cache will be generated.

Note that you'll also be able to click on Generate All to generate the cache for all store views.

By clicking on Clear, the cache will be cleared for the store view that was selected.

A notification will be displayed once the operation is complete.

Cacheable Actions

The Full Page Cache extension allows you to manage cacheable actions in the Cacheable Actions tab.

You can find predefined actions that you can easily modify by clicking on Edit.

To create your own action, click on Add New Action.

There, you can specify the page in Action Name as <module>/<controller>/<action> and also enable the action in Is Active.

For example, you're using the Competition Creator extension and you would like the page that lists all the competitions to be cached. In that case, you can add a new action with the name competition/index/index.

AJAX Blocks

The default Magento blocks such as the welcome message, flash messages, polls, or cart items are already handled by the Full Page Cache extension.

However, you may have other dynamic blocks that show up in your Magento frontend which are not default Magento blocks. In that case, you'll need to add these exceptions in the AJAX blocks tab.

To do so, click on Add New AJAX Block.

For example, you're using the Competition Creator extension that adds a block competition, you can simply add a new AJAX block with the name competition.

An event is then dispatched when a page cache is generated.

Generate your caches

With the Full Page Cache extension, you have many possibilities to generate your caches.

From Magento admin

You have 2 possibilities to generate your caches, from:
SystemFull Page Cache

You can in a first time generate your caches for a specific store view by clicking on Generate.

It is also possible to generate your caches for all your store views by clicking on Generate All.

Via wget command

Generating your caches via wget command is the most powerful method but can be quite long as it generates the cache for all the pages.

Here is an example of how to generate cache for all the pages of the default store view:

wget --delete-after -nd-R png,jpeg,jpg,gif,zip,txt,pdf-X "/customer,/checkout,/catalog,/wishlist,/tag,/sales" --cookies=off --header "Cookie: store=default"

You are free to customize this command, for example by accepting only .html files:

wget --delete-after -nd –A html--cookies=off --header "Cookie: store=default"

Via a PHP Script

The module comes with a PHP script that allows you to call all the URLs of a specific store.

For example, you can generate cache of the default store view with the following command:

php shell/fpc.php --generate --store default

Another example for the french store view:

php shell/fpc.php --generate --store french

Make your Magento® store 10x faster with Full Page Cache!

Drastically decrease pages loading time

  • Cache all categories, products, catalog search, sitemaps, and CMS pages
  • Increase SEO rating

Completely manage your cache

  • Generate cache directly from your Magento® admin and via command lines
  • Define a cache lifetime
  • Choose an adapted backend for cache storage (Memcached, Redis, APC, MySQL, filesystem)
  • Pre-warm cache from your Magento® admin or PHP script (can be added as cron)

Use Full Page Cache in one go

  • Don't use any Varnish or reverse proxy
  • Save disk space with the content compression
  • Enjoy the AJAX requests caching and AJAX blocks for dynamic content

Enjoy a fully compatible extension

  • Enable cache for multi-domains, stores, currencies, languages, customer groups
  • Compatible with the default Magento® caches, Magento® compilation, APC
  • Compatible with design exceptions
Freqently Asked Questions
Pre-sales informations

This extension works with Magento Community Edition and also Magento Enterprise Edition. To know if Full Page Cache is compatible with your Magento version, please check the Compatibility tab. 

License and domains

A license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one single Magento installation.

If you use more than one Magento installation, you will have to buy a separate license for each one.

If you run several domains on the same Magento installation, you will need only one license for all of them.

Although your license doesn’t have a limited period of validity, your support period does. By purchasing an extension, you’ll be granted a 6-month support period for free. Passed this period, you will have to renew your Support plan (see FAQ: How to extend my support period?).

You can pre-register your live domain to your license in advance.

Thanks to this option, you'll be able to get the extension ready to use on your domain before it goes live.

To pre-register your production domain: 

  1. Go to:
    mY accountLicenses & DOwnloads
  2. Click on  next to the extension you want your domain to pre-register on.
  3. Click on the link at the bottom of the page saying:
    Do you want to pre-register your domain in order to be ready to go live?
  4. Finally, enter your domain name and click on pre-register now .
Attention, this doesn't mean your license is activated. You'll still have to activate it on your new domain when the extension is installed. 

One license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one Magento installation only.  

It is possible, however, to extend or transfer your license in 2 cases: 

  • If you'd like to add your testing environments to your license.
    In this case, it is possible to extend your license to an unlimited number of domains for free.
    For example or
  • If you want to transfer your license to another live domain.
    In that case, the support period for your license must still be active.

To be able to use Full Page Cache on both your production and testing environments, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download Full Page Cache.
    (see FAQ: Extensions download)
  2. Install Full Page Cache on your production environment.
    (see FAQ: Extensions installation)
  3. Activate the license.
    (see FAQ: Extensions activation).
  4. From your Magento admin panel, enter your current Activation Key in:
  5. Save your configuration.

Now that you can use Full Page Cache on your production environment, repeat the same steps as above on your testing environments.

The only difference this time: a notification will appear in your Magento admin

You will be given a choice between:

  1. buy a new license now
  2. add this domain to my license

Click on Add this domain to my license.

A transfer request will then be sent to our team within an hour.

Once the request is taken care of, you will receive a confirmation email.

If your transfer request is accepted, you can use Full Page Cache on both environments at the same time.

The order in which you activate your license on your domains does not matter.
You can start with your staging/dev/local environment or with your live domain, the process will be the same.
Modules versioning and download

In order to download Full Page Cache, log into your Wyomind account:

    1. Go to:
      my accountLicenses & downloads 
    2. Click on the  icon next to Full Page Cache.

      A new window opens.

    3. Choose the version of Full Page Cache.
      You will be able to choose the most recent version of Full Page Cache (for both Magento 1 and Magento 2).
    4. Click on  .

Your download can start.

When purchasing an extension from, you benefit from a lifetime upgrade. You can at any time download the latest version of the extension directly from your account. 

To upgrade Full Page Cache, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to:
    my accountLicenses & Downloads
  2. Click on  next to Full Page Cache.
  3. Choose the latest version of Full Page Cache (for Magento 1 and Magento 2).
  4. Click on download .
  5. Install the new version of Full Page Cache to update your Magento admin. 

Modules Installation/Uninstallation

To uninstall Full Page Cache, go on its zip folder and open it.

You will find a shell file (such as: that you must execute on both your server and Magento root directory.

Once the uninstallation is over, refresh your cache and enable the compiler back again (if you use it).

Before installing Full Page Cache, you’ll have to:

  • Backup your Magento installation in:
    system  tools   backups
  • Disable the compiler in your Magento admin panel if it’s not already disabled:
    system  tools   COMPILATIONS
  • Refresh your cache in:
    systemselect cache typeactionsrefreshsubmit

Now you can install Full Page Cache:

  1. Download Full Page Cache (zip file) from:
    my account my downloads
    Refer to FAQ here: Extensions download
  2. Once Full Page Cache is downloaded, open the folder and unzip it.
  3. Copy the content of the unzip folder and paste all files and directories in your Magento root directory (the folder content can vary according to the extension but it generally includes app, lib and skin folders).

  4. Once your installation is complete, don't forget to enable the compiler back (if it was already enabled before the installation) and run compilation process.
  5. Refresh your cache, logout from your admin panel and log back in right after.

Next step is to activate your license, to do so, click here: Extension activation

Modules activation

Once Full Page Cache is installed, you have to activate the license: 

  1. Go to your Magento admin panel. A message pops up at the top of the page.

    If the message doesn't appear then you must check that:

    Wyomind's License Manager has not been removed from your installation.
    Wyomind's License Manager is enabled in: app/etc/modules/Wyomind_Licensemanager.xml
    The HTML output for Wyomind_Licensemanager and/or Adminhtml_Notification are not disabled in your system under: system   configuration  advanced advanced

  2. Copy your activation key.

    You can find your activation key in 2 different places:
    - In the confirmation email that you received after purchasing Full Page Cache
    - In your Wyomind account:MY ACcount My downloads, select Full Page Cache and click on  . A new page opens where you'll find your activation key (see below).
  3. In your Magento admin go to:
    SysteMConfigurationWyomindYour extension

    Paste the activation key in the Activation Key field and choose between the automatic (yes) or the manual (no) activation method:
    - By choosing Yes, the connection to Wyomind license server will be automatic. 
    - By choosing No, you will have to log on to Wyomind license server yourself.

  4. Save the configuration.
  5. Clear your caches. 
  6. A message appears at the top of your admin panel: Activate it now!  Click on that link.

  7. Copy and paste the license code in the License code field from your admin or simply click on Activate now! 
  8. Finally, refresh your cache, log out and log back in straight after, to complete the installation.

To activate the license of an extension that includes other modules, you’ll have to repeat the steps described above for each extension, using the corresponding activation keys (each module has its own activation key).


If you're getting a white page using the extension, you should enable the error reporting in order to display the error. You can do that from index.php.

Most of the time log-out/log-in may solve this issue.
Magento 1 / Openmage Compatibility

Magento 1 / Openmage®

  • 1.1.3
  • 1.1.4
  • 1.1.5
  • 1.1.6
  • 1.1.7
  • 1.1.8
  • 1.2.0
  • 1.2.1
  • 1.3.0
  • 1.3.1
  • 1.3.2
  • 1.3.3
  • 1.4.0
  • 1.4.1
  • 1.4.2
  • 1.5.0
  • 1.5.1
  • 1.6.0
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.6.2
  • 1.7.0
  • 1.8.0
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.9.0
  • 1.9.1
  • 1.9.2
  • 1.9.3
  • 1.9.4
  • 1.10.0
  • 1.10.1
  • 1.11.0
  • 1.11.1
  • 1.11.2
  • 1.12.0
  • 1.13.0
  • 1.13.1
  • 1.14.0
  • 1.14.1
  • 1.14.2
  • 1.14.3
  • 1.14.4

Magento 1 / Openmage® Enterprise (deprecated)

  • 1.1.3
  • 1.1.4
  • 1.1.5
  • 1.1.6
  • 1.1.7
  • 1.1.8
  • 1.2.0
  • 1.2.1
  • 1.3.0
  • 1.3.1
  • 1.3.2
  • 1.3.3
  • 1.4.0
  • 1.4.1
  • 1.4.2
  • 1.5.0
  • 1.5.1
  • 1.6.0
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.6.2
  • 1.7.0
  • 1.8.0
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.9.0
  • 1.9.1
  • 1.9.2
  • 1.9.3
  • 1.9.4
  • 1.10.0
  • 1.10.1
  • 1.11.0
  • 1.11.1
  • 1.11.2
  • 1.12.0
  • 1.13.0
  • 1.13.1
  • 1.14.0
  • 1.14.1
  • 1.14.2
  • 1.14.3
  • 1.14.4
User's reviews
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13th September 2019

Top Full Page Cache

Speed up ower Shop 4 Times Wow.

3rd February 2018

Really good extension !

The Extension is rellay effective and my Piercing Inline Shop is now very Fast . Google likes that and i have a better Ranking for my Keywords now;-) The Support is already very fast ! Thank you really much

29th June 2017

Best support and works great

The FPC works great and the small issue was fixed within minutes from the support. Compare to other FPC, the price is cheap. We compared it with other FPC and we did not find a dramatic difference to the more expensive once. Of course a big part of the performance is the hosting / server too, so there is always a failure while measuring it. Anyhow, I would always recommend this extension to others, not only because it works great, as well because of the outperforming support..

26th January 2017

Perfect functions and great support

Perfect FPC Extension for Magento. One small issue on beginning but very fast fix from support. Great Extension!

Marc - User for more than 7 years |Magento 1

11th May 2016

Cheap but works Expensively

One of the best FPC extensions out there. It will really make your Magento site faster, not just 10x, but 20x, or more. It's easy to install and works without problems.
Just got a small issue if you're using a different theme for mobile. It also caches the mobile template. So if you visit your site on mobile, then you visit your site in the desktop, you will see the mobile version of your website.
Anyway, it's an old school method of serving mobile pages to visitors. Now, most of the e-commerce sites are using a responsive Magento theme, so this won't be an issue at all.
The support is also top notch. Johann will never let you down and will fix whatever issue you have after you purchased and install this extension. So if you're thinking twice why it's so cheap compared to Amasty's or Fishpig's FPC, don't be skeptical about BubbleShop's FPC, because it really works like the expensive once. Maybe even better.
The only downside with this extension is you need to modify one file in order to make it work. You need to include the fpc.php file to your index.php so that this extension will work. Overall, this is a really nice extension that will surely speed up your Magento site.
Currently using it in a Magento website.


10th September 2015

Glad to write about an extension &amp; support that really works!

I will only write a review where one is deserved as I'm too busy otherwise.
- the time they have taken to get this working properly in our multi site deserves my time to write this.
pages were very slow before as we have many extensions in many subsites... it now rips along.
would only recommend this full page cache out of all i've tried


29th July 2014

Very well FPC with great load times and very easy integration

We use it in a Magento with 2 Storeviews and it works perfectly.
The integration into Magento was very easy, install module, include file into the index.php and you're done.
The code was very clean and easy to expand, so you're able to extend it for your own needs.
I've written a module to be able to load every dynamic block via Ajax, so we are able to cache a lot of actions even if there is dynamic content on page.
Our page load time is between 40ms and 80ms!!!
The support is great! I've written an e-mail with a question and the response was very fast!
Thank you for this great extension.


28th July 2014

Works GREAT!

I used Varnish before this, and I was having issues with a slow website when people were logged in. I no longer have issues with that. I had looked at several other FPC and I chose this one because of the other reviews.


28th July 2014

Great speed improvement

This makes a nice speed improvement on the website. After messing around with a few others that just didn't work or caused major problems we bought this and paid the installation. It was completed within a few hours of buying and has worked perfectly since. An automatic cache crawl would be nice, but its easy enough to click 2 buttons :) Highly recommend.


28th July 2014

Must have Extension!

The Cache Tool is my favorite under the many different cache extensions.
Easy install and the updates comes free. Support fast and uncomplicated.
What do you want more!


28th July 2014

Speed up website with this FPC

We've tried several extensions but this one is the best performing one.
We had some minor problems beacause we host Magento on a windows environment.
The problem was picked up very fast! The solution was ready within a few hours!
I recommend this extension (and developer) to everybody.
Eric-Jan de Wolf


21st April 2014

The cool module FPC!

I purchased this extension, and I can tell you that this is the best I've seen FPC.
I have tried many different extensions and pay all free tried . But this extension is worthy of respect . It is the best! Easy and simple to configure, support answers quickly , even for me the developer has developed a new functional. And the most important thing is that the module is uncoded , and is a huge plus , because in the future you will be able to make small changes . And all this evil coded modules , buyers depend on developers. In short I am very happy that I paid the money , this unit is more expensive. He increased the speed of my site 2 times ! And it's cool!


21st February 2014

Number one upgrade for any Magento store owner

My store is now usable for a reasonable amount of traffic on a shared hosting plan. I was drawn to this one in particular as the code is open and does not rely on DRM.
Lightning quick load times ? would recommend.


21st January 2014

A strong set of extensions

I have purchased a few of these extensions for clients and found them to be strong set of extensions. I recommend usage.


Initial release for the master version

Initial release for the legacy version

Bug Fix:

  • Added 'X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN' header by default in FPC response
Patch v3.6.0.1

  • Minor fix

Demo store
Work in progress...

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