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Mass Product Import & Update

Mass Product Import & Update allows you to update and import products massively in Magento in record time through CSV or XML files available from your website's server, or any remote server through FTP or HTTP.

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User guide

Mass Product Import & Update allows you to update or import massively products in Magento in a record time thanks to CSV and XML files available from your website's server, from remote servers through FTP or HTTP.

Mass Product Import & Update allows to create and/or update the below product attributes for all store views or specific store views:

  • All system attributes (SKU, type, attribute set, visibility, status)
  • All product attributes created within Magento (input, dropdown, yes/no, multi-select, text...)
  • All product image attributes (image gallery, base image, thumbnail, small images...)
  • All stock attributes (qty, availability, backorder, manage stock, low stock notification…)
  • Categories associated with products
  • Prices, special prices, special price dates, tax class…

How to configure Mass Product Import & Update

To use Mass Product Import & Update, you first have to go in:
SystemConfigurationWyomindMass Product Import & Update

Configure Mass Product Import & Update in a general way

Email reporting

Mass Product Import & Update includes a reporting tool that notifies you each time a profile runs, and if so an error happens.

For more details about the cron tasks, look at the below section: 
Configure the cron tasks in a profile

Enable reporting

Allows you to define whether you want to enable the reporting or not.

Send the reports to

Allows you to specify the email addresses to which the report must be sent. 

For several email addresses, you must use the comma as a separator.

Report title

Allows you to define the title of the emails sent by the reporting tool


Mass Product Import & Update also includes a log file that you can enable. 

Enable log file

Allows you to activate the log file available under the var/log directory. The file is named Wyomind_MassStockUpdate.log.
The log file will be written only if the primary log file is active in:
System Configuration Advanced  Developer  Logs settings

Create an import profile in Mass Product Import & Update

To update Magento products or to create new products, you have to first create a new profile from:
SystemImport/ExportMass PRODUCT IMPORT & Update

There, you should find some sample profiles that you can edit. To create a new profile, click on Create a new profile.

Black box

The black-box is a tool that will help you configure your mapping seamlessly. It is composed of 3 major features. 

Input Data

To get a preview of the input data, click on Input data.

Output Data

Clicking on Output data will give you a preview of the data as they'll be updated. 


The library allows you to check what are the values you can use for each attribute.  

You will also find some examples to help you. 


In this section, you will be able to define the source of the data.

Profile setting

  • Profile name
    Only alphabetic and numbers are allowed + hyphens (-) and underscores (_).
    The profile's name must be unique.
  • Profile Method
    You can choose the action that the profile will trigger:

    Update products only
    Import new products only
    Update products and import new products

  • SQL mode
    When SQL mode is enabled, no data are updated or imported. Running the profile will only produce a SQL file. This file could be executed directly in your database manager.

If you activate SQL mode, you'll need to fill in several fields:

  • SQL file path
    is where the SQL file will be generated (relative to Magento root folder).
  • SQL file name
    is the name of the SQL file to generate.

You can then click Input data from the black box to see your source file. 

File location

This section allows you to specify where the source data file is stored and what is the file path (including the file name and extension). You have many options:

  • Magento File System
    The file is stored in the Magento root directory or a subdirectory of the Magento root directory.
    File path relative to the Magento root folder. 
    You can use regular expression in the file name when it is set on Magento File System.
  • FTP server
    The file is stored on a remote server available from FTP or SFTP.
    File path relative to the FTP user root folder.
  • URL
    The file is stored on a remote server available from HTTP or HTTPS.
    The file path is the URL of the file.
    If you're using the authentication, add the login and password directly in the corresponding fields.
  • Dropbox
    The file is stored in a dropbox. You can generate your token from your Dropbox account:
    The file path is the URL of the dropbox service
  • Webservice
    The file can be stored in any web service.
    The file path is the URL of the web service.

Note you can drag and drop files from your desktop. Only TXT, CSV, or XML files are allowed.

File Type

Allows you to specify the file type used for the update, XML, or CSV.

  • File type
    You have the choice between CSV and XML files.

For CSV files, define: 

  • Field separator
    Define the field separator.
  • Field enclosure
    Select the field enclosure. 

For XML files, define:

  • Xpath to products
    In case of an update from an XML file, fill in the XPath that targets the products. The Xpath is case sensitive.

    File sample
             <name>Product A</name>
             <name>Product B</name>
    The XPath that targets the products in the above file is /Import/PRODUCTS/product

  • XML structure
    You have two options; the Automatic detection or the Predefined structure. The automatic detection fits for simple files made of only one nesting level such as the above file sample.
  • Predefined structure
    If you've selected the Predefined structure, you have the possibility to define your own file structure. When the structure of your file is quite complex, the info may be dispatched in deep nodes and sometimes in tag attributes such as url="something". 

    Below is an example of complex file where you need a predefined structure:
    <offers xmlns:xsi="" version="1">
       <offer price="165.07" msrp="189.00" availability="3">
          <name><![CDATA[Amazing product]]></name>
             <img url="" />
             <img url="" />
          <videos />
             <category><![CDATA[Category A]]></category>
             <category><![CDATA[Category B]]></category>
             <category><![CDATA[Category C]]></category>
          <description><![CDATA[Amazing product description]]></description>
             <attibute name="sku"><![CDATA[XYZ]]></attibute>
             <attibute name="ean"><![CDATA[123456789]]></attibute>
             <attibute name="tax"><![CDATA[VAT 20%]]></attibute>
    The XPath that targets the products in the above file is /offers/offer
    The JSON syntax you need to use is:


  • Use a valid Json string made of a key/value list that defines the column names and the Xpath associated with the columns.
  • Use to access the attribute values. 
  • Use [@attribute=value] to access a node from which the attribute is value. 
  • Use [number] to access another node that has the same name. 
  • Use Xpath axis to represent a relationship to the current node, and locate nodes. For example, select all children/parent of the current node:

Post Process Action

Allows you to define an action after the profile is processed.

  • Action 
    You have the choice between:
    Do Nothing
    Delete the import file
    Move import file
  • Move to folder

    File path relative to Magento root folder

Advanced Settings

System Settings

  • The first line is a header
    For CSV files, you need to specify when the first line is a header.
  • Filter lines
    Leave empty to export all lines:
    means all lines will be imported

    Type the numbers of the lines you want to import, making sure to separate each line or range with a comma (,):
    e.g: 2,4,6,8,10 
    means lines 2,4,6,8,10 will be imported

    Use a dash (-) to denote a range of lines:

    e.g: 8-10
    means lines 8,9,10 will be imported

    Use a plus (+) to import all lines from a line number:
    e.g: 4+
    means all lines from line 4 will be imported

    Use regular expressions surrounded by # to indicate a particular group of identifiers to import:e.g: #ABC-[0-9]+#
    means all lines with an identifier matching the regular expression will be imported 
Note you can combine all those options. For example 2,6-10,15+ means line 2,6,7,8,9,10,15,16,17,... will be imported.
  • Automatic action for missing products
    Define what to do for each product that is missing from the data file. You have several options:
    Do Nothing
    Disable the product
    Delete permanently the product
    Mark the product as out of stock
  • Target
    When a product is imported using Mass Product Import & Update, it is associated with the profile. If you've selected an action for missing products, you'll need to choose a target: 
    Only products related to current profile: products that are imported/updated with the same profile.
    Only products not related to current profile: all the products that are not created/updated by the profile.
    All products

Stock Settings

Automatic stock status update:
You can choose to automatically update the stock status (in stock / out of stock).

Image Settings

Indicates the path to the directory in which the images to import are stored.
  • Images location
    Http server (URL)
    Magento File System
    Ftp server

Depending on what you've selected as the location of the images, you'll need to fill in several fields. 

For the FTP server: 

  • Use SFTP
  • Use active mode
  • Host
  • Login
  • Password

For the FTP Server and the Magento file System:

  • Path to images directory

Category Settings

 Mass Product Import & Update allows you to create categories on the fly. 
  • Create categories on the fly
    Yes or N
  • New categories active by default
    Yes or No
  • New categories included in menu by default
    Yes or No
  • Category tree auto-detection
    To automatically detect the category tree.
    You need to use the complete path to the category. The category levels must be separated with slashes: A/B/C.
    For example, instead of "Shirts", you should write:
    Default Category/Men/Shirts
When the Category tree auto-detection is disabled, the category is added to the root category defined in New categories are children of.
  • New categories are children of
    Choose the parent category.

When the categories associated with the products are updated, then all previous products and categories associations are deleted. 

For more details about the configuration of the category attribute, please have a look to our documentation

Configurable Product Settings

Create parent of configurable products on the fly
You can also create/update a configurable product from the simple products available in the source file by enabling this option.

Enable that option only if the configurable products don't exist in the source file and if you want to create/update these products from the simple products information.

When that option is enabled, in the Mapping & Rules tab, you can find for each Target attribute dropdown an option for the configurable products to create on the fly. You have the choice to apply the settings on: 

  • The current product only
  • The configurable product created on the fly only
  • Both, configurable product created on the fly and simple product associated

System attributes of the configurable products created on the fly must receive a value either by mapping a field from the source file for the simple product and the configurable product or for the configurable product only.

So that the configurable product and the simples variants are linked, the following attributes must be mapped:

Note that if you want to update or import a product whether it is a configurable or not, you need to use standard attributes.

Mapping & Rules

In this section, you can map each column of the source file with one of the Magento attributes.

Column Mapping

Each column can be mapped with one of the stock attributes. Note that at any time, you can preview the input and output data in the black box directly.
  • Target Attribute 
    Select the target attribute from the ones available in your system (the first line is where you define the identifier of your products). You can find all the attributes grouped by type in our documentation.
  • Data source
    In the Data source, you can define the attribute source that matches with the target attribute from your source file.
  • Custom value
    Sometimes, some columns can be missing. For example, when updating all stocks, the file does not necessarily include all stock attributes (backorders, minimum quantity in the cart...). In that case, you can choose a custom value in the Data source and apply a default value.


  1. Add as many columns as you want by clicking on +. In many cases, the update file may contain more columns than necessary; you don't need to add these columns and match them. 
  2. Delete a row easily.
  3. Change the order of each row using the drag and drop.
  4. Deactivate a line while conserving the settings by clicking on the link symbol.
  5. Add your own custom script </>.  These scripts can be previewed in the output. Check How to use the API
    Note that when there is a script filled in </> is underlined.
  6. Apply the color of your choice to the row.
  7. Apply a label to the row.
  8. Define to which store view(s) you want to apply these settings by clicking APPLY TO DEFAULT VALUE
  9. Define to which product(s) you want to apply these settings by clicking APPLY TO THE CURRENT PRODUCT ONLY.
  10. Preview your file by clicking INPut Data.
  11. Find all the attributes grouped by type in the Library.
  12. Check the data as they'll be updated by clicking Output Data.

Scheduled tasks

You can schedule the profile to be executed each day of the week and with an interval of 30 minutes (by default) between each execution.

You can change the cron task interval from:
SystemConfigurationWyomindMass PRODUCT IMPORT & UpdateSettings

For good working of the scheduled tasks in Mass Product Import & Update, the main cron task in Magento must be configured properly.

Run a Mass Product Import & Update profile

You have several ways to run your profiles. 

From the profiles grid

To run the profile from the grid, you just need to click on RUN Profile in the action menu on the right column. Then the status will be updated with a progress bar.

From the profile page

Open the profile and then click on RUN Profile NOW. Once the import/update process has ended, a message appears with details about how many products have been updated/imported and how many products have been ignored. 

With the cron tasks

When the scheduled tasks are configured for the profile, then the profile will be automatically run at the day and the time selected.

For good working of the scheduled tasks in Mass Product Import & Update, the main cron task in Magento must be configured properly.

For more details about how to configure the cron tasks in Magento, you can have a look to the official Magento user guide:

You will receive an email each time the cron task is run if you have enabled the reporting in:
system configuration Mass Product Import & Update

To configure the reporting, have a look at Email reporting

With the Command Lines Interface

Mass Product Import & Update includes command lines available from any shell console.

php -f shell/wyomind_massproductimport.php -- [options]

The parameters to use are:

  • -h 
    Short alias for help
  • --run id1,id2,...,idN 
    Generate profile from the given list
  • --sql  id1,id2,...,idN   
    Execute the SQL file generated by the profile from the given list
  • --list
    List all profiles

SQL option usage

Updating or importing products massively may keep your server busy sometimes, especially when the update or the import includes a large number of products and/or many attributes.

For better performances Mass Product Import & Update split the process into two distinct steps:

  1. Source file analysis: the data is collected and the SQL queries for the update/import are built. 
  2. The SQL file execution: the database is updated with the new data. This step may be executed asynchronously when the shell option is enabled.

Generate the SQL file

If you prefer to generate the SQL file without executing it, you must enable the SQL mode in your profile configuration. 

Then run the profile by clicking on RUN NOW

Execute the SQL file

Once the file is generated in the working directory (see Settings), you only need to update the database with the generated file from the command line as follows: 

mysql -h host -p DbPassword -u DbLogin DatabaseName < path/to/mysql/file.sql

You can also use the command line: 

php -f shell/wyomind_massproductimport.php --sql id1

Attribute specifications to import or to update

System attributes

The below attributes are required when importing new products

If these attributes are not available in the mapping then the imported products will be visible neither in the front-end or the back-end.

The system attributes have a global scope and cannot be updated/imported specifically for each store view.


The unique identifier of the product to update or to import.

Attribute set

The attribute set to apply to the product.

You can either use the attribute set name (case insensitive) or the attribute set ID.


To know the attribute sets available in your system, go to:
Catalog AttributesManage attributE Sets


The product type.

You must use the product type name (case insensitive).

It can be:

  • simple,
  • configurable,
  • grouped,
  • bundle,
  • virtual,
  • downloadable,
  • any custom product type



The website(s) to which belongs the product.

You can either use the website name (case insensitive) or the website ID.
Main Website Store


To know the names and  the ids of the websites available in your system, go to:
systemManage stores

Tax Class

The product tax class.

You can either use the tax class name (case insensitive) or the tax class ID of the product.
Taxable Goods


To know the names and the ids of the tax classes available in your system, go to:
SalesTaxPRoduct tax classes


The product visibility. 

You can either use the visibility name (case insensitive) or the numerical value associated.

  • Not visible Individually (1),
  • Catalog (2),
  • Search (3),
  • Catalog & Search (4)




The status of the product: enabled or disabled

You can use any of the below values:

  • enabled / disabled
  • enable / disable
  • true / false
  • yes / no
  • 1 / 0


Products attributes

All attributes created in your stores and/or any attributes that are listed in another section are available in the product attributes section.

Text or textarea attribute

The text or textarea attributes accept any value without any restriction.
Your text

Yes/No attribute

The yes/no attributes can be updated with any of the below values:

  • enabled / disabled
  • enable / disable
  • true / false
  • yes / no
  • 1 / 0


The drop-down attributes can be updated either with the option label or with the option id.

The multi-select attributes can be updated either with a list of option labels or a list of option ids separated with a comma.
Men, Boys

To know the labels and ids of the drop-down and multi-select attributes, go to:
Catalog AttributesManage attributE edit attributEManager label / option

Date attributes

The date attributes must be formatted as follows: 
YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm::ss

2019-06-11 15:09:52

If the dates are misformatted in the update/import source file, then you must use your own custom script. 

Decimal value

The EAV attributes can be updated with decimal values.

You could for example register a value for the price attribute.

Integer value

The EAV attributes can be updated with integer values.

You could for example register a value for the weight attribute.

Null value

The EAV attributes can now be updated with NULL values.

You could for example register a null value for the price attribute. For this, NULL must be written in uppercase and without any space.

Prices attributes


The price attribute can be a float number or an integer number.

It must be formatted with a dot as a decimal separator.

If the prices are misformatted in the update/import source file, then you can use your own script using the PHP API.

Special price

The special price attribute can be a float number or an integer number.

It must be formatted with a dot as a decimal separator.

If the prices are misformatted in the update/import source file, then you can use your own script using the PHP API.

Special price from/to date

The special price from/to date must be formatted with the date and the time GMT as below:
YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
2019-06-17 11:29:51

If the prices are misformatted in the update/import source file, then you can use your own script using the PHP API.

Tier price/Group price

The list of tier prices must be separated by ~ as below:
[Group id 1]|[Qty 1]|[Price 1]~[Group Id 2]|[Qty 2]|[Price 2]~...

To import your tier prices as discounts, add % at the end of each value. Otherwise, your tier prices will be imported as an amount:

Below is the list of the codes to use for the customer groups ids: 

  • *: All groups
  • 0: Not logged in
  • 1: General
  • 2: Wholesale
  • 3: Retailer
  • 4: VIP Member
  • 5: Private Sales Member
If the prices are misformatted in the update/import source file, then you can use your own script using the PHP API.

Weee tax

The list of taxes must be separated by ~ as below:

  • Country code
    It can be: FR, US, CA, NZ...
  • Region
    Use * for all states
  • Tax
    This is a fixed value


Stock attributes

All attributes related to the stock management in Magento are available in this section.

All these attributes must be updated with numeric values or boolean values.

Boolean values

Boolean values must be updated with one of the below values:
  • 1 / 0
  • yes / no
  • true / false
  • enable / disable
  • enabled / disabled
  • in stock / out of stock

in stock

Numeric values

 Numeric values must be updated with one of the below types:
  • Integer number (no white space)
  • Float number (decimal separated by a dot)


If the values are misformatted in the update/import source file, then you must use your own custom script. 

Advanced Inventory attributes

All attributes related to the stock management in Advanced Inventory are available in this section.

All these attributes must be updated with numeric values or boolean values.

Boolean values

Boolean values must be updated with one of the below values:
  • 1 / 0
  • yes / no
  • true / false
  • enable / disable
  • enabled / disabled
  • in stock / out of stock


Numeric values

 Numeric values must be updated with one of the below types:
  • Integer number (no white space)
  • Float number (decimal separated by a dot)


If the values are misformatted in the update/import source file, then you must use your own custom script. 

Dynamic attributes

You have the possibility to create a dynamic mapping giving you more flexibility in the configuration of your profile. In your source file, for the same column, you can indicate the Magento attribute to map as well as the associated value.

Dynamic attribute

Code of the Magento attribute to map and the associated value.

The syntax to use is:


Images attributes

All attributes related to the image management are available in this section.

The images source directory must be defined in the Image tab.

The images to insert in the image gallery must be listed in the Image Gallery field as the relative path to the image source directory specified in the Images tab. 

The syntax to use is:


Each image path must be separated by one of the below characters:

  • | (pipe)
  • , (comma)
  • ; (semi-colon)


You can use the below parameters:

  • * (star) prefix + label of the image:
    Optional parameter to associate a label with each image.

directory_1/directory_2/image-A.png*image A;
directory_1/directory_2/image_2.png*image B;
directory_3/image-XYZ.png*image XYZ;

Base Image, Thumbnail, Small Image

You can associate a specific image from the Image gallery to any image attribute.

By default the image attributes available in Magento are:

  • Base Image: image that appears on the product page
  • Small Image: image that appears on the category page
  • Thumbnail: image that appears on the cart, on the checkout, on the customer account...

If you have created your own image attributes in your stores, these attributes will be visible in this section.

When importing/updating the image attributes, Mass Product Import & Update will add the image to the image gallery automatically. The image source directory must be then specified in the Images tab.

Category attributes

The categories associated with the products can be imported/updated with new values. 

Category mapping

List your category names (case sensitive) or category ids separated with a comma.
category ID 1 [position],category ID 2 [position]...

You can use the below parameter to define the position of the products in the categories:

  • position
    Default value is empty.

For example, to import your product in position 2 in the category ID 10 and in position 1 in the category ID 13, you can write: 

The values will be translated into category paths according to the parameters you have defined in your profile configuration from:
Advanced SettingsCategory Settings

For example, to import products in the New Arrivals (ID: 10) and Dresses & Skirts (ID: 13) categories, from the Mapping & rules tab of your profile configuration, map the Category mapping attribute with a custom value.

In the following field, you could have written:


Note that you should set the Category tree auto-detection to NO if you're using categories IDs. 

If you prefer using the category names, you could have written: 
Default Category/Women/New Arrivals,Default Category/Women/Dresses & Skirts

Categories will be created according to what you've defined in the Advanced Settings tab.

Merchandising attributes

The related/up-sell/cross-sell products can be imported/updated with new values. 

List of related product SKU's separated by |.

Configurable product attributes

With Mass Stock Import & Update you can create configurable products on the fly and create a relationships between children and parents.

Parent SKU

When updating/creating a simple product, you can add the configurable product reference so that the simple products will be automatically associated to the configurable product:
Parent SKU

The child product must be updated/created with the configurable attributes required by the configurable product, example: color and size.

Children SKUs

When updating/creating a configurable product, you can add the children references so that the simple products will be automatically associated to the configurable product:
List of the children SKUs separated by commas

Configurable attributes

When creating/updating a configurable product, the configurable attributes must be specified using the attribute codes or the attributes IDs separated by commas as below:
Attribute Code 1,Attribute Code 2

If you don't provide these attributes when creating a new configurable products, then they will not appear on the front-end

Options Container

The Options Container attribute must be added to your mapping in the case where you create configurable products from a source file as below:
Code of the Container

Note that "container1" is the default container in Magento.

Downloadable product attributes

With Mass Stock Import & Update you can import or update downloadable products.

Title of the downloadable resource.
Downloadable file

Samples title

Title of the downloadable resource.
Downloadable sample

Link to the file (relative or absolute path) and optional file's name separated by a pipe (|) as below: 
Link | File name | My downloadable file

Sample URLs

Link to the file (relative or absolute path) and optional file's name separated by a pipe (|) as below: 
Link | File name | My downloadable sample

Grouped product attributes

With Mass Stock Import & Update you can create grouped products and create relationships between children and parents.

Parent SKUs

When updating/creating a grouped product, you can add the parent references so that they will be automatically associated to the grouped product as below:
List of related parent product SKU's separated by commas

For example:

Children SKUs

When updating/creating a grouped product, you can add the children references so that they will be automatically associated to the grouped product as below:
List of related children product SKU's separated by commas

For example:

Custom options

With Mass Product Import & Update you can import or update your products' custom options.

Custom option title and option values separated by * such as: 
Title*Option1|Sku Option 1| Price Option 1| Position option 1*Option2|Sku Option 2| Price Option 2| Position option 2*...

For example:
Engraving*Gold engraving|engravingg01|45|1*Silver engraving|engravings02|25|2*...

PHP API for Mass Product Import & Update

Mass Product Import & Update allows you to fully customize and control the data output by using PHP scripts in different ways.

API coding standards

For each line in the Mapping & Rules tab of your profile, you can add your own custom script based on a PHP syntax.

To add your custom script, click on </> at the end of the line you want to edit. You can then update on the file the value of each column.

Note that the </> button may be hidden by the black box. 

Opening and closing tags

Every script must include the opening PHP tag <?php. Note that it is not necessary to use the closing tag. 

<?php /* Your custom script */ return $self;​

Outputting a value

Any value that you want to output in your profile, must be returned with the return instruction.

$this object

$this->skip() or return false (boolean false)
To ignore the pending line (all the columns of the line).

$this->skipRow() or $this->skip() or return false;
To ignore the pending cell as well as all the following cells.

$this->skipCell() or return true;
To ignore the pending cell.

Variable $cell

You can call any column of the source file using $cell. It is an array that indexes each column numerically (1,2,3,...) and with a key corresponding to the name of the column header ("name","description","price"...).

$cell["name of the column"] or $cell[INDEX]

For example:

return $cell["description"]. " ".$cell["name"]
Note it is better to use associative keys. In that case, if the column order changes in the file, your scripts will still be valid.

Variable $self

to retrieve the current value of the column and manipulate the data:

<?php return $self;

For example:

<?php return strtolower($self);

Conditional values

To output values based on different conditions.

For example:

if ($self > 200) return "0";
else return $self;

Examples of use

Below are some examples of use with the PHP API. 

Change the separator

Transform a number with a floating value separated with a dot instead of a comma.

For example:

<?php return number_format(str_replace(",",".",$self),2,".",""); ?>

Change a text to lowercase or capital letters

Change a text in lowercase and add a capital letter as the first letter of each word.

For example:

<?php return ucwords(strtolower($self)); ?>

Retrieve images

Retrieve only one image from a list of images. 

For example:

<?php return array_pop(explode(",",$self)); ?>

Group several columns

Put together several columns to create a description.

For example:

<?php return $self." ".$cell["product_name"].", starting at $".$cell["price"]; ?>

Define the visibility of a product

Define the visibility of a product depending on a column value.

For example:


   case "parent":
      return "Catalog, Search";
      return "Not visible individually";

Map value to other ones

Map values to other ones.

For example:


   return "something else";
else if($self=="foo"){
   return "bar";
   return "default value";

Take your product catalog management experience to the next level!

Manage, automate, and monitor your Magento® products' mass import and update with ease and efficiency from the Cloud.

  • Lifetime license
  • 12 months support & upgrade
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Extensible source code
    Unlimited test domains
  • Marketplace approved
Want to know more?

Import and update your products from any source

File Formats
CSV, and XML files

Magento®'s files system, dropbox, webserver, or remote servers using FTP or HTTP

Automate the import and update tasks

Cron task
Automate import and update profiles execution by scheduling them via cron tasks. 

Fastly and efficiently trigger your import and update profiles with the command line interface.

Import incomplete data or misformatted data without headaches

User-friendly interface
Enjoy a very easy-to-use interface and save considerable time.

Advanced mapping features
Simplify your import/update processes with advanced mapping.

Real-time preview
Visualize the output data before updating/importing your products.

Use your own scripts to customize your import/update profiles as you want.

Update or import all product attributes in only one process

Mass Product Import & Update allows you to create complex and dynamic mappings from a single data source without having to build multiple import profiles.

Image gallery, base image, thumbnail, small images...

Prices, special prices, special price dates, tax class…

Store view
Product attributes for all or specific store views.

Categories associated with the products.

Configurable products
Required configurable product attributes.

Downloadable products
Necessary downloadable product attributes.

Save huge time creating your profiles

Start with the 4 included sample profiles and export/import profiles pattern. 

Freqently Asked Questions
Pre-sales informations

This extension works with Magento Community Edition and also Magento Enterprise Edition. To know if Mass Product Import & Update is compatible with your Magento version, please check the Compatibility tab. 

Mass Stock Update Mass Product Import & Update
Stocks update
Update your products stocks from CSV/XML files
Products update
Update your products from CSV/XML files according to multiple attributes groups:
  • Image,
  • Category,
  • Merchandising (up sell, cross sell, related products),
  • Price (Weee tax, group price, tier price, special price...),
  • Downloadable products,
  • Grouped products relation,
  • Configurable products relation,
  • Custom options,
  • System attributes (website, sku...),
  • Attributes defined by the user
Products creation
Create products from CSV/XML files
Get a real-time preview of the output data
Custom scripts
Use custom scripts to improve the updated data
Automate the update process using the cron tasks
Access to a CLI
Trigger the import process via your CLI

The Mass Product Import & Update extension has no known limitation. Some users update until 80 000 products.

License and domains

We offer our customers who want to migrate their Magento 1 license to a Magento 2 license, the transfer at a reduced price. 

You have the possibility to migrate your license directly from your Wyomind account in:
My accountLicenses & Downloads

Click on migrate to magento 2  in front of the extension and the domain you want to transfer. 

Confirm you want to migrate your license to a Magento 2 license by clicking on Confirm and checkout .

An invoice will be automatically added to your account from: 
My accountInvoices


The price of the transfer is equivalent to a 30% reduction compared to the price of the regular Magento 2 license.

You can proceed to the payment by clicking on PP .

Once the payment is done, you can go back to: 
My accountLicenses & Downloads

There you will be able to download and install your license for Magento 2. 

Note that your license for Magento 1 will remain active indefinitely in your Wyomind account in order for you to migrate with peace.

A license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one single Magento installation.

If you use more than one Magento installation, you will have to buy a separate license for each one.

If you run several domains on the same Magento installation, you will need only one license for all of them.

Although your license doesn’t have a limited period of validity, your support period does. By purchasing an extension, you’ll be granted a 6-month support period for free. Passed this period, you will have to renew your Support plan (see FAQ: How to extend my support period?).

You can pre-register your live domain to your license in advance.

Thanks to this option, you'll be able to get the extension ready to use on your domain before it goes live.

To pre-register your production domain: 

  1. Go to:
    mY accountLicenses & DOwnloads
  2. Click on  next to the extension you want your domain to pre-register on.
  3. Click on the link at the bottom of the page saying:
    Do you want to pre-register your domain in order to be ready to go live?
  4. Finally, enter your domain name and click on pre-register now .
Attention, this doesn't mean your license is activated. You'll still have to activate it on your new domain when the extension is installed. 

One license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one Magento installation only.  

It is possible, however, to extend or transfer your license in 2 cases: 

  • If you'd like to add your testing environments to your license.
    In this case, it is possible to extend your license to an unlimited number of domains for free.
    For example or
  • If you want to transfer your license to another live domain.
    In that case, the support period for your license must still be active.

To be able to use Mass Product Import & Update on both your production and testing environments, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download Mass Product Import & Update.
    (see FAQ: Extensions download)
  2. Install Mass Product Import & Update on your production environment.
    (see FAQ: Extensions installation)
  3. Activate the license.
    (see FAQ: Extensions activation).
  4. From your Magento admin panel, enter your current Activation Key in:
  5. Save your configuration.

Now that you can use Mass Product Import & Update on your production environment, repeat the same steps as above on your testing environments.

The only difference this time: a notification will appear in your Magento admin

You will be given a choice between:

  1. buy a new license now
  2. add this domain to my license

Click on Add this domain to my license.

A transfer request will then be sent to our team within an hour.

Once the request is taken care of, you will receive a confirmation email.

If your transfer request is accepted, you can use Mass Product Import & Update on both environments at the same time.

The order in which you activate your license on your domains does not matter.
You can start with your staging/dev/local environment or with your live domain, the process will be the same.
Modules versioning and download

In order to download Mass Product Import & Update, log into your Wyomind account:

    1. Go to:
      my accountLicenses & downloads 
    2. Click on the  icon next to Mass Product Import & Update.

      A new window opens.

    3. Choose the version of Mass Product Import & Update.
      You will be able to choose the most recent version of Mass Product Import & Update (for both Magento 1 and Magento 2).
    4. Click on  .

Your download can start.

When purchasing an extension from, you benefit from a lifetime upgrade. You can at any time download the latest version of the extension directly from your account. 

To upgrade Mass Product Import & Update, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to:
    my accountLicenses & Downloads
  2. Click on  next to Mass Product Import & Update.
  3. Choose the latest version of Mass Product Import & Update (for Magento 1 and Magento 2).
  4. Click on download .
  5. Install the new version of Mass Product Import & Update to update your Magento admin. 

Modules Installation/Uninstallation

To uninstall Mass Product Import & Update, go on its zip folder and open it.

You will find a shell file (such as: that you must execute on both your server and Magento root directory.

Once the uninstallation is over, refresh your cache and enable the compiler back again (if you use it).

Before installing Mass Product Import & Update, you’ll have to:

  • Backup your Magento installation in:
    system  tools   backups
  • Disable the compiler in your Magento admin panel if it’s not already disabled:
    system  tools   COMPILATIONS
  • Refresh your cache in:
    systemselect cache typeactionsrefreshsubmit

Now you can install Mass Product Import & Update:

  1. Download Mass Product Import & Update (zip file) from:
    my account my downloads
    Refer to FAQ here: Extensions download
  2. Once Mass Product Import & Update is downloaded, open the folder and unzip it.
  3. Copy the content of the unzip folder and paste all files and directories in your Magento root directory (the folder content can vary according to the extension but it generally includes app, lib and skin folders).

  4. Once your installation is complete, don't forget to enable the compiler back (if it was already enabled before the installation) and run compilation process.
  5. Refresh your cache, logout from your admin panel and log back in right after.

Next step is to activate your license, to do so, click here: Extension activation

Modules activation

Once Mass Product Import & Update is installed, you have to activate the license: 

  1. Go to your Magento admin panel. A message pops up at the top of the page.

    If the message doesn't appear then you must check that:

    Wyomind's License Manager has not been removed from your installation.
    Wyomind's License Manager is enabled in: app/etc/modules/Wyomind_Licensemanager.xml
    The HTML output for Wyomind_Licensemanager and/or Adminhtml_Notification are not disabled in your system under: system   configuration  advanced advanced

  2. Copy your activation key.

    You can find your activation key in 2 different places:
    - In the confirmation email that you received after purchasing Mass Product Import & Update
    - In your Wyomind account:MY ACcount My downloads, select Mass Product Import & Update and click on  . A new page opens where you'll find your activation key (see below).
  3. In your Magento admin go to:
    SysteMConfigurationWyomindYour extension

    Paste the activation key in the Activation Key field and choose between the automatic (yes) or the manual (no) activation method:
    - By choosing Yes, the connection to Wyomind license server will be automatic. 
    - By choosing No, you will have to log on to Wyomind license server yourself.

  4. Save the configuration.
  5. Clear your caches. 
  6. A message appears at the top of your admin panel: Activate it now!  Click on that link.

  7. Copy and paste the license code in the License code field from your admin or simply click on Activate now! 
  8. Finally, refresh your cache, log out and log back in straight after, to complete the installation.

To activate the license of an extension that includes other modules, you’ll have to repeat the steps described above for each extension, using the corresponding activation keys (each module has its own activation key).

Modules use

You want to import several products into your Magento back-office but in your source file, you're using different attributes and values in a same column.

For example: length and width.

You can use the dynamic attribute with the following syntax:

And then map the column with the dynamic attribute. 

You also have the possibility to use PHP scripts to link values coming from different columns.

For your profile to be executed automatically, you need to define the days of the week and the time of execution directly from your profile configuration in:
SystemImport/ExportMass Product Import & Update

By default, cron tasks can be scheduled each period of 30 minutes. 

If you need a more precise hour, you can change that interval from:
SystemConfigurationWyomindMass Product Import & UpdateSettings

Below is an example with an interval of 20 minutes: 

For a good working of the scheduled tasks, the main cron task in Magento must be properly configured. Check how cron tasks work.

You can use the Mass Product Import & Update extension to import and/or update your data even if you're managing a multi-language store. 

For example, to update the description of your products for your French store view, you can select only the corresponding store view from the Column Mapping section.  

Note that you can add as many mapping row as there are languages. For example:

If you want to use several files with the same structure to import your products without having to create several profiles (one for each file), then you can use regular expression in the file name.

Instead of a unique name in the Path to file field, you can use a regular expression that will make the file dynamic. 

For example: 

That expression will take into account all files starting with "products_update_" followed by a number between 0 and 9 and ending with ".csv".

The profile will then run all the corresponding files one by one.


If your site crashes and gives this error message after uploading all files to the correct folders:

Fatal error: Class 'Wyomind_Notificationmanager_Model_Resource_Setup' not found in includes/src/Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup.php on line 234

It probably comes from installing an extension while the compiler is still enabled.

Important note:

  • If the compilation is enabled on your website, disable it first before installing any extension from: 
    After installation re-run the compilation process and re-enable the compiler.
  • Before installing any extension, it's advisable to backup your Magento installation.

Here is how to disable the Magento compiler:

  1. Edit the following file: includes/config.php and add a # before the 2 following lines:

    to get:

  2. Then go back to your website admin and re-run the compilation process.

If you're getting a white page using the extension, you should enable the error reporting in order to display the error. You can do that from index.php.

Most of the time log-out/log-in may solve this issue.

How do cron tasks work:

  • cron.php is launched regularly from your server side (every 5 minutes most of the time).
  • The cron task for Mass Product Import & Update is targeted and evaluates if a data feed or a profile needs to be refreshed (depending on the timestamp stored in the database and on the schedule table for this specific profile).
  • If the above condition matches, then the data feed and the profile is re-generated.

Be sure that you have correctly configured a scheduled task from the server side (cpanel) targeting the cron.php file in your Magento installation.

The extension includes reporting and debug tools for the scheduled tasks in:
systemconfigurationWyomindMass Product Import & Update

We also strongly advice to install the AOE Scheduler that will help you to monitor the Magento cron tasks.

This issue may be due to a problem during the installation process.

You can fix it by following these steps:

  • Access your database via your control panel (Phpmyadmin for example).
  • Delete the entry massproductimport_setup from the core_resource table.
    Be careful, that entry depends on your extension. For example, if you have the extension called Simple Google Shopping, you should delete simplegoogleshopping_setup.
  • Logout from your Magento admin.
  • Log into your Magento admin.

If when saving your data feed configuration, you get:

Forbidden, You don't have permission to access /.../ on this server.

This is probably something regarding the hosting company that doesn't allow to post XML in the form.

The mod_security (security module) includes rules that stop all post/get requests including code.

In order to fix that issue, you should get in touch with your hosting company so that they can add some exceptions to the security rules.

If you're getting a weird layout from the Column mapping when the Miravist Core module is installed on your Magento instance, it is because Miravist defines a new rule for the tooltip class without taking into account that many elements could be affected by the class name.

Then, you must edit the file skin/adminhtml/default/default/massstockupdate/import.css and add:


If when importing or updating data with cyrillic or arabic characters you are getting question marks, the database must be converted to the UTF8 character set.

Here is the request to execute in the database manager:

ALTER DATABASE `magento_db` CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

Note you need to replace magento_db with your Magento database name in the above code. 

You should check that the var/flag and var/tmp folders exist in the Magento root directory. If not, create them with the writing permissions.

Magento 1 / Openmage Compatibility

Magento 1 / Openmage®

  • 1.1.3
  • 1.1.4
  • 1.1.5
  • 1.1.6
  • 1.1.7
  • 1.1.8
  • 1.2.0
  • 1.2.1
  • 1.3.0
  • 1.3.1
  • 1.3.2
  • 1.3.3
  • 1.4.0
  • 1.4.1
  • 1.4.2
  • 1.5.0
  • 1.5.1
  • 1.6.0
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.6.2
  • 1.7.0
  • 1.8.0
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.9.0
  • 1.9.1
  • 1.9.2
  • 1.9.3
  • 1.9.4
  • 1.10.0
  • 1.10.1
  • 1.11.0
  • 1.11.1
  • 1.11.2
  • 1.12.0
  • 1.13.0
  • 1.13.1
  • 1.14.0
  • 1.14.1
  • 1.14.2
  • 1.14.3
  • 1.14.4

Magento 1 / Openmage® Enterprise (deprecated)

  • 1.1.3
  • 1.1.4
  • 1.1.5
  • 1.1.6
  • 1.1.7
  • 1.1.8
  • 1.2.0
  • 1.2.1
  • 1.3.0
  • 1.3.1
  • 1.3.2
  • 1.3.3
  • 1.4.0
  • 1.4.1
  • 1.4.2
  • 1.5.0
  • 1.5.1
  • 1.6.0
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.6.2
  • 1.7.0
  • 1.8.0
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.9.0
  • 1.9.1
  • 1.9.2
  • 1.9.3
  • 1.9.4
  • 1.10.0
  • 1.10.1
  • 1.11.0
  • 1.11.1
  • 1.11.2
  • 1.12.0
  • 1.13.0
  • 1.13.1
  • 1.14.0
  • 1.14.1
  • 1.14.2
  • 1.14.3
  • 1.14.4
User's reviews
Log into your account to leave your review and get up to 3 months of free Support & Upgrade.

16th July 2024

spectacular extension

I've been using it for several years and have always managed to do everything I needed from here

Niik - Merchant - User for more than 3 years |Magento 2

4th June 2024

Must Have!!

This is a must have for any business that runs automation with large or small feeds. So easy to use. We have run different ones in the past that did not work as good as this one. We were so happy when we found this extension. I would highly suggest the Mass product import & update for anyone that updates frequently.

JD Auto & Truck - Merchant - User for more than 2 years |Magento 2

15th April 2024

Pretty Happy

we are very happy with this extension. We have been using the extension for a number of years now and import our products as prizes. We have various imports, both small and large. I will recommend this extension to everyone!

Erik - Merchant - User for more than 6 years |Magento 2

25th September 2023

Very flexible and compatible with custom scripts

We are using Mass Product Import & Update for over 2 years now and it is very flexible when using custom scripts etc to import products from different profiles. It gives more opportunities to implement products with various pricing margins and categories to different stores (very helpful when using multi-stores).

17th April 2023

Best solution on the market

I was using Wyomind Mass Product Import & Update for few years and I can tell that this is a life saver when comes to import and update products at Magento!

Artur - Developer - User for more than 5 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

8th December 2022

Great flexible extension, with excellent support

We are using Wyomind Mass Product Import & Update for two years now, and we are very satisfied with the extension and the support. They help quickly, polite and with quality fixes. We would recommend Wyomind to anyone.

Rolf - Developer - User for more than 3 years |Magento 2

11th September 2022

Very useful application for store automation

I bought the Mass Product Import & Update extension as I needed to import products to my website daily from feeds provided by the various distributors. We work with about 60,000 products with various distributors this tool helped us to have updated stocks with few errors.

11th September 2022

Best Import App on the market

Best import app and supporting documentation on the market and very good support provided.

Tom - Ecommerce Agency - User for more than 3 years |Magento 2

30th August 2022

The Mass Product Import & Update is a MUST HAVE for any Magento website

we have been using the The Wyomind Mass Product Import & Update foe the past 9 months and must say that is saved us lots of time . we have 500000 sku and run update every day and no issues. support questions are answered quickly . The Mass Product Import & Update is a MUST HAVE for any Magento website !!!!!

Mike - Merchant - User for more than 2 years |Magento 2

22nd July 2022

MSI do the job, Importing process and mapping system

my experience is 2 website on same machine, the first website; 4.000 products (Configurable and Simple) second 110.000 products (Simple products) in any case, it can manage both. Time for sync proliant G8 dual Xeon 32gb ram dedicaded. 4.000 products: about 3 minutes. If you have already update images is a dream machine. 100.000 products: not easy to config, time to execute 4/5 hours. be carefull to Elasticsearch issues, if it fail the process looping and you have to work for let it run flawless. you need a good skill in Magento and Linux system, moving thry logs and fixes. the support is ok.

14th July 2022

Helpful and eficient extension

I bought the extension Mass Product Import & Update as I needed to import products to my website daily from a feed that a large distributor provides me. The support was impeccable and the extension does exactly what it sets out to do.

8th July 2022

simple - fast - flexible

We found evrything we want on this extension. we have about 30 xml from diffrenet vendors and about 150.000 products udated daily with out any problem Its real fast and flexible

18th June 2022

great extension that is used a lot on a daily basis

The extension is widely used here for daily stock import, but also for new items. However, the manual could have been a bit more extensive and especially the php api

14th March 2022

Great tool to handle product imports

We were looking for a tool that could allow us to handle stock updates and new product imports, witout creating mess with the magento 2 installations. This tool from wyomind, although not super immediate to configure, has done the job, also thanks to the super assistance by their support team

16th January 2022

Simple and great

5 STARS on what they promise as it works 100% Excellent solution with many features.

Eva - Developer - User for more than 3 years |Magento 1

13th December 2021

great product to import live feeds from supplier

We needed an extension that we could import live feeds from our supplier so we could easily import the products in one go. Wyomind - Mass Product Import & Update does that. It imports categories and products from FTP, URL or Dropbox in CSV XML or JSON Formats.

28th October 2021

Le module ultime de Magento pour un Ecommerce

Je pense que le module Data feed Manager et celui ci sont les modules les plus important de Magento 2 ! On peut vraiment tout faire avec les 2 combinés. Merci à Wyomind pour ces modules exceptionnels

19th October 2021

Very helpful extension

Rich in features but a bit complicated. It is need some technical knowledge to deal with it. Very helpful customer service team (they even provide technical support and assistance after the end of the technical support period). Thank Wyomind Team

8th September 2021

excellent product import export solution for Magento

By far the best solution we tried which is directly incorporated into magento. There is one other solution that is desktop based and is excellent aswell. But as far as this one goes it's really by far the most flexible one that allows to incorporate your own scripts into the process directly. No match out there. If you have this solution no need for anything else to keep your products and stock up to date.

30th August 2021

The most user friendly solution for automatically importing products

This module is perfect for us because we have multiple suppliers and Mass Product Update and Import allows us to easily duplicate an existing profile and make the necessary changes. The fact that you can use PHP to manipulate the data straight from the Admin Panel is absolutely amazing.

6th July 2021

The best feed extension out there!

We're using this extension on every single Magento website we have and saves us a lot of time! The support is top notch and happy to assist every single time fast and efficiently! Would recommend with no hesitation!

30th May 2021

Great extension with a great service and features

I have been using this extensions for more than 6 months and this extension is simply great and the features provided in the extension are very good. Support of the extension is great and team is highly responsive and always tends to provide the solution. I highly recommend this extension to everyone if they are looking forward to do a frequent product import. Extension is highly configurable and you can achieve almost all of your requirements by tweaking the settings in the admin panel

15th April 2021

It's perfect as we wanted

Loved this extension , The extension offers number of options to execute your own demands. Like :- - Number of file support to import products. - Mapping of fields is really great , you organise in proper way if there there is so many fields to import. - Best thing s is you add your own script as well to for every field , like in my case I needed to store LxWxH in one custom attribute and it was possible only because of custom script option provided by extension.

24th March 2021

Saves a lot of time and great support!

The extension offers many possibilities to customize it as we like to suite our needs and when we need to something additional the support is very helpful and proactive. Great extension with awesome support.

25th February 2021

Work as is, fast and stable

Everyting works as described. Easy to use, fast and stable. But the most of all worths support we get from wyomind for every question we got! Reply comes back faster than we ask! i sugest working with wyomind.

webo2 - Ecommerce Agency - User for more than 5 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

23rd February 2021

Excellent basis for individual product import processes

We have been using this extension for several years and it runs absolutely flawlessly. We run our online store in several languages and for this the extension is perfectly suitable. The support was very quick to respond to our questions.

Roman - Ecommerce Agency - User for more than 3 years |Magento 1

19th February 2021

Mass Product Import & Update Works Great

We use this plugin to import products from a CSV file generated by our POS into our online store. We wouldn't have been able to do this without this plugin, thanks!

Stan - Developer - User for more than 4 years |Magento 2

10th February 2021

We're using Wyomind for all imports

This is the best and most advanced plugin to make custom imports in Magento 2. We're using it for a serval customers and almost nothing is impossible. We'll keep using it in future projects, we will recommend everyone who need to import products to use Wyomind

8th February 2021


This is a good and steady module few issues and if there was a issue It was fixed quite quick. Will recommend this 5/5

Yohan - Merchant - User for more than 5 years |Magento 2

4th February 2021

Did recieve support and customization on the mass product import extention

Response time between question and time to develop the items was quick and professional. Also did result in an import of an XML-file correctly to a new magento site. Very happy with the result. Als now working on the second import and will depend on the same type of co-operation. Jarda Prochazka

Jarda Prochazka - Developer - User for more than 3 years |Magento 2

4th February 2021

Good and steady

This is a good and steady module few issues and if there was a issue It was fixed quite quick. Will recommend this 5/5

Roar - Developer - User for more than 1 week |Magento 2

1st February 2021

Great Extension and Support

The Mass Product Import & Update extension has been an absolute game changer for us. We are using it to connect to our PIM which means that our product info is able to be consistent across all of our systems. It allows us to run the export/import of data on a regular schedule as well as trigger it to run on our own when we need a quick update. This has made our site way easier for our non-technical team members to manage and saved us the time and money of creating a custom solution. The Wyomind team has been super responsive and supportive when we need help as well.

29th January 2021

Great extensión!!

The extension is very good, it is very easy to configure. Field mapping for import is very intuitive and requires no technical knowledge to do it. They should improve the management of licenses and the configuration of the different work environments from the web. Very satisfied with the extension.

Nico - Developer - User for more than 3 years |Magento 2

29th January 2021

Excellent support

The code and support are excellent!

11th January 2021

Great extension

wyomind doing great job for product imports. we have more than 60K products and we schedule both imports and updates with separate profiles... Now this module made life easier. No touch to system, but system making scheduled imports and updates... Both xml and csv imports are available and also configurable import PAIN finished for us. Thanks a alot for this great extension I highly recommend...

18th December 2020


I'm verry happy with this product. It's verry Awesome

EricJan - Ecommerce Agency - User for more than 6 years |Magento 2

2nd December 2020

Great Data Feed Option

We used the Data Feed module to update our website from our EPOS system. It it hugely flexible and far easier to use than the standard Magento import/export routines. Would highly recommend for anybody who doesn't want to have to manually update their store stock levels.

Simon - Merchant - User for more than 5 years |Magento 2

18th November 2020

The best extension to import product

This is the best extension to import product. Easy, fast, with a good mapping scheme. Great works !!!

Antonello Rossi - Ecommerce Agency - User for more than 4 years |Magento 2

10th November 2020

Very easy to use

The import module is very easy to use and we have feeds that get updated daily...

John - Developer - User for more than 5 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

10th November 2020

Great extension and superb support

The extension works as described, but the support was truly outstanding. All questions and problems were usually solved within the hour. I needed a little help in the beginning, but now this extension is running smoothly without any problems at all.

Tolli Birgisson - Merchant - User for more than 3 years |Magento 2

5th November 2020

Great way to load tons of products, very flexible

I tried a number of modules to get our massive inventory loaded (400k skus). This one goes straight to SQL, so it is much faster than any that use the Magento objects to load them - I could load all 400k products in an hour when they were all simple products. It also handles a lot of variety - I can load simple products and have it create configurable parent products, have a separate profile to load relations for the products, etc. All of these options do slow it down, but it is still workable.

TravRay - Developer - User for more than 3 years |Magento 2

22nd October 2020

Great Extension and Awesome Support!!!

Great product work as expected easy to install. User friendly Interface to import and export CSV/XML file. Feature is great easy to map the columns . It is saving lot of time to update /Add records . Great and quick support!

22nd October 2020

Very usefull

Great extension . Very usefull.

Shadow - Developer - User for more than 4 years |Magento 2

21st October 2020

Great extension!

This extension helps a lot with the import and export, that is not easy at all to manage just with the standard Magento feature. Great works!

19th October 2020

Great extension that works as expected

This extension was easy to install and worked as expected out of the box. It has been a quick csv processing workhorse for us for 1+ years. Though rarely needed, Wyomind support is phenomenal. While many of the other extension providers tend to pass the buck and blame other extensions or your theme or play the language barrier game, Wyomind provides quick answers and solutions. Definitely recommended!

14th October 2020

Streamlined our import

We have been using this extension on our site for a while now and its a much welcomed improvement to the default Magento import tool. We import a large number of products and this has dramatically reduced the amount of time spent manipulating CSVs. Would definitely recommend!

8th September 2020

Great extension

We have been using this module for a long time on several magento versions, none of them had a problem. The extension solved many problems related to the import of products and their updating. We are able to quickly introduce the offer of other wholesalers to our store and update its stocks and prices without any problems. We update our product offer easily and quickly from our ERP system via XML file. Everything is simple and transparent.

Marema - Developer - User for more than 4 years |Magento 2

28th August 2020


This Extension solved our problem for mas product Mapping of attributes

Kim - Ecommerce Agency - User for more than 4 years |Magento 2

10th August 2020

It's flexibility makes it a great time saver.

The module is very useful and the support is fast.

29th July 2020

If you have any external source of data which you need to pull in and update your catalogue this plugin is must-have.

We have been using this plugin to pull data from our supplier and update catalogue, around 12.000 entries. After set up cron tasks are executed in the background so no manual action is required.

21st July 2020

Fantastic and Super fast Import

I am so happy that I choose this extension over other Expensive competitors, since this Magen2 Bulk Import extensions makes my daily routine import a breeze. Easy to map and create a profile once, and then enjoy it. We have M2E Pro for selling on Multi Channels like Amazon and eBay and Walmart. Some other tools we tested were not compatible with them, however this Import from Wyomind is fully compatible and MSI - ready which makes the managing stocks as easy as it can be. Also just for statistics: For importing about 40,000 SKUs, it takes about - 5 minutes in our case, which has 15 attributes (price, dropdown, yes/no, etc...). Also for our secondary import profile we have 26,000 matching SKUs, out of import file that has about 150,000 product line (we skip non-relevant products), and this import profile runs about 2 mins. cannot be more excited to and use it every day. Great job, and for sure I recommend anyone using Magento 2!

Mark B. - User for more than 4 years |Magento 2

6th July 2020

Excellent module with great support

This module works out of the box to help you manage/update larger catalogs. Proactive support and the best update extension in the market.

1st July 2020

Great and quick support

Wyomind has always been great at answering our questions and helping us pick the right module. Their support is great and they are very helpful with installing and keeping the the moduls running.

4th June 2020

Best Module out there!

Since I became aware of wyomind, I always try to use one of their modules first, if there is one for my current project. It started with google simple shopping. Then a long time passed and then I came across wyomind again when I needed modules for the article import and the order export. And the experiences I made then led to the fact that I now look here first to see if something is available for my current goal. The support is simply outstanding. I don't think I have ever waited longer than 1 hour for an answer. And even more important: No matter who answers you from the support team, everyone is obviously very competent in their extensions on a technical level. Up to now I always had the feeling to communicate with a technician and not with a sales person. For me this makes a big difference to other developer studios. If I may make a wish: Please develop a mega menu and a OneStepCheckout. I would change immediately! :D

5th May 2020

Works great out of the box

Great extension. The support reacted fast on questions from my side

Roman - Marketing Agency - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1

5th April 2020

Keep Up the Good Work!

Import-export extension it's just the best we win a lot of time we upload 3000 products in minutes with no problems we are steel using the extension for a lot of mass action work... The support as always was excellent with a very very fast reply Awesome extensions! the best support! highly recommended.... Thank you wyomind Keep Up the Good Work!

11th March 2020

Great module to do easy mass changes to our catalog

We use this for all mass changes to our catalog as well as for new products. Sometimes a little tricky to get it right but most of the time it is very easy - even for me that is just a merchant. We also use it for updating stocks through CSV files from a third party ERP system. Importing new items is quite easy as we have done many mass imports with 2000+ sku's.

24th January 2020

Perfect module for larger webshop

We were looking for a module to handle large files with new products and product updates that I found here. After importing the module and testing the module on test environment, I was impressed with the import speed and how seamlessly it all ran. There have been no problems so far. It would be nice if the module could handle Json. :-)

3rd January 2020

Excellent module for synchronization with management software

I have been using this extension for more than 6 months, to communicate my management software with Magento. I must say it is an excellent product.

DS-Marco - User for more than 5 years |Magento 1

13th December 2019

Must have extension if running a bigger community shop

Its been 1 year using this extension in Magento V2 and highly satisfied with the extension so far. We have 100,000 of products that's been imported and updated daily and wyomind does a fantastic job here.

20th November 2019

Great Extension - Everything is fast

It makes uploading products very fast and in a consistent way.

20th November 2019

Great Extension Overall - Fast uploading products

We cut so much time and costs by using the product import and update. We can bulk upload many products in just a few minutes.

13th November 2019

Extrêmement pratique pour mettre à jour les produits du catalogue en masse

Simple d'utilisation et facile à mettre à jour.

Charly - User for more than 5 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

11th November 2019

Get your product base done

The module Mass Product Import and Update from wyomind is very helpful. We have a tremendous number of products and the module helps to get fast on this organization. The simplicity of excel usage, gets super fast the update of products.

27th October 2019

Great tool for product imports with fuld custom options

We are using the Mass Product Import & Update extension for mass importing products from ftp server. This extension is a great relief for our staffs since we have more than 10000 SKUs. In addition a big plus is a reasonable price which does not depend on SKU counts. The team has offer very quick supports and setup services for our website serveral times and always solve the problems. Would highly recommend if you're using ftp.

Laura - User for more than 5 years |Magento 2

24th October 2019

Good extensions with the best support

We were looking for a secure, agile way to get an automated daily catalog update and a scheduled sales exportation. Wyomind got the job done with 2 affordable but full-fledged extensions that allow for thousands of updates in no time, as well as sending sells in a reliable way. Furthermore, Wyomind support helped us a lot to patiently address the typical early days issues.

8th October 2019

Great extension for fast product imports

The Mass Product Import & Update extension offers great flexibility for importing products on mass. We've been building an e-commerce site that compiles multiple sites into one. This meant we needed to import data from multiple sites using multiple platforms. Mass Product Import & Update really streamlined the process of importing the huge range of products. Would highly recommend if you're looking to bring in products into Magento from other platforms.

LMD Design - User for more than 5 years

5th October 2019

Verry good and clear module

The module updates the stocks daily here. This is quick and well-arranged. However, when importing new products I ran into a bug. The module first updated and the bug was gone. Unfortunately a new bug has been added that now needs to be fixed. I can't adjusted the fields anymore in the latest version. Also the stock is not updated anymore.

5th October 2019

It makes life easier t work and saves huge amount of time

This extension is a life saver for businesses need to update their stock or retrieve data from other websites. Highly recommended.

6th August 2019

Mass Product Import

Beside the issue with images, they fix the problems quickly and efficiently. Program is efficient with updating products.

Brad - User for more than 5 years |Magento 2

2nd August 2019

Great plugin overall. Worked perfectly and simplified our uploads

Great plugin overall. Worked perfectly and simplified our uploads. Never contacted support in 1 year using it. Always good

16th July 2019

Great module and very good support!

The module is perfect for importing product data. The best import solution for magento.

Artur - User for more than 5 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

27th June 2019

Easy to use - Awesome support

The tool was very easy to use, the PHP script functionality enables users to put in custom logic which makes the tool very flexible to use. Also, the Wyomind support team is awesome, Paul, Pierre and Laurie are very quick to respond and are super helpful.

Sim - User for more than 5 years |Magento 2

21st June 2019

Fantastic product with great support!

Our shop has nearly 50,000 products. The tool works very fast and reliable. The operation is very simple and well customizable. The support is awesome and highly professional. Thanks for all!

Josko - User for more than 5 years |Magento 2

16th June 2019

Long searched, finally found!

Actually, it seems an easy task to use csv files and Magento 2 to import the products. But if you want to do this automatically without the Enterprise Edition, you will quickly come up against limits. There are many providers for such a module, but none offers this quality and flexibility. Thanks for this module. :)

16th June 2019

Terriblement efficace!

Le module est extrêmement complet. Il faut passer un peu de temps pour découvrir les nombreuses fonctionnalités. En cas de difficulté, le support est toujours la pour donner un coup de main. Après avoir créé notre profil. Nous avons réussi à importer 13000 produits en un clic!!! Terriblement efficace!

Alexandre - Merchant - User for more than 5 years |Magento 1

15th June 2019

Great extension!

It is a great extension. Simple and flexible, it allows you to import large quantity of items quickly. With an excellent technical support, able to solve any problem or doubt that arises quickly and effectively. I definitely recommend it.

23rd May 2019

great module!

It works fine and have great support!

altravista - User for more than 6 years |Magento 2

23rd May 2019

Certainly recommended

the module has several functions and allows you to import both csv and xml files. Support is fast and competent. Certainly recommended for those who need to import complex sources for catalogue products! You can also schedule import

15th May 2019

Professional support and excelent component

As someone new to Magento development it was important that we find component for import that will be flexible for our various needs. Although we couldn't cover everything support team has gone above and beyond to guide us and help us achieve our goal. In the end as we learned more about component we can only say: Excellent work! One can see that you have thought of every little thing. To everyone who is looking for component to import products to Magento we highly recommend Wyomind :)

9th May 2019

Excellent tool, has saved us lots of time and money and the best support of any magento extension ever

We were going to develop our own import type extension for our website and then I found this on Wyomind, we had already used the simple Google shopping which was excellent too. This extension is well worth the money, first of all it works which is brilliant :) but the the support speed is 2nd to none. You can pretty much guarantee an immediate response and it always end up with things being solved... FAST Thanks Wyomind for your hard work and great offerings

8th May 2019

Fantastic product - Amazing support!

We run several Magento websites, mixed across M1 and M2 and have been dealt with many extension developers over the years. Sadly, most will promise the world, then leave you high and dry when it comes to actual support - wasting days of your time with excuses and no real support until you give up. @ Wyomind, we found the complete opposite! These guys are on top of their game, solving complex issues on our end, usually within a few hours. Often replying outside of their published support hours. We plan on using Wyomind extensions to solve our needs whenever possible as they have offered the best support we have experienced by far...

19th March 2019

great module to easily create configurable products

After some investigation it seems this module is the best way to create configurable products for our store. It is easy to setup with great functionality and great support, the module saved us a lot of time. All questions about the extension were answered promptly.

1st March 2019

Perfect support and communication

Paul, Pierre and Laurie give a excellent support en great communication, They helped to setup a difficult import configuration with great succes. Have ordered 3 times an extension. Thanks for the good support.

25th February 2019

Easy tool for keeping my site updated

I have more than 7,000 dental products on my site, with Mass Product Import & Update I am able to update, prices, images and info in less than 5 minutes. This has really been a game changer for me. Highly recommended

22nd February 2019

Rapport qualité prix imbattable

J'ai acheté le module Mass Product Import and Update de chez Wyomind pour les utiliser sur nos deux sites. Grâce au support efficace de l'équipe auprès de mes développeurs, nous disposons d'un outil ultra simple, rapide et fiable pour la mise à jour et les ajouts à faire à notre catalogue. Quel que soit le volume de produit à traiter, l'outil reste fiable.

20th February 2019

A must have extension

This extension is essential for large stores and Wyomind is a trusted Magento 2 developer. There are more expensive alternatives but Wyomind Import Extension is delivering us the best result with the lowest cost.

Hossein - User for more than 6 years |Magento 2

6th February 2019

Amazing Company

I buy the Import Module, its an amazing module and when i ask for support they answer me in seconds with the things i need, and updates for the module. I recommend the modules and Wyomind 100%

21st January 2019

Excellent code

The code is very clear.

Javier - Developer |Magento 1|Magento 2

11th January 2019

Great Extension! Easy to setup and use!

This extension from Wyomind is great! It super easy to setup and get your automated imports going! The support from Wyomind is also just as exceptional! Top work guys!

Josh - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1

10th January 2019

Perfect service!

The guys know what they do and help you always!

7th January 2019

Wyomind Support is excellent!

We bought Mass Product Import & Update extension for almost 1.5 years, Wyomind still offers support to us. It's a very great support for merchants. Their extension adding many useful features that help us save much of time for updating our inventory. We think it’s a must extension for Magento store.

Perry - User for more than 6 years |Magento 2

11th December 2018

very nice and usefull extension

very nice and use full extension. It`s must have extension if you want to deal with feeds and many products. It can import different types of files, Dropbox and others. You can add a google drive possibility. I have 2 of my suppliers that use this google drive storage.

16th November 2018

excellent support and quick responses

The extension works perfect, by integrate the products and stock between our physical store and the webshop.

Hans - User for more than 6 years |Magento 2

12th November 2018

Great Extension

Once this is set up you just leave it - it works very well. The schedule is one of the very useful features. If there is an improvement for future, i could suggest adding 15 minute time intervals on schedule instead of 30 min, but apart from that no complaints.

GTurner - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

19th October 2018

Great product

Did the job for us, managing 4 different external stock systems at our website.

Morten - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1

17th October 2018

Changed our business overnight

This module has enabled our business to expand the range of products offered to customers. The module was really easy to configure and bring on new feeds. Having the ability to match different feeds on different product attributes is what makes this module stand out from other providers.

13th September 2018

Great extension - very flexible

Good support as well. The guys know what they are talking about.

GTurner - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

10th September 2018

Brilliant and need assistance to set up

We have bought this module to synchronise prices and stocks of more than 30 stores and 15 000 products. Il works but need assistance to set up and support too. So I advise to get support for any upgrade or new processes to set up. It worth since support resolves issue very fast. Regards Laurent


27th August 2018

Fastest on the market

Works perfect now. Needed some support. Issue was resolved really fast.

20th August 2018

You have mass of product? This is a must.

The module Mass Product Import & Update for Magento 1 from wyomind it's really a very good tool for stores that carry several sku's. Helps a lot the inventory management and all updates of product at once. We carry more than 70.000 skus and adding 5.000 each month. The module Mass Product Import & Update for Magento 1 from wyomind it's a must for all kind of stores in the same situation. We are happy with the support. We had few issues in the begin, but the team was very good to fix all.

16th August 2018

Magmi for Shop Owners

Very straight forward installation. Worked straight out of the box. As a store owner who plugs and plays extensions with very little programming experience this is a very easy module to use. We deal in office supplies, so we have a quite large product file - 20,000 products. I eventually got to grips with Magmi for Magento 1 but so far am finding this much easier to use.

7th August 2018

Very good, excellent support

Pierre and Paul have been great with all my questions. To be honest there has been a few hitches, and you do have to explain exactly to the support guys so they understand, then are great at sorting out issues.

Gt - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

29th June 2018

Great import extension which can import BMEcat and ETIM files

I was looking for an extension which can handle BMEcat/ETIM xml files and I landed here. After some mail contacts with the support I've created a sample file with some data and started my tests in the online demo. The support here is very kind and replies really fast. I was surprised how fast they answer. After some issues which I could solve with some help from the support my import profile was ready to run. My import file had more than 25.000 products and I thought I will have some trouble because of the high number of products in the xml file. 15 minutes later all work was done: All categories were correctly created, all products landed in the correct categories and the product images appeared in the products. I am perfectly satisfied with this extension and I recommend it to everyone, who works with big files with a high amount of products. We will use this extension in the future to import some other BMEcat/ETIM xml files. The configuration and mapping is really easy and if you need some special stuff in your mapping, you can use plain php code, which is very helpful. So, my 5 stars are well-deserved.

28th June 2018

Une extension magique

J'avais déjà tester la première version de ce module et je lui trouvais quelques lacunes. Et depuis quelques jours j'ai installé la version 3.1 et là je suis resté scotché. La version à terriblement évolué et permet maintenant de faire tout ce que l'on veut. La possibilité d’exécuter un script php en regard de chaque champ ouvre des perspectives infinies. Et toujours une qualité de support dont beaucoup devraient s'inspirer. Je travaille souvent le weekend et j'obtient des réponses aussi rapide qu'en semaine, le plus souvent sous quelques minutes..... Je sais pas comment ils font mais chapeau à toute l'équipe !

Thierry - User for more than 6 years |Magento 2

21st June 2018

Fast import and great support

We use this extension to import products from multiple vendors and it is working great. We have had some small bugs but the support is great! Would recommend this extension for everyone who needs to import multiple feeds.

Bart - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

18th June 2018

we are extremely satisfied with this extension

Our company is extremely satisfied with this good extension and other extensions and the great tech support services by the Wyomind team.

eric - User for more than 6 years |Magento 2

7th June 2018

Great products, great support

Mass Product Import & Update is the second extension we have purchased from Wyomind and as before we are extremely satisfied with the purchase. All their extensions are very professionally developed and provide all the features needed to get the job done well as advertised. Not to mention their fantastic support that not only responds quickly, but is also willing to help with any issues and add features that are beneficial to the extension. Highly recommended.

25th May 2018

the best Product data *& stop importing extension for Magento

I checked many modules, but this is the only one that support HTTP import from CSV generated via php in URL. Importing is very configurable, you can edit everything with filters. You can make own conditionals that will help meet any requirement. I use it for importing stock and product prices from my Dropshipper. This is the best way you can get your inventory and prices up-to-date. Extension is robust, configuration is easy, work out of box. You will not find better tool to constant importing datas from 3rd party sources. 5 stars

2nd May 2018

super import extension

This is de best magento 2 product import extension I found

19th April 2018

perfect importer

most versatile importer i have seen so far and superb support!

Danel - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

8th April 2018

Seems pretty good. COnfiguration is taking some time though...

Seems a very versatile extension, especially with the custom rules. However, I am having a few issues with my input data, in terms of the XML format I am using. Support initially stated that the extension did not support the XML format I was using. However, They do say that they have sorted this, with an upgraded version (v5.2.0) which hopefully will sort my problem.

GARTH TURNER - User for more than 6 years |Magento 1|Magento 2

23rd March 2018

Fantastic product and outstanding customer support!

This is a fantastic easy to use extension that works perfectly and is a huge time saver with it’s ability to map spreadsheets and schedule imports. We are extremely happy with the product and the support team’s customer service is second to none. It’s a big thumbs up all round from us thank you Wyomind!

15th March 2018

Incredible support and respect for the user

It is, in fact, the best tool we found, as well as pioneering. I am very satisfied with this extension because it's very useful for my store. I did have an issue with the format of my XML file, they worked quickly to resolve the issue. I am very happy with the support. Already planning on purchasing more extensions from Wyomind.

5th October 2017

Very reactive and competent support team

The system of import works perfectly. The support team helped me understand the functioning and was very reactive on my requests. I am very satisfied of this extension and I recommend it. I will not hesitate to buy other extensions considering the competence of the support team.


Bug fix

  • Related cross sell and upsell products couldn't be imported

New feature

  • Custom options "order" and "required" properties can now be imported

Initial release for the master version

Initial release for the legacy version

  • Fix when importing categories with an apostrophe in their names


  • New feature allowing a dynamic mapping

Bug fix

  • Fix for the scope by store view for base_image, small_image, and thumbnail attributes
  • Fix for the related, upsell, and cross-sell products
  • Images ranked according to their position in the media gallery
  • Fix for retrieving the images via FTP


  • Better management for the images import


  • NULL values are allowed for EAV attributes
Patch v4.2.1.1

  • Status attribute can be mapped to different store views


  • Better management of configurable products
  • Dynamic Price adds the list of price attributes for bundle products
Patch v4.2.0.3

  • Fix for retrieving images via FTP

Patch v4.2.0.2

  • Fix for retrieving images via FTP

Patch v4.2.0.1

  • Fix for tier prices creation


  • Possibility to edit the cron task frequency (by default each 30 minutes)

Bug Fix

  • JS fix for Firefox


  • New interface, easier and faster to configure
  • Better management of configurable products
  • New sample data
Patch v4.0.0.2

  • Fix for "updated_at" when updating a product

Patch v4.0.0.1

  • Wording correction


  • Better management of downloadable products
Patch v3.3.2.2

  • Fix for "updated_at" when updating a product

Patch v3.3.2.1

  • Fix for the database installation scripts


  • Post process actions (only for local files)
  • Use of regular expressions in the files names (only for local files)
  • Categories management by category root: categories can be updated for one storeview without removing categories from another one
  • Possibility to indicate the position in the category: category A[4]/category A[12]/category A[10]
  • Products already assigned to a category keep the same position when categories are updated


  • Possibility to add the list of skipped products in the cron task report
Patch v3.2.1.3

  • Fix for configurable products

Patch v3.2.1.2

  • Fix for configurable products

Patch v3.2.1.1

  • Fix for the images import
  • Fix for the dropdown display for configurable products
  • Fix for the import of integer attributes


  • Category tree auto-detection (Magento 2 like)
  • Better management of configurable products when created on the fly

Bug Fix

  • Fix on disabled categories
Patch v3.2.0.1

  • Minor fix on the website attribute


  • Better management of the API 


  • Minor fix on the attribute management
  • Fix for the images
Patch v3.1.0.4

  • New scripts for the updates
  • Fix for the updates with Advanced Inventory
  • Website values are now case insensitive

Patch v3.1.0.3

  • Fix for empty values
  • Fix for the configurable product attributes

Patch v3.1.0.2

  • Fix for the setup
  • Fix for the category import

Patch v3.1.0.1

  • Fix for the configurable products
  • Fix for the duplicated categories
  • Possibility to clear an attribute


  • More intuitive user interface
Patch v3.0.0.2

  • Sample data fix

Patch v3.0.0.1

  • Fix for sample data


  • Better error management
Patch v2.2.0.5

  • Fix for configurable product images

Patch v2.2.0.4

Fix when importing custom options

Patch v2.2.0.3

  • Unbuffered memory fix

Patch v2.2.0.2

  • Fix when using category ids

Patch v2.2.0.1

  • Sample file and new folder added

New features

  • Ability to update/create group/tiers prices
  • Ability to update/create fixed tax prices
  • Ability to update/create downloadable products
  • Ability to update/create related products, up-sell and cross-sell
  • Ability to use a web-service to retrieve the import file
  • Ability to filter out the header line
  • Ability to filter out range of rows
Patch v2.1.0.6

  • Fix when importing images

Patch v2.1.0.5

  • Fix for retrieving a table name

Patch v2.1.0.4

  • Fix for configurable on the fly

Patch v2.1.0.3

  • Fix on a typo
  • Fix on the category module for PHP (v7)

Patch v2.1.0.2

  • Fix for missing products in the import file

Patch v2.1.0.1

  • Fix the installation script


  • Code source enhancement
  • Dependency with Mass Stock Update implemented to avoid duplicating source code
  • Use of INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE UPDATE ... process


  • Better Management of the category mapping
  • Command lines to execute the profile

Patch v2.0.0.2

  • Fix for multiple category Ids

Patch v2.0.0.1

  • Fix a case issue in the category model


  • Images can now be imported from a remote server by using HTTP
  • Products that are not included in the import file can now be deleted/disabled/marked as out of stock
  • New user interface
  • Minor code refactoring
Patch v1.3.0.1

  • Fix for te Store View display
  • Fix of the Mysql request for the attribute update


  • Files available through HTTP are now supported
  • Better support for malformatted CSV header 
Patch v1.2.0.2

  • Tax classes fixed for "none" 
  • lowercase/uppercase fix for the SKU attribute

Patch v1.2.0.1

  • Fix for prefixed tables


  • Data browser in real time: pagination, sorting, filtering.
Patch v1.1.0.3

  • Price attribute was hidden in the attribute list

Patch v1.1.0.2

  • fix for Magento's compilation tool
  • log file names updated to MassProductImport.log

Patch v1.1.0.1

  • data browser in real time fixed

First public release

Patch v1.0.0.3

  • Sample data set added to the install script

Patch v1.0.0.2

  • Controller renamed to avoid conflicting with Mass Stock Update

Patch v1.0.0.1

  • wording fixes

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Mass Order Export allows you to create xml, csv and txt order files from your Magento admin panel and export them to any CRM application or order management software/platform. Any kind of export file types can be easily customized.

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