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How to open a new sale channel with Google Shopping Actions

If you have already submitted your products to Google Shopping and now you want to sell them on Google, you can subscribe to the Google Shopping Actions program directly from your Merchant Center account. 

Visit Google's documentation for more details about the Google Shopping Actions program.

What is Google Shopping Actions?

Why not selling your products on Google? With the Google Shopping Actions program, you can show your products across various Google places and propose a fast and secure purchasing experience to users via:

  • a shareable list
  • a universal shopping cart
  • instant checkout with saved payment credentials


Users will see a cart icon across Google properties where Shopping Actions is available in your country. 

Shoppers will be able to checkout directly from Google without leaving, and all aspects of customer service, support, and returns will be handled by Google.

The program is based on commission rates that vary depending on the categories and subcategories of the products at the time of sale.

Learn more about Shopping Actions commission rates.

How to manage your orders from your Magento store

Since users shop on Google, retailers need to connect their current order management process to Google. Here is how some Magento merchants use our Google Shopping Actions extension to link Shopping Actions to their Magento back-office. 

Generally, users have already added a products' data feed to their Merchant Center account.

If you haven't sent your products to Google Shopping yet, you can check our full documentation

Step 1 - Meet Google participation criteria

Before being able to sell on Google, users must meet some participation criteria. These will depend on the country where they sell. The program is available in the USA and in France.

Google will perform an eligibility review to ensure merchants meet the program's requirements and they will then be able to start with the integration process.

Review the participation criteria to make sure your business is eligible for the program and integrate Shopping Actions

Step 2 - Connect your back-office to Google

When the extension is installed, merchants easily connect their Magento back-office to their Google Shopping account by adding their Merchant Id and their Json key for the Google API directly in the configuration. 

In general, users enable the sandbox mode to test the workflow and to make sure everything is working as expected.

See how to configure the extension.

Step 3 - Import your orders

After that, users map their order statuses to Google ones and choose the store view to which the orders will be associated as well as the source from which stocks will be deducted. Then, they import their Shopping Actions orders into their Magento back-office using different methods:

  • manually
  • in bulk
  • via a command line
  • via the cron task

Check how to import your orders.

Step 4 - Synchronize your shipments

Finally, users synchronize their shipments with their Google Merchant Center account. It automatically syncs when a shipment is created from Magento. Otherwise, they can sync their shipments from their Magento back-office:

  • manually via the Update action of the orders grid
  • automatically via the cron task

See how to synchronize your shipments with Google Merchant Center

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