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How to make your Shopping ads stand out with Google Product Ratings

You may have already submitted your products to Google Shopping. In the case where you want to make your Shopping ads stand out, you can subscribe to the Google Product Ratings program from your Merchant Center account.

You haven't sent any product to Google yet? See more about Google Shopping Ads.

What is Google Product Ratings?

The Google Product Ratings program makes your products stand out amongst your competitors by displaying a 5 star-ratings under the product listings in Google Shopping. 

To be able to submit product reviews to Google Shopping, merchants must complete a form to sign up for the program

Visit Google's documentation for more details about the Product Ratings program.

How to add your products' ratings on Google Shopping from your Magento store

You can send your products' ratings to Google Merchant very easily from your Magento store using the Google Product Ratings extension.

Usually, merchants have already added a products' data feed to their Merchant Center account.

If you haven't sent your products to Google Shopping yet, you can check our full documentation

Step 1 - Define how the reviews are collected

When the extension is installed, merchants define a collection method (reviews collected with or without a solicitation from the seller) as well as a minimum and maximum rating range. 

See how to configure the data feed settings

Step 2 - Schedule the feed generation

Merchants generally use the minimal configuration for the product settings but they can also select their Magento attributes for the GTIN, MPN, SKU, brand, and name attributes.

They also define a scheduled time to automatically and regularly generate the reviews feed from their Magento back-office.

See how to configure the products settings

Step 3 - Upload the feed to Google

After that, they send their product reviews to Google Shopping by uploading the feed from their Google Merchant Center account. 

According to the Product Ratings program policies, they must submit a new feed at least once a month. 

Check how to upload your review feed to Google Merchant  

Google may take a couple of days to review your feed and check details against current shopping-ad rules and policies.

Tips: Don't stop here, encourage your customers to leave reviews on your website. Have you ever heard about the Google Customer Reviews program? 

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