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Google Merchant Promotions gives you the opportunity to highlight the benefit of purchasing from your store at the moment consumers are deciding where to shop.
This module includes Simple Google Shopping.

  • Lifetime Upgrade
  • 6 Months Support
  • 30 Days Money-Back
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Display your promotions in Google Shopping with Google Merchant Promotions!

Easily display your promotions in Google Shopping

  • Export your promotion files to Google Merchant in one go

Be totally compliant with Google's requirements

  • Use the sample template provided with the extension
  • Use Simple Google Shopping included with Google Merchant Promotions

Automatically and regularly send your updated data feed to Google

  • Use the scheduled tasks to periodically generate your data feed
  • Check your data feed generation (number of items, time and resource)
  • NEW! Make sure your data feed is correctly generated thanks to the generation status