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How to benefit from Google Customer Reviews to gain visibility on Shopping ads

You want to gain more visibility on Google and show potential customers that you are a trustworthy retailer? You can subscribe to the Google Customer Reviews program directly from your Merchant Center account.

You haven't sent any product to Google yet? See more about Google Shopping Ads.

What is Google Customer Reviews?

The Google Customer Reviews program allows retailers to collect reviews from customers who have made a purchase on their site. 

After their purchase, customers can choose to answer a survey and rate their experience via the reviews opt-in. 

Once retailers have collected enough reviews, they will be able to place a badge on any page on their site to promote their seller rating.

Visit Google's documentation to know more about the Customer Reviews program.

How to collect your customers' feedback and highlight your ads from your Magento store

You can easily collect your customers' feedback from your Magento back-office using the Google Customer reviews extension.

In fact, merchants don't do much as the Google Customer Reviews extension automatically adds the two codes that have to be implemented in the website pages:

  • the badge code
  • the opt-in module

Step 1 - Choose how to display the badge and opt-in popup

Once installed, the configuration of the extension is very simple. Retailers add their Merchant ID and define how they want the badge and the opt-in module to be displayed on their page. 

Step 2 - Configure the estimated delivery date offset

They define an estimated delivery date offset to add to the order date for shipment and delivery. 

Tips: To add more precise dates, you can use the Estimated Delivery Date extension which is fully compatible.

See how to configure the badge and the orders confirmation page.

Step 3 - Make the most of your customers' reviews

Generally, retailers also subscribe to the Google Product Ratings program. That way, they can collect reviews for their products via Google Customer Reviews and highlight their Shopping ads thanks to Google Product Ratings.

See more about the Google Product Rating program

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