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Pre-sales informations
  • Support

    Anybody consulting our website can fill in an inquiry form or use our live chat to get information regarding our products and services. However, keep in mind that these services are in no case technical support.

    Anybody who purchased at least one of our extensions receives a 6-months technical support.

    Note that we guarantee to all of our customers a response time under 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    To submit a support request, you can fill in a ticket from your Wyomind account:
    my accountsupport create a new ticket

    Please include as many details as possible in your ticket (screenshots via links, settings, steps followed etc..).

    There, you will also be able to find all the tickets you've sent to our team and check if your new ticket has been replied to.

  • Compatibility and updates

    When a new version of Magento is released, we do our best to update our products as shortly as possible in order to be compatible with it.

    On all our product pages are listed the versions compatible with both Magento® Enterprise Edition and Magento® Community Edition.

    Also, on the Changelog tab of each product page, you can find detailed information about all new versions available. 

  • Demo

    We provide a demo for all our products on Magento 1 and Magento 2 so that you can get a better insight of how the product works and all the features it offers before purchasing it. 

    Besides, if you are not satisfied with our product, we guarantee refunds under 15 days from the date of purchase.

  • Prices and refunds

    You don’t have to pay any additional cost after purchasing our products (except for upgrades).

    However, professional installation/configuration or customization services have to be paid for. 

    We also offer discounts on bulk orders and reward our best customers with our VIP program

    To know more about these two options, you can click on this link: 

    Regarding refunds, if for any reason buyers are dissatisfied with their purchase, we offer a full refund on ALL their products (request must be made within 15 days from the date of purchase).

    Any refund request received after this period will be declined.

    Also, to be accepted, refund requests must be sent by email and include the license "Activation Key”.
    Please note that professional installation/configuration or customization services cannot be refunded.

License and domains
  • Declined transfer request

    If your transfer request has not been accepted by our team, it might be because of the following reasons:

    • The domain is run on a different Magento installation than the first one.
      In this case, you will have to purchase a new license.
    • The domain is neither a staging, a dev nor a local environment.
      If your domain is not used solely for testing or development purposes and is run on a different Magento installation, you'll have to purchase a new license.
    • Your old domain does not redirect definitively to this domain.
      If your old domain still exists and doesn't redirect to the one you asked the transfer for, you'll either have to purchase a new license for your new domain or redirect definitively your old domain to the new one and then renew your transfer request.
  • 'Unable to update your license' message

    If you get the following message on your Magento admin:

    Unable to update your license.
    Wyomind extension.
    Unable to update your license: your subscription has expired.

    It probably means that you installed a higher version than the one you're licensed for (yours might have expired and not longer be valid).

    For example, you've installed v1.2 but you only have access to v1.1.

    To solve this issue, you’ll have two possibilities:

    • Extend your upgrade period by purchasing an additional one (see FAQ on Extensions upgrade).
    • Redownload and reinstall the version you were using before (see below).

  • License validity

    A license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one single Magento installation.

    If you use more than one Magento installation, you will have to buy a separate license for each.

    if you run several domains on the same Magento installation, you will need only one license for all of them.

    Although your license doesn’t have a limited period of validity, your support and upgrade period does. By purchasing an extension, you’ll be granted a 6-month support and upgrade period for free.
    Passed this period, you will have to pay for a new one (see FAQ: Extension upgrade).
  • License and pre-registred environments

    You can pre-register your live domain to your license and activate it in advance.

    Thanks to this option, you'll be able to get the extension ready to use on your domain before it goes live.

    To pre-register your production domain, go to:

    my account downloads

    And click on   next to the extension you want your domain to pre-register on.

    At the bottom of the page, below the list, click on the orange link saying: 
    Do you want to pre-register your domain in order to be ready to go live?    

    Finally, enter your domain name and click on pre-register now .

  • License and testing environments

    One license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one Magento installation only.  

    It is possible, however, to extend or transfer your license in three cases: 

    • If you'd like to add your testing environments to your license.
      In this case, it is possible to extend your license to an unlimited number of domains for free.
      For example mywebsite-staging.com or mywebsite-dev.com
    • If you redirected definitively one domain to another one (301 permanent redirection).
      In this case, you can request a license transfer for free.
    • If you'd like to shift your license from one Magento installation to another.
      In this case, you can request a license transfer which you'll have to pay for.

    To be able to use Additional Service on both your production and testing environments, follow the instructions below:

    1. Download Additional Service.
      (see FAQ: Extensions download)
    2. Install Additional Service on your production environment.
      (see FAQ: Extensions installation)
    3. Activate the license.
      (see FAQ: Extensions activation).
    4. From your Magento admin panel, enter your current Activation Key from:
    5. Save config

    Now that you can use Additional Service on your production environment, repeat the same steps as above on your testing environments.

    The only difference this time: a notification will appear in your Magento admin. 

    You will be given a choice in between:

    1. buy a new license now
    2. add this domain to my license

    Click on Add this domain to my license.

    A transfer request will then be sent to our team within an hour.

    Once the request is taken care of, you will receive a confirmation email.

    If your transfer request is accepted, you can use Additional Service on both environments at the same time.

    The order in which you activate your license on your domains does not matter.
    You can start with your staging/dev/local environment or with your live domain, the process will be the same.
Extension Installation/Uninstallation and Activation
  • "Request an IP unlock" message

    If "Request an IP unlock" appears in your Magento admin panel, it probably means that you have entered the wrong activation key too many times on your system. 

    To solve this issue, follow the steps below:

    • Click on Request an IP unlock.
    • Our team will accept your request within an hour.
    • Once your IP unlock request is accepted, paste your activation key in the Activation Key field.
    • Click on Save Config in:
      SystemConfiguration Wyomindyour extension

    Then, you will be able to activate your license.

    If you keep getting the same "Request an IP unlock" message in your Magento admin panel, empty the License code field and click on Save config in:
    System Configuration WyomindVotre extension 

    Finally, reactivate your license by clicking on Activate Now!

  • Extensions installation

    Before installing Additional Service, you’ll have to:

    • Backup your Magento installation in:
      system  tools   backups
    • Disable the compiler in your Magento admin panel if it’s not already disabled:
      system  tools   COMPILATIONS
    • Refresh your cache in:
      systemselect cache typeactionsrefreshsubmit

    Now you can install Additional Service:

    1. Download Additional Service (zip file) from:
      my account my downloads
      Refer to FAQ here: Extensions download
    2. Once Additional Service is downloaded, open the folder and unzip it.
    3. Copy the content of the unzip folder and paste all files and directories in your Magento root directory (the folder content can vary according to the extension but it generally includes app, lib and skin folders).

    4. Once your installation is complete, don't forget to enable the compiler back (if it was already enabled before the installation) and run compilation process.
    5. Refresh your cache, logout from your admin panel and log back in right after.

    Next step is to activate your license, to do so, click here: Extension activation

  • Extensions uninstallation

    To uninstall Additional Service, go on its zip folder and open it.

    You will find a shell file (such as: yourextension-uninstall.sh) that you must execute on both your server and Magento root directory.

    Once the uninstallation is over, refresh your cache and enable the compiler back again (if you use it).

  • Extensions activation

    Once Additional Service is downloaded, you have to activate the license: 

    1. Go to your Magento admin panel. A message pops up at the top of the page.

      If the message doesn't appear then you must check that:

      Wyomind's License Manager has not been removed from your installation.
      Wyomind's License Manager is enabled in: app/etc/modules/Wyomind_Licensemanager.xml
      The HTML output for Wyomind_Licensemanager and/or Adminhtml_Notification are not disabled in your system under:

      system   configuration  advanced advanced
    2. Copy your activation key.

      You can find your activation key in 2 different places:

      - In the confirmation email that you received after purchasing Additional Service
      - In your Wyomind account:MY ACcount My downloads, select Additional Service and click on  . A new page opens where you'll find your activation key (see below).

    3. In your Magento admin go to:
      SystemConfiguration Wyomind Your extension

      Paste the activation key in the Activation Key field and choose between the automatic (yes) or the manual (no) activation method:
      - By choosing Yes, the connection to Wyomind's license server will be automatic. 
      - By choosing No, you will have to log on to Wyomind's license server yourself.

    4. Save config.
    5. A message appears at the top of your admin panel: Activate it now!  Click on that link.

    6. Copy and paste the license code in the License code field from your admin or simply click on Activate now!
    7. Finally, refresh your cache, log out and log back in straight after, to complete the installation.

    To activate the license of an extension that includes other modules, you’ll have to repeat the steps described above for each, using the corresponding activation keys (each module has its own activation key).

Extension versioning and download
  • Wyomind's versioning system

    Our versioning system allows you to easily check if a new version of your extension is available to download and also keep a record of its evolution.

    The versions are numbered according to the changes made on the extensions (see below)

    • The first number represents refactoring.
      ex: v1
    • The second number represents a major change.
      ex: v1.1
    • The third number represents a minor change.
      ex: v1.1.1
    • The fourth number represents a bug fix.
      ex: v1.1.1.1
  • Patch for corrections and bugs

    Wyomind offers free patch versions to download (for both Magento 1 and Magento 2), to fix bugs that occurred on your previous installed versions. 

    You will be able to download the patch, even if your upgrade period has expired.

    You can download the patch, the same way as you would a regular version by selecting it and clicking on download .

  • Extensions download

    In order to download Additional Service, log into your Wyomind account:

      1. Go to:
        my account  my downloads 

      2. Click on   next to Additional Service.

        A new window opens.

      3. Choose the version of Additional Service.
        You will be able to choose the most recent version of Additional Service (for both Magento 1 and Magento 2).

      4. Click on download .

    Your download can start.

  • Extensions upgrade

    With each purchased extension comes a free 6-month upgrade period, during which you can download and install the new version of your extension. Passing this period, you will have to purchase an additional upgrade (price depends on how long the period is)

    To upgrade Additional Service, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to:
      my account  my downloads 
    2. Click on   next to Additional Service.
    3. Choose the latest version of Additional Service (for Magento 1 and Magento 2).
    4. Click on  download .
    5. Enter your current activation key and click on  .
    6. Select the domain name.
    7. Choose from 1 to 12 months of Support and Upgrade period.
    8. Choose a professional installation or not.
    9. Click on  BUY NOW .

    To finish, don't forget to reinstall Additional Service to update your Magento admin.

    If you can't find your download after upgrading your domain, please contact us:

  • Base table or view not found

    This issue may be due to a problem during the installation process.

    You can fix it by following these steps:

    • Access your database via your control panel (Phpmyadmin for example).
    • Delete the entry extensionnamespace_setup from the core_resource table.
      Be careful, that entry depends on your extension. For example, if you have the extension called Simple Google Shopping, you should delete simplegoogleshopping_setup.
    • Logout from your Magento admin.
    • Log into your Magento admin.
  • Fatal error: Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup.php

    If your site crashes and gives this error message after uploading all files to the correct folders:

    Fatal error: Class 'Wyomind_Notificationmanager_Model_Resource_Setup' not found in includes/src/Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup.php on line 234

    It probably comes from installing an extension while the compiler is still enabled.

    Important note:

    • If the compilation is enabled on your website, disable it first before installing any extension from: 
      After installation re-run the compilation process and re-enable the compiler.
    • Before installing any extension, it's advisable to backup your Magento installation.

    Here is how to disable the Magento compiler:

    1. Edit the following file: includes/config.php and add a # before the 2 following lines:

      to get:

    2. Then go back to your website admin and re-run the compilation process.
  • Scheduled tasks don't work

    How do cron tasks work:

    • cron.php is launched regularly from your server side (every 5 minutes most of the time).
    • The cron task for Additional Service is targeted and evaluates if a data feed or a profile needs to be refreshed (depending on the timestamp stored in the database and on the schedule table for this specific profile).
    • If the above condition matches, then the data feed and the profile is re-generated.

    Be sure that you have correctly configured a scheduled task from the server side (cpanel) targeting the cron.php file in your Magento installation.

    The extension includes reporting and debug tools for the scheduled tasks in:
    systemconfigurationWyomindAdditional Service

    We also strongly advice to install the AOE Scheduler that will help you to monitor the Magento cron tasks.

  • 404 error in the configuration page

    Most of the time log-out/log-in may solve this issue.
  • 403 forbidden error

    If when saving your data feed configuration, you get:

    Forbidden, You don't have permission to access /.../ on this server.

    This is probably something regarding the hosting company that doesn't allow to post XML in the form.

    The mod_security (security module) includes rules that stop all post/get requests including code.

    In order to fix that issue, you should get in touch with your hosting company so that they can add some exceptions to the security rules.