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How to set up Click & Collect for your Magento business

Proposing the store pickup option to your customers can be a good opportunity for you to attract people to your store and maybe trigger extra purchases.

What is Click & Collect?

The Click and Collect method, also known as curbside pickup or BOPIS - Buy Online, Pickup In-Store - takes place when customers place an order online and pick up their items in your store or any other pickup location. 

How it works

The way BOPIS works is quite simple and can be summarized in 3 steps:

  1. The customer buys online and chooses the location where to collect the order
  2. The store fulfills the order of the customer
  3. The customer collects the order at the store

What are the advantages and disadvantages of BOPIS?

It's certain that it's very convenient for customers to collect their orders in-store, but this delivery method is also a good opportunity for retailers. 

A better shopping experience for customers:

  • Cheaper shipping fees: most of the time the store pickup option is a free service. It can also be a paying option, however, it'll still be less expensive than shipping items to customers' doors. 
  • A fast service: this is exactly what offers BOPIS, as the items are generally available a few hours after having placed the order.
  • In-stock insurance: when ordering online, customers can have real-time local inventory visibility, which means that they are 100% sure that the items they want are in stock. 

A powerful omnichannel strategy for retailers:

  • Lower shipping costs: like for customers, shipping costs are considerably reduced thanks to BOPIS, retailers don't need to ship the items and can save money. 
  • Extra purchases: BOPIS is an excellent way for retailers to increase upsells. Customers may have forgotten something in their orders, or may simply be tempted to buy something else in your store. 
  • Better inventory management: no need to have 2 different stocks for your store, you can display your real-time inventory online and keep it updated accordingly. 
Enjoy the features of our extensions fully adapted to BOPIS situations: Click & Collect and Pickup@Store

How to manage your Bricks & Mortars in Magento?

You can find many extensions to manage store pickup on Magento 2, such as the Store Pickup extension from LandOfCoder.

Below is an example of using our extensions to offer the click and collect option.

Step 1: Import your locations to your Magento store

You can use our Pickup@Store extension to massively import your stores to your Magento admin.

Note that if you're using the Magento MSI module available from Magento 2.3, you must use the Click & Collect extension.

Step 2: Display stocks for each store

Go further using the Advanced Inventory extension and display your inventory for each store on your product pages.

Step 3: Enable the store pick-up method (Magento 2 default checkout)

The store pick-up method can be easily enabled from your Magento configuration.

Once enabled, your customers will be able to select the store where they want to pick up their orders.

All the stores that are set as visible on the checkout page will be available for the collect in-store option.

Step 3*: Enable the store pick-up method (OneStepCheckout)

Pickup@Store and Click and Collect are compatible with OneStepCheckout for Magento 2: the original and best-selling One Page Checkout extension for Magento.

By combining Pickup@Store or Click and Collect with OneStepCheckout, you remove friction from checkout and allow your end-user to choose from their preferred shipping method in just a few clicks. That means less cart abandonment and more successful orders placed for the same traffic.

Step 4: Add your stores on Google My Business

Your stores are all set in your Magento admin? You could go further and reach much more customers on Google Search and Maps!

Simply set up your Business profile and website on Google MyBusiness for free and get discovered by more customers in more places.

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