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Facebook Product Feed

Quickly and safely export a valid and well-structured data feed of your complete catalog of products from your WooCommerce website to your Facebook account thanks to Facebook Product Feed.

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Quickly export your product data to Facebook thanks to the powerful Facebook Product Feed extension for WooCommerce!

Create an XML data feed including all your catalog of products in one go using Facebook Product Feed.

  • Lifetime license
  • 12 months support & upgrade
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Extensible source code
    Unlimited test domains
  • Free composer access
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Efficiently export your WooCommerce products catalog to Facebook

Product types
Include all product types to your data feeds: simple, grouped, variable...

Product visibility
Select the products to add to the data feed based on their visibility.

Create a data feed in compliance with Facebook requirements

Start configuring your data feed very quickly using the 27 sample XML templates included with the extension.

Find any attribute you're looking for in the attributes library.

Fix your data feed errors thanks to the errors and warnings reports.

Preview your data feeds from the black box and use the syntactic helper to avoid any misprints.

Completely customize your data feed according to your products catalog

XML pattern
Configure your XML pattern by adding any WooCommerce attributes.

Add PHP scripts into your XML patterns.

Category filter
Filter your products according to the categories.

Create filters based on the visibilities and the types.

Advanced Filters
Define more personalized filters using advanced filters.

AND/OR statements
Use OR/AND statements in your advanced filters.

Automatically and regularly send your updated data feed to Facebook

Cron tasks
Use the scheduled tasks to periodically generate your data feed.

Generation details
Check your data feed generation: number of items, time, and resource

Generation status
Ensure that your data feed is correctly generated thanks to the status.

Easily find the Facebook categories that correspond to yours

Category Mapping
Easily and rapidly map each one of your categories to Facebook ones.

Search As You Type
Facilitate your category mapping with the Search As You Type option.


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Freqently Asked Questions
Pre-sales informations

All countries are supported (tax rates and currencies) by Facebook Product Feed.

You just need to edit the data feed for the targeted country.

You may also have to use the appropriate currency when using prices attributes.

Any currency can be managed in your data feeds.

You can define a different currency for each data feed using currency codes.

This will automatically convert the prices into the indicated currency.

The char encoding of the generated data feed is UTF-8 for Facebook Product Feed. It allows the use of special characters, such as accented letters, but also Arabic and Chinese letters.

If you're using Data Feed Manager, the default char encoding is UTF-8, while no char encoding is specified in the XML header.

Facebook Product Feed has been tested successfully on {{platform}} shops containing more than 70,000 products.

Remember that the generation and export time for any quantity of products will depend on your server capacity. Generally, exporting a data feed with 10,000 products shouldn't take more than 2-3 minutes on a standard shared server.

License and domains

You can get a free trial license for Facebook Product Feed.

This license allows you to use the plugin for free on a domain for 14 days.

For that, go to your WooCommerce back office:

  1. Click on Wyomind in the left menu
  2. Click on Get your free 14 days trial license right now!

  3. A popup opens

  4. Fill in your email address, first name, and last name and click on Get my free trial license!
  5. The 14-day trial countdown begins
Note that you get 14 days of support with the trial license.
At the end of the trial period, the license will be disabled. If you have been convinced, you can continue to use the plugin by purchasing a license from our site.

A license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one single installation

  • If you're using more than one installation, you will have to buy a separate license for each instance.
  • if you're running several domains on a same installation, you will need only one license for all of them.
Although your license doesn’t have a limited period of validity, your Support & Upgrade period does. By purchasing a module, you’ll be granted a 12-month support period for free. Passed this period, you will have to pay for a new one (see FAQ: Extend your Support period)

You can pre-register your live domain to your license in advance.

Thanks to this option, you'll be able to get the module ready to use on your domain before it goes live.

To pre-register your production domain: 

  1. Go to:
    mY accountLicenses & DOwnloads
  2. Click on the Settings icon next to the module you want your domain to pre-register on.
  3. Click on the link at the bottom of the page saying:
    Do you want to pre-register your domain in order to be ready to go live?
  4. Finally, enter your domain name and click on pre-register now .

Attention, this doesn't mean your license is activated. You'll still have to activate it on your new domain when the module is installed. 

One license is valid for an unlimited period of time on one installation only. However, it is possible to extend or transfer your license in 2 cases: 

  • If you would like to add your testing environments to your license. 
    In that case, it is possible to extend your license to an unlimited number of domains for free.
    For or
  • If you want to transfer your license to another live domain.
    In that case, the Support & Upgrade period for your license must still be active.

To be able to use Facebook Product Feed on both your production and testing environments, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download Facebook Product Feed.
    (see FAQ: Extensions download)
  2. Install Facebook Product Feed on your environment.
    (see FAQ: Modules installation in Magento or in WooCommerce)
  3. Activate the license.
    (see FAQ: Licenses activation in Magento or in WooCommerce)

Also, if you are managing a large amount of domains, please contact us so that we can automatically whitelist these domains.
Modules versioning and download

In order to download Facebook Product Feed, log into your Wyomind account:

    1. Go to:
      my accountLicenses & downloads 
    2. Click on the settings icon next to Facebook Product Feed.

      A new window opens.

    3. Click on the download icon.


Only the latest extension version released within your Support & Upgrade period is available. In order to get the very latest extension version make sure your Support & Upgrade plan is up to date.

When purchasing a module from, you benefit from 12 months of upgrade. Within this period you can at any time download the latest version of the module directly from your account.

To upgrade Facebook Product Feed, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to:
    my accountLicenses & Downloads
  2. Click on the settings icon next to Facebook Product Feed.
  3. Click on the download icon.
  4. Install the new version of Facebook Product Feed in your Magento admin or your WooCommerce back-office.

Modules Installation/Uninstallation

Before installing Facebook Product Feed, you’ll have to:

  • Backup your WooCommerce installation
  • Refresh your cache

Here is how to install Facebook Product Feed:

  1. Download Facebook Product Feed (zip file) from:
    my account my downloads
  2. Once Facebook Product Feed is downloaded, open the folder and unzip it.
  3. Finally, copy the content of the unzipped folder and paste all files and directories into your WooCommerce root directory.

You can easily install a free plugin from your WordPress back office.

For that:

  1. Go in Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for the plugin name or any key word:
    Simple Google Shopping
  3. Click on the Install Now button
Modules activation

Once the plugin is installed, you must enable it.

You can do that from the back office directly:

  1. From Plugins > Installed Plugins
  2. Click on Activate

Once Facebook Product Feed is installed, you must activate the license.

For that, you'll need the license activation key that you can find:

  • In the confirmation email that you have received after the purchase
  • In your Wyomind accountMy account Licenses & Downloads

From your WooCommerce back office:

  1. Click on Wyomind in the left menu
  2. Paste your activation key in Activation key
  3. Click on Activate your license

Magento and Google accounts access

So that our team can proceed with the configuration of your data feed, we need you to share the access to your Google Merchant account with us. 

As Google Partner, we offer you many possibilities to manage your products on Google. Feel free to check our Google Shopping services for more information about the data feed configuration.  

To share your access, go to your Google Merchant account. 

  1. Click on Users from the parameters on the top of your account. 
  2. Click on the +  icon to add a user and fill in our email address (contact us to see what email address you should use). 
  3. You can choose Standard as the user access.  

Note that you also need to share the access to your Google Ads account for us to configure your data feed. See how to share the access to your Google Ads account with us

So that our team can proceed to the configuration of your data feed, we need you to share the access to your Google Ads account with us.

As Google Partner, we offer you many possibilities to manage your products on Google. Feel free to check our Google Shopping services for more information about the data feed configuration.  

To share your access, go to your Google Ads account.

  1. First send us your account ID that you can find on top of your account next to your company name. We'll then be able to send you a request.  
  2. When it's done, you should have received an email. You can also check in the Managers section of your Google Ads account.
    There, you should see a request from Wyomind in your Link requests. Click on Accept from the Actions column.
  3. A confirmation popup is displayed, click on Grant Access.
  4. Once you've granted access, you should see Wyomind among your Managers.

Note that you also need to share the access to your Google Merchant account for us to configure your data feed. See how to share the access to your Google Merchant account with us
Modules use

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). It is easy to install and can be extensible thanks to a huge number of themes and plugins.

WooCommerce works as a plugin inside WordPress to transform it and create a fully functional eCommerce store.

Data feed configuration

You can use the OR operand with all these variables (without option) as in the example below:

{{object.proprietyA | object.proprietyB}}

If object.proprietyA exists then the value will be object.proprietyA, otherwise, the value will be object.proprietyB.

For example:

{{product.url | parent.url}}

There isn't any other operand of that kind.

To subtract the VAT from your catalog prices, in your pattern, you need to replace:



{{product.price currency=USD vat_rate=0}} 

Replace USD with your own currency.

If the prices of your catalog are already including the VAT, then you can use:

{{product.price currency=USD}}

To apply a custom VAT to your products, you can replace:



{{product.price currency=CUR vat_rate=0.00}}

Replace CUR with your own currency and 0.00 with a value between 0 and 100 that represents the VAT.

For example:

{{product.price currency=USD vat_rate=10}}

You may have an incorrect character in your data feed description, for example, the & character.

In that case, you should replace the & character with and or enclose your data between CDATA as in the example below.

If the characters of your data feed are not correctly displayed, you should first be sure you used special attributes that will clean your content:

{{product.description php="sgs_strip_tags(sgs_html_entity_decode(inline(cleaner($self))))"}}

If your data feed still doesn't display properly, maybe it's because you're trying to read it as an ISO file while Facebook Product Feed creates UTF-8 encoded files.

We recommend you read it with dedicated programs like Notepad++ or Firefox (with DisplayEncoding typeutf8 selected).

WooCommerce Compatibility


  • 5.0.0
  • 6.0.0
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