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Stop all intrusion attempts into your Magento backoffice! Automatically block unallowed IP and get real time reports about security threat. Keep your website safe!

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Watchlog Pro
is available for Magento® 2

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After install I have solved my security problems


16th December 2016

You don't know, but you need this... or will...

Well,it all started when the ISP told me (lucky me I was told) the website was under a massive attack from foreign countries...I've installed the FREE version of this useful extension, which gave me the idea of the dimensions of the attack.I immediately thought about the costs of recovering a possible take down and I decided the cost of this extension could be worth the risk.I can assure you now I can sleep perfectly, without any worrying about it.I just check the report every morning, just to notice who should come in did with no problem and who should stay out, STAYED OUT ! :-)To be honest I've faced some troubles during install due to the presence of some other extension, but the support team did a great job within minutes and I barely remember this...Would buy again...


10th December 2015

Very good solution to stop intrusion attempts

Works as described. As always Wyomind was very quick to react when I needed some support.


17th April 2015

Simply perfect!

We installed this extension after a brute force attack. The installation was easy and done in a few minutes. I was not sure about the correct configuration so that I had to sent an e-mail to the support team. Paul from WYOMIND completed the configuration for me with no extra costs!


17th April 2015