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How to use Product Feeds for Shopify?

STEP 1: Configure your data feeds with Product Feeds for Shopify

To create and configure your data feeds, go to:
ShopifyApplicationsProduct FeedsData Feeds

Your data feeds will be listed in the grid.

You will find the file's name and link to the file. You should also get a message that sums up the number of products exported and the number of errors and warnings in your data feed.

The status of your data feed will vary according to the situation:

  • Error: the generation is stopped
  • Pending: the data feed has never been generated or the scheduled hour is passed
  • Processing: the data feed is processing, and there is a generation progression percentage
  • Scheduled: the data feed is scheduled
  • Success: the data feed has been successfully generated, manually or automatically (the generation corresponds with a schedule)
  • Disabled: the data feed is disabled

From the Action  you'll be able to:

  • Edit
  • Preview
  • Generate
  • Delete

Click on + Create a new data feed to configure your data feed as you want.


In that first tab is the main configuration of the data feed. To customize your feed, you'll find several fields to fill in.

  • Data feed status
    Enable or disable the data feed.
  • Status
    It displays the current status of the data feed.
  • Name
    Enter a name for the data feed.
  • File Name
    Enter the name for the file.
  • Language
    Define the language that will be used for the product placeholders.


The Product Feeds app for Shopify includes a preview tool to help you configure your feed and see what is wrong very quickly.

Product pattern

This is where you will configure your XML pattern.

Placeholders library

In this section, a library of your store placeholders will be displayed. This makes it easy to quickly find which placeholder you need to add to your pattern.

Data feed preview

When clicking on it, you'll see a preview of your data feed. It's very useful to see if the values of your placeholders are correctly retrieved or if the filters you've defined are working as expected.


You can get reports on the errors and warnings of your data feeds.

This will help you save time by quickly identifying the main problems of your data feed and making the necessary changes.

  • In red will be displayed the error that you must correct to be able to submit your data feed:
    Missing required attribute: google_product_category.
  • In orange will be displayed the warningsMissing recommended attribute: product_type.

to these errors or warnings, you should see the number of concerned items.

Those reports do not replace the error reports from Google and are not a guarantee that the Google team will approve your data feed.

Collections - filter type

In the Collections tab, you can filter your collections according to two different ways:

  • Include products from selected collections.
  • Exclude products from selected collections.
Note that if you don't select any collection, all products will be exported.

Collections - selection and mapping

In that subtab, you can select and map your collections to Google categories. This step is very important so that Google can make a link between their product categories and your collections.

What is category mapping?

The Google product taxonomy is a tree of categories that will help you generate values for the Google product category placeholder listing all possibilities.

Categories names you are using in your Shopify shop aren't always the same as the ones used by Google Merchant to reference your products.

This means you have to find out which Google Merchant categories have the best matching with your collections, according to the Google product taxonomy.

For example, if you're selling furniture like coffee tables, you'll have a Coffee table collection in your Shopify back-office. But Google Merchant doesn't handle this kind of category. The closest Google product category could be Kitchen & Dining Room Table. 

So this should appear this way in your data feed:

<g:google_product_category>Furniture > Desks & Tables > Kitchen & Dining Room Tables</g:google_product_category>

How to map your collections to Google categories?

Simple Google Shopping for Shopify provides you with an easy way to input Google product categories that are matching your collections.

In your data feed configuration, go to the Collections tab. Then, in the Collections selection and mapping section, you'll find a tree view of all your collections.

First, select the Google Taxonomy source on which the category mapping is based.

Taxonomy files for the main countries are directly included in the app to allow you to map your collections more easily. You can also have a look at the below documentation to know how to add a new taxonomy file.

For each collection, you have a little arrow followed by mapped as.

There, you'll be able to start typing a keyword in order to display a list of all categories including that keyword. You simply need to select the one you need.

Once all your collections are mapped, you can click on the Save button.

Here are a few guidelines for choosing the most appropriate category:

  • Use the category that best describes your item. To do this, first determine the primary function of the products you are submitting. For specific items like MP3 Players, select the MP3 Players category. While some MP3 players can also serve different functions, like those that contain a clock, they are primarily MP3 Players.
  • Use only one category. For some products, more than one category might be relevant. For example, an adapter to allow an MP3 player to be used in a car could be in both categories Motor Vehicles > Audio & Video and Electronics > Audio > Audio Accessories > MP3 Player Accessories. In such cases, you should choose the category that seems the most appropriate to you, but do not include more than one.
  • Use the most specific category possible. Being specific will help improve your data quality and in turn ensure that offers are presented in the right category. When viewing the taxonomy, try to navigate to the most specific category that still covers all the products being submitted. For instance, if you are submitting MP3 player chargers use the category MP3 Player Chargers. Conversely, if you are submitting multiple types of chargers use the category Chargers.

How to include the Google category in the XML template?

Finally, so that the Google category is retrieved in your data feed, you must add the following placeholder to the XML template:

This placeholder is different from Product Type: <g:product_type> is for the collections that you have defined independently in your Shopify back-office.You can easily fill this XML section using {{collections}}. This will then retrieve for each one of your products, the collection you have assigned to it.
Read also:


Simple Google Shopping for Shopify also allows you to filter your products on several levels.

Product types

First of all, you can choose to include products in your feed according to their types:

  • Include main products
  • Include variant products

Advanced Filters

For each product type, you can configure advanced filters according to several options: 

  • IS / IS NOT

name is %shirt: will include all products whose name ends with 'shirt'.

name is not %shirt: won't include any product whose name ends with 'shirt'.



Size is in S L: will include only products from these 2 sizes.

Size is not in S L: will include all products whose size is not S or L.



Color is null: will include all products that don't have color. Color is not null: will include all products whose color is not null.

You can also choose between the AND/OR statement.


Simple Google Shopping for Shopify provides you with a fully configurable schedule in:
ShopifyApplicationsSimple Google ShoppingSchedule Settings

From this section, you can define when the data feeds must be updated.

  • Data feeds generation schedule times
    Define the scheduled times when the data feeds will be generated and updated.
    You can select up to 4 schedule times. For more schedule options, you can update your plan.
  • Cache status
    The cache is updated each time the schedules run, and it will then be used in the data feed previews.

STEP 2: Generate and download the data feeds

Generate the data feeds

Simple Google Shopping for Shopify allows you to generate the data feeds manually or automatically. 


You can generate your data feeds manually from the action the data feeds grid.

You also have the possibility to do it from the configuration panel by clicking on Generate

With the cron tasks

You need to select a least one day and frame from the Schedule section.

Download the generated data feed

When a data feed is ready to be downloaded, the link is displayed in:

  • the data feeds grid
  • the data feed Settings tab

To download the data feed, select Save link as after clicking on the link (right-click).

Manage your data feed templates 

10 Things to know when creating an XML data feed Product Feeds for Shopify

  1. An XML data feed is using opening and closing tags that include a value.
    <price>45.99 USD</price>​

  2. A data feed template is made of several tags including dynamic or fixed values.
    <g:brand>Fixed Brand</g:brand>

  3. Dynamic values are called placeholders and use the placeholder codes of your Shopify website preceded with the object. The placeholder must be enclosed using double brackets.

  4. You can include some fixed values between every opening and closing tag. Fixed values are simply text.
    <g:brand>YOUR BRAND</g:brand>

  5. You have also the possibility to add several placeholders and fixed values in tag.
    <title>{{name}}, available in {{color}} for only ${{price}}</title>

  6. Some placeholders may have further configuration options or parameters that will correspond to your specific data feed needs.
    <availability>{{availability out_of_stock='not available' in_stock='available' backorders='available'}}</availability>​

  7. You're allowed to transform the output of the placeholders thanks to custom functions. Check the list of all available functions.
    <g:shipping_weight> {{weight output="float($self,2)"}}kg </g:shipping_weight>

  8. The syntactic coloration in Product Feeds for Shopify will also help you to avoid many errors in your pattern.

  9. You can use one or more fallback placeholders in case the previous is empty or null. If placeholderA exists then the value will be placeholderA, otherwise, the value will be placeholderB...
    {{color self | colour parent}}​

  10. CDATA is recommended. CDATA stands for Character Data. It means that the data in between these tags include data that could be interpreted as XML markup but should not be (Wikipedia article).
    <![CDATA[<p>Fantastic <b>Watch</b>, that not only tells you what time it is,but also gives the weather trends</p>]]>

Shopify smart placeholders specifications

The data feed pattern is totally customizable.


In order to retrieve the value of a placeholder, you need to define which object is targeted. Below are the different types of objects that you can use.


Retrieves the value from the variant or inherits it from the parent if the variant doesn't have any value for the given smart placeholder.

For example:


{{placeholderCode parent}}

Retrieves the value from the parent for the given smart placeholder.

For example:

{{description parent}}

{{placeholderCode self}}

Retrieves the value from the variant or the parent for the given smart placeholder. If the variant doesn't have any value then nothing is returned.

For example:

{{description self}}


You'll find below the smart placeholders most commonly used to identify the products in data feeds patterns.


Retrieves the product id as it appears in the URL from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the barcode of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the harmonized system code of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:


Below are the smart placeholders generally used to retrieve links.


Retrieves the product's canonical relative URL.

For example:{{uri}}


Retrieves the product’s canonical absolute URL.

For example:



You'll find below the smart placeholders that are generally used to define basic information about products in the data feeds.


Retrieves the status of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the name of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the description of the product available from the back office product page.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • html = use 1 or 0 to retrieve the description with or without HTML code

For example:

{{description html="1"}}


If you're using metafields, you can use the following smart placeholders.


Retrieves a metafield by namespace and key that belongs to the resource.

For example:




Retrieves the vendor for the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the type for the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the tags for the product available from the back office product page.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • nth = nth of tags to retrieve.
    Default value: * (all)
    Possibles values: list of unsigned integers, negative integers, integers prefixed with an exclamation mark
  • separator = is the separator of the tags.
    Default value: , (comma)

For example:

{{tags nth=”1,2,3” separator=”,”}}


Display the collections associated with the product available from the back office product page.

In order to display a specific collection you have the possibility to use a parameter with this placeholder:

  • nth = display the nth collection
    Default value: the 1st collection is used by default.
    Possibles values: negative values are allowed.
  • separator = is the separator of the collections

For example:

{{collections nth="1,2,3" separator=","}}
{{collections nth="-1,-2" separator=","}}


Retrieves collections mapping associated with the product (in the Collections tab).

If no mapping is assigned to the first collection found, the second collection will be used, etc…

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • nth = display the nth collection
    Default value: the 1st collection is used by default.
    Possibles values: negative values are allowed.
  • separator = is the separator of the collections

For example:

{{collectionMappings nth="1,2,3" separator=","}}
{{collectionMappings nth="-1,-2" separator=","}}



Retrieves the option names available from the back office product page.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • nth = display the nth name
    Default value: the 1st name is used by default.
    Possibles values: negative values are allowed.
  • separator = is the separator of the names

For example:

{{option.names nth="1,2,3" separator=","}}


Retrieves the option values available from the back office product page for a given option name.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • nth = display the nth value
    Default value: the 1st value is used by default.
    Possibles values: negative values are allowed.
  • separator = is the separator of the values

For example:

{{option.color nth="1,2,3" separator=","}}


Find below the smart placeholders used to retrieve information about images available from the back office product page.


Retrieves the URL of the image for the product.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • nth = the nth image
    Default value: the 1st image is used by default.

For example:

{{imageUrl nth="2"}}


Retrieves the alternative text of the image for the product.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • nth = the nth image
    Default value: the 1st image is used by default.

For example:

{{imageAlt nth='2'}}


Retrieves the name of the image for the product.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • nth = the nth image
    Default value: the 1st image is used by default.

For example:

{{image_name nth='2'}}


Below is a list of the price smart placeholders that you can use in your feed pattern. For most of them, you can add some parameters in order to define the currency used or the VAT to apply for example.


Retrieves the normal price available from the back office product page in the default shop currency.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • currency_rate = automatically converts the original product price to a specified currency. It uses an exchange rate that you have already stored in your Shopify admin panel. By default, your local currency is used.
  • vat_rate = is a floating value between 0.00 and 100.00 that represents an arbitrary VAT rate to apply. This parameter rewrites the VAT rule for the product except if the product doesn't have any tax class.
  • market = is the ISO code for the targetted market.

For example:

{{normalPrice currency_rate=”EUR” vat_rate=”20” market=”FR”}}
{{normalPrice currency_rate=”GBP” vat_rate=”0” market=”UK”}}


Retrieves the special price of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder, see: {{price}}


Retrieves yes or no if the product has a special price.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • yes = the value to retrieve if the product has a special price
  • no = the value to retrieve if the product has no special price

For example:

{{hasSpecialPrice yes="YES" no="NO"}}


Retrieves yes or no if the product has a discount price.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • yes = the value to retrieve if the product has a discount price
  • no = the value to retrieve if the product has no discount price

For example:

{{hasPromotionPrice yes="YES" no="NO"}}


Retrieves the product's minimum price.

For example:

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder, see: {{price}}


Retrieves the product's maximum.

For example:

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder, see: {{price}}


Retrieves the name of the promotions for the product.

For example:



Retrieves the unit price for the product available from the back office product page.

For example:

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder, see: {{price}}


Retrieves the unit for the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the cost of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder, see: {{price}}



Retrieves the weight of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



Retrieves the weight unit of the product available from the back office product page.

For example:



The below smart placeholders are often used to retrieve the availability of your products, for the quantity.


Retrieves yes or no if the quantity is managed for the product.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • yes = the value to retrieve if quantity is managed for the product
  • no = the value to retrieve if quantity is not managed for the product

For example:

{{trackQty yes="Quantity managed" no="Quantity not managed"}}


Retrieves yes or no if backorders are allowed for the product.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • yes = the value to retrieve if backorders are allowed for the product
  • no = the value to retrieve if backorders are not allowed for the product

For example:

{{backordersAllowed yes="Backorders allowed" no="Backorders not allowed"}}


Retrieves the quantity for the product.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • location = name of the location

For example:

{{qty location="warehouse"}}


Retrieves the availability of the product.

You also have the possibility to use some parameters with this placeholder:

  • in_stock = value when the product is in stock
    Default value: in stock.
  • out_of_stock= value when the product is out of stock
    Default value: out of stock.
  •  = value when the product is out of stock but allows backorders
    Default value: backorders.

For example:

{{availability in_stock="available" out_of_stock="not available" backorder="available"}}


Below are all the parameters you can use with any placeholder in your data feeds.

{{placeholder if="condition"}}

The if parameter allows you to define one or more necessary conditions to display the given placeholder in the data feed.

One condition is built with 3 items:

  • the variable to check :
    a product placeholder
  • the comparison statement
    == equal
    <= lower or equal to
    => higher or equal to
    < lower than
    > higher than
    != different from
  • the value

For example:

<!-- Product description will be displayed only if product SKU is banana -->
{{description if="this.sku=banana"}}

{{placeholder prefix="value"}}

The prefix is what will be displayed before the placeholder value only if it is not null, nothing is retrieved.

For example:

<!-- Currency symbol will be added before the price -->
{{price prefix="$"}}

{{placeholder suffix="value"}}

The suffix is what will be displayed after the placeholder value only if it is not , nothing is retrieved.

For example:

<!-- Currency symbol will be added after the price -->
{{price suffix=" USD"}}

{{placeholder output="functions"}}

The output parameter allows you to define the output format for a given placeholder using the basic functions, or any functions.

You must refer to the placeholder by using the $ as the function's parameter.

For example:

<!-- Gets the first letter of each word of the product name in uppercase -->
{{name output="ucwords($self)"}}

If you want to use several functions, they must be imbricated as you do with PHP:

For example:

<!-- Removes all HTML tags from the description and limits the description to the first 100 characters -->
{{description output="substr(strip_tags($self),0,100)"}}

You can also use null to display an empty string, or you can use any string to display a specific message:

For example:

<!-- Displays "Free Shipping" if product price is greater than $10 -->
{{price if="price>10" output="'Free Shipping'"}}


You can use any of the native placeholders that are defined in your Shopify back-office

The syntax to use in order to include functions in the variables is:

{{placeholder output=”function(parameters)”}}

You can also apply one or more functions to all of these placeholders by using the following syntax:

{{placeholder output=”function1(function2(function3($self,parameters)))”}}

All options are executed in the written order:

<title>{{name output="strtoupper($self)"}}</title>
<title>{{name output="strtoupper(substr($self,15,'...'))"}}</title>

This will produce:

<title>V-Neck T-Shirt</title>
<title>V-NECK T-SHIRT</title>
<title>V-NECK T-SHI...</title>


Replaces the value with another one.

For example:

<g:title>{{name output="str_replace($self,"Banana","Apple","Banana skirt")"}}</g:title>


Converts all characters to uppercase.

For example:

<g:title>{{name output="strtoupper($self)"}}</g:title>


Converts all characters to lowercase.

For example:

<g:title>{{name output="strtolower($self)"}}</g:title>


Converts the first character to uppercase.

For example:

<g:title>{{name output="ucfirst($self)"}}</g:title>


Converts the first character of each word to uppercase:

For example:

<g:title>{{name output="ucwords($self)"}}</g:title>


Truncates the value.

You need to define some parameters:

  • length = maximum length of the value
  • end = string that will be added at the end of the string
    By default: ...

For example:

<description> {{description output="substr($self,50,'...')"}} </description>

If there are HTML tags in your descriptions, you may need to use strip_tags in combination with this function:

<description> {{description output="strip_tags(substr($self,50,'...'))"}} </description>


Strips the string from HTML tags.

For example:

<description> {{description output="strip_tags($self)"}} </description>


Converts all applicable characters to HTML entities.

For example:

<description> {{description output="htmlentities($self)"}} </description>


Converts a string that has been HTML-encoded for HTTP transmission into a decoded string.

For example:

<description> {{description output="html_entity_decode($self)"}} </description>


Converts a numeric value to a floating number.

You need to define some parameters:

  • decimal = number of floating numbers. By default: 0

For example:

<g:shipping_weight> {{weight output="float($self,2)"}}kg </g:shipping_weight>


Removes all characters that don't belong to the UTF-8 charset.

For example:

<g:title>{{name output="cleaner($self)"}}</g:title>


Removes all EOL characters from the value.

For example:

<description> {{description output="inline($self)"}} </description>


Joins all array elements in a string.

You need to define some parameters:

  • separator = string used between each value. By

This function may be useful for multi-select placeholders like climate, activity general...

For example:

<activity> {{activity_general output="implode('-',$self)"}} </activity>

Will give: Outdoor-Running-Warmup-Lounge-Gym

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Create XML, JSON, CSV or TXT product feeds

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Filter out the products directly from the app thanks to an intuitive and comprehensive interface that lets you choose precisely what you want to get in the product feeds.

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Create inclusive or exclusive filters with multiple conditions and multiple operators. Create as many groups of conditions that you need.

Filter out products from any field:

  • Status
  • Title 
  • Description
  • has variant / Is variant
  • Identifiers
  • Metafields
  • Links
  • images
  • Product organization
  • Price and promotions
  • Inventory (qty, stock status, local stock,...)
  • Variant options and values
  • Shipping information

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User's reviews
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29th July 2022

Great extension!

This extension is a must-have for any merchant! It is very feature rich and lets you build feeds for whatever your needs are. Wyomind has been around for a long time so we trust their level of expertise with whatever issue arises.

28th February 2022

Works like promised!

The data feed manager works like promised and delivers great feeds to upload to various marketplaces.

7th February 2022

Great purchase!!

Awesome extension!!. Very easy to customize and a lot of options and filters to get the perfect feed. We use it for Google and several marketplaces. Really good and quick support.

Miguel - Merchant

20th September 2021

Works as expected

The extensions is very professional and works as expected. The Data Feed manager is easy to use with a lot of features by default. It is also possible to extend the basic features with custom code to satisfy our special needs. This extension is very important for our webshop.

23rd August 2021

Good plugin to help connect the catalog to Facebook and Google

We have been using the Wyomind Data Feed extension for a couple of years now. It works well for the most part and is easy to use. However, we have had some issues with the bundled products as it does not seem to recognise when bundles are out of stock. We are hoping to get this fixed soon. Otherwise it is a good choice for integration with Google, Facebook and several other platforms. It's easy to schedule automated updates to the feeds and it's easy to configure. Definitely worth the investment to help streamline your e-commerce ads!

R Kumar - Merchant

17th August 2021

Very good moduel to generate feeds

We have been using this modules for years and its very easy to generate the google feed using predefined variables to build he xml, we highly recommend this extension to everyone, thisis perfect extesion for our business need.

2nd August 2021

Good solid module

Great module, with lots of options to fit every need. And perfect if your selling computergames

17th June 2021

Best Module for Marketing

This is very helpful extension in marketing.. Thanks for making this type of extension.

17th June 2021

Best experience with Wyomind from years

Wyomind has made my life easy and sales boost in google shopping. The work load has decreased and the efficiency of my team has increased. I encourage them to keep making such helpful tools to keep us soaring high in the field of e-commerce. Hail Wyomind!

4th June 2021

This module is essential for any website integrated with marketing services

We are successfully using this module on our website since 5 years. It's very easy to setup a working CSV / XML for letting other web marketing services grab our products details and images. Just came on the website for downloading latest version, it's right to left a feedback!

21st May 2021

good extension

great extension

21st May 2021

good extension

good extension

13th May 2021

A must have tool for any Magento website

This is by far the easiest datafeed module I have used. We have been users for over 4 years. It is very intuitive and easy to configure.

Ernest Sal - Merchant

6th May 2021

Great module, invaluable for feeds

This module is a must have if you want to create quick and easy feeds from your website products. Facebook feeds, instagram feeds, google shopping feeds, no problem! The feeds module is easy to install and the support team a Wyomind are not only responsive, but go the extra mile to help with any issues.

Billy - Merchant

6th May 2021

Great module

Is a great module and save me many many hours.

Rui Guedes - Developer

23rd April 2021

Amazing Extension

This is the best extension for create feeds

Alex - Merchant

3rd March 2021

Works really well

Does everything we need it to. All our products are nicely updated on Google and thats all i can ask :-) We also use it for other feeds like Pricerunner, Onbuy, Pricespy and a few others. Being able to set the times these feeds run is very useful also Overall really pleased

1st March 2021


The easiest way to create the feeds.

Michael - Developer

27th November 2020

Good plugin!

This plugin does exactly what it's supposed to do. It is easy to set up and install. It will save you a lot of time. It's easy to link your products directly to different marketplaces. This is also a good solution for Dutch marketplaces.

5th October 2020

Looks very interesting

Looks very interesting to use this tool instead of the tool we currently use!

26th August 2020

Very powerful extension!

The Data Feed extension is very flexible. So we can configure it and create feeds for different platforms such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook catalog etc. Relly must-have!

27th July 2020

Good, reliable, with no fuss

It's an outstanding product, we are fully satisfied with it. Simple, powerful, reliable, no errors and no fuss. We strongly adviced it to set-up feeds quckly and with the flexibility needed for different feed processors.

20th July 2020


Works as expected for product feeds for Google, Bing, Facebook etc.

NBG - Merchant

9th July 2020

Solid module that works well.

Very happy with the performance of the Data Feed Manager module, it's been reliable and has worked well for us. We've only had some smaller issues with having to revalidate the module after deploying to our production server, but this has been a minor issue for us. Also been some confusion with getting the feed manager ext validated on our stage and dev environments but that's likely user error on our end.

29th June 2020

Wyomind made it easy to export the data we needed

We were looking for a way to export the data to send to our third-party partners and get traffic to the site. Wyomind Data Feed Manager gave us a way to quickly and efficiently get the data to a number or outlets in one, easy to use outlet.

16th June 2020

Great module

It does what it promises. Great support from Wyomind!

11th June 2020

Love this extension

So powerful, really allows heavy customization and to create whatever feed you'd like. Couldn't run my store without it.

M99 - Merchant

22nd May 2020

Great extension

Great extension

12th May 2020

Probably the best datafeed manager out there

We originally just wanted to use the datafeed manager so that we could create a feed for our affiliate program rather than any of the set templates that came with it. It's incredibly flexible with the tags that you can use and straightforward and easy to use, we especially like the check data feature so you can quickly and easily see an example of the results before creating the feed

AdamD - Merchant

11th May 2020

Extremely useful extension. Well worth the money

We use Data Feed Manager to manage ALL of our feeds whether that's Adroll, Google Merchant Centre, Doofinder or Bing. We have feeds going to many different places and it would be very difficult to manage the feeds without this extension. The feeds are incredibly easy to setup and very customisable with the use of PHP. The schedules help us to manage the server load and the quick visual check means we don't need to refresh the feed each time we make a change.

11th May 2020

Love it and Hate it

Good module, super necessary, frequent updates however as frequent bugs but a quick response from their support always fixes the issue.

17th April 2020

Good solution

I´ve been using this product during the last few years, and it is really usefull to promote my products on google shopping or market places. The suport is ok and there are some upgrades available, which are important as well. I´ve never used another tool because this one is good enough for my business.

20th March 2020

Works great for exporting product feeds to Google Products, etc

I've used numerous Wyomind extensions over the years and I appreciate their functionality and quality support.

Erik - Ecommerce Agency

14th March 2020

Great Support

It's a valid suport to manage the feed for any MarketPlace or partner.Great Support.

Giampiero - Merchant

5th March 2020

Must have extension and easy to setup!

We are using this extension for several years now, it has many features and the support is excellent!

Barry - Developer

2nd March 2020


We use this extension in almost every of our projects, it works perfectly for any custom feed you need.

25th February 2020

Great custimisable feed manager

We have easily managed to get our relatively complex data structure setup on google shopping and now know we can get this working on plenty of other shopping channels, affiliates etc We sent simple products up but they still retained some of the parent properties liek category which was very easy to do. We had a built of help from our web developers on some syntax , in php but other than that is has been very easy.

4th February 2020

excellent solution

We use this plugin for our Magneto stores, It works perfectly and helps in a easy way to create data feed

28th January 2020

Great extension for standard and custom feeds

We use the extension for both standards (Facebook, Google,..) and custom feeds. It works perfectly and compared to other similar extensions on the market it works really faster. I would recommend to everyone, a really must-have extension.

kornolio - Ecommerce Agency

11th December 2019

Great feed for Google, exactly what we needed.

We installed the product trouble free, had a question for support to do with image sizes who helped out straight away.


9th December 2019

Great for affiliate marketting

We use this extension to provide a feed to the affiliate network that we use and it works fine. Especially being able to tag in specific data that we need that really helps a lot in getting the exact data that we need over to them

6th December 2019

Great plugin

It works perfectly and helps in a easy way to create data feed


24th October 2019

Perfect feed for computer hardware

We've been using this feed to populate google with our refurbished IT hardware and it works a treat. Fantastic product.

22nd October 2019

Great feed to run Google Merchant and Pricerunner

We are using the data Feed manager for some years now, and it works perfect to feed google and pricerunner with product updates.

8th October 2019

It works if you have an updated version

the user interface is not intuitive but otherwise it works flawlessly, and does what it should as long as you have the latest version installed.


7th October 2019

verry good extension

great extension for datafeed, nothing to report and super functioning.

mrp expert

6th September 2019

Sky is the limit.

I've been using datafeed for a long time, in almost all of my projects. I was never in a difficult position, whatever the customer's requirement was. Wyomind is probably the best and fastest support I've come across in 20 years doing this job

21st August 2019

Awesome extension

Easy to install and it's very easy to extend.


16th August 2019

The best feed generation module for magento

This is the best module for generating feed for Google shopping and other feed. 100% customizable with functions

Aldo Valente

23rd July 2019

Great features in one product

Easy setup, no issues. We will use this in 4+ projects.

9th July 2019

Switched from another data feed extension.

Data feed manager is great , I switched from another data feed extension that didn't support grouped products properly. I found it so good , I decided to purchase a couple more extensions as well which I am very happy with as well.

26th June 2019

Awesome program

Really makes the job of creating a feed.

12th June 2019

Great extension

The wyomind datafeed manager is a must have for our store and use it to generate google shopping feeds and a few other custom exports that are required to sync our business operations. Customer support is very responsive and always ready to help. Highly recommended and great extension overall. Very easy to use.

11th June 2019

A Must Have Magento 2 Module

We have used Wyomind and their awesome extensions for many years, and the Data Feed Manager is one that I would recommend to all my eCommerce clients. For any Merchant looking for a seamless data feed integration the Data Feed Manager is a must have for any modern merchant channel that accepts CSV markup. The templates that are pre-built within the Data Feed Module enable a quick and easy reference for some standard Merchant Channel feeds, and an easy guide in creating markup for a custom data feed if required. When we initially purchased our first licence for Data Feed Manager module back in 2012, the support from the Wyomind Team was second to none which made for a rapid installation, setup, configuration & deployment. Keep up the good work Wyomind!

11th June 2019

The Best Data Feed Extension

I have been using the data feed extension by Wyomind for over 4 years now. The extension is useful for so many things: Google Shopping Feeds, updating stock on Marketplaces, reporting with Microsoft Power BI.

28th May 2019


Une des extensions que j'installe le plus souvent chez mes clients, on peut créer des flux facilement, tester si ça marche sur quelques produits. Créer nos propres fonctions, c'est vraiment pratique pour la gestion de son e-commerce.

28th May 2019

Great Extention

After using a wide variety of data feed extensions i can safely say that this has been the best i have used. It gives you the ability to easily customize and update your feed to use exactly what you require. The support during set-up was excellent and i was up and running in no time.

24th May 2019

Must have extension

Happy user since years :)


1st May 2019

Data Feed Manager

Very helpful for creating Product Data Feeds. :-) Thank you

24th April 2019

Great powerful toolset, but possibly not for novices

Been using the Wyomind data feed manager on our magneto 2 installation for some time now, found it to be excellent. Pretty easy to install, use and configure, yet powerful and flexible for our needs with a multivendor, multistore site. Does need some experience of XML and JSON to get working properly, so not really for novices but easy for people with above average site skills. Support is fast and excellent quality!!

15th April 2019

I think the plugin is very good, but have some improvements to be done

I've bought Data Feed Manager and it has been performing well. I can tell that it is not very user friendly, and it requires some expertise to monoeuvre it. Its not something very intuitive. Now, i need some support to fix some issues with the plugin, and i hope this review will be able to clarify things to whoever comes to buy the plugin in the future.

11th April 2019

Great Plugin

Really simple to configure and work perfectly. I can manage without any problem Google and Facebook product feed, adding all data and filtering products. It's also possibile to manage feed for other market place like Amazon or Trovaprezzi without purchasing other plugins

adv - Merchant

20th March 2019

Indispensible for Data Feed Authomation

Wyomind Data Feed Manager is a must have for Google Shopping and other data feeds. It's easy to set up and works perfectly. The sample feeds for the different shopping platforms are very helpful. It's a huge time save that's well worth the price!

11th March 2019

Best Magento Feed Extension

Wyomind Data Feed Manager is great extension for Google Shopping and others. Saves a lot of time and great options to select what fields you want. Easy to adjust og works like a charm. Great support as always. The extension is a real must-have!

22nd February 2019

Super extension

Very happy with extension

19th February 2019


Works great but you really should offer free upgrades for life on this extension.


15th February 2019

Great Extension to boos yout sales

We have searched a lot and found this extension. Highly recommend installing this extension as it boosts our online sales through multiple sales channels. Easy to install and very content with the results.

12th January 2019

The best extension around!

We love this extension it automated all of our feeds to third party sales platforms! Keep up the good work Wyomind!

11th December 2018

Paramétrage facile des flux, notamment Google Shopping

L'installation est facile, et les options de configuration faciles à comprendre, même pour un non informaticien. Après appel au support pour 2 ou 3 configurations avancées des attributs "taille" notamment, le flux est généré avec succès sur Google Merchant. Je recommande.


5th December 2018

Very great extention

Good extension with many possibilities.


5th December 2018

Very good extension

I am using extension and there are so many options inside. You can export all data all formats. I had a problem with configurable and child product process and I found solution. If you know your job, you can make any export.

Hakan VAR

26th November 2018

Great feed manager

For google shopping the best tool there is


15th November 2018

Must have extension

Extension is so flexible that it can be used for market place feed optimization. We run this extension since many years. Never had a problem!

13th November 2018

Great Extension

The extension works well and as advertised.

8th November 2018

Great extensions

Good range of extensions, highly recommended.


6th November 2018

another must have extension from wyomind.

For ease to import all your items to anywhere you like. Sooooo simple to use and super easy to install. Will save hours of work and 100% increase sales

4th November 2018

so far the best extension on market

I tried a lot of feed generators, but Wyomind is the one where I can configure everything smoothly. If there are no built-in option, I can few lines of php and get custom variables, calculatations. I use it for 2 years and this Data Feed Manager meet my expectatation for all price comparator feeds I need for my store. Trust me I did a lot of enhanced xmls - with variables, custom calculations of tax. Extension supports custom options, currencies, and advanced stock. You can add filters and rules to generate the feed you need. 5 stars

2nd November 2018

Great extenison

Simple setup, endless possibilities regarding filtypes and content. Have been using the extension for 3 year without any hickups.

29th October 2018

Great extension, and support.

I have used more Wyomind on several sites as a independant contractor, and I can only recommend. Great for generating feeds for different marketplaces, and has been running excellent so far. Easy to use backend and very useful extensions.

26th October 2018

This is a very good extension

we have been using the extension for years to publish the products in google shopping and until now we had not had any problem.


7th October 2018

Most comprehensive solution for Data Feed

I have compared other feed solutions but not are even close to this one. It is worth every penny of investment.

7th October 2018

Most comprehensive solution for Data Feed

I have compared other feed solutions but not are even close to this one. It is worth every penny of investment.

5th October 2018

Good working extension which safes alot of work

We use the Data Feed Manager for several years now with no problems at all. It saves a lot of time and manage more than 10 feeds for different price search engines and meta search engines. It is worth its money!

28th September 2018

great extension for google shopping

We have been using this extension for 5 years without an issue. Easy to add more feeds from any type of marketplace and or cpc comparison shopping channel. 100% vouch for this extension and commercial use on many sites online. AAAAA++++++++++++++++++++


21st September 2018

Nice extension

Good extension. User-friendly and scalable. Easy to set up for various channels. A must for an online shop that wants to carry out serious online marketing. A must so. Also easy in installation and configuration!

15th August 2018

Must have tool for decent Google Shopping campaigning

We found out that this tool is essential for maintaining a successful Google Shopping campaign. Lots of default settings and a more than enough possibilities for customizing your feeds!

22nd July 2018

Good software!

We have used Data Feed Manager for many years now, just a couple words of advice, the licensing and IP block system on our staging site seems to throw issues all the time. Businesses are highly dependent on their feeds and this causes them to lose A LOT OF MONEY! But overall we are very happy with this product!

17th July 2018

Useful plugin.

The Data Feed Manager is a useful plugin to have to help automate the process of uploading multiple feeds, saving us a lot of time and energy. However, we have had some issues a long the way with certain information being pulled that may not be necessary to our shopping feeds - so the additional support is needed from time to time.

12th June 2018

Great plugin. Easy to install.

Great plugin. Easy to install.


17th May 2018

Great tool essential for maintaining large product feed

The feed manager is an essential tool if you want to manage large feeds for Google Shopping or simple. Products are changing constantly and trying to manually create and update a feed would be extremely time consuming. Feed Manager makes it all easy once its all setup you just let it run and keep your product feed in sync with your website.

14th May 2018

A very flexible tool to create all kinds of feeds

This is the most flexible tool to create all kinds of feeds. All business customers require different layouts and fields, and we managed to create all of them. Especially the PHP options allow you to create all data combinations. Questions for support are answered within a working day.

8th May 2018

Excellent Modules

This modules solves our feed request for Google, FB and affiliate networks. Wonderful plugin and great support.


4th May 2018

Simple to use and full of examples

Excellent extension to generate feeds for many marketplaces, the various templates already present help in an excellent way the creation of the desired feed. The syntax checking window is very useful for the preliminary verification of the feed you want to obtain.

23rd April 2018

I recemmend it over any Google Shopping Feed extension

We have tried several different extensions for our Google Shopping Feed and this one is the best. Really like the live preview and error check.

29th March 2018

Critical extension for our store

We tried several other data feed modules before installing this one. The flexibility of this module is far better than the rest. We've never had to worry about it again.

23rd March 2018

Great extension for all

Very good extension, tried a few free ones but they all had issues so decided to buy this one and it was great. Had some technical issue but it was resolved in a couple of days. There are several similar extensions on the market, but WYOMIND created the best one. This is exactly what everyone needs to configure feeds. It allows to setup anything I can imagine for my store. Thanks for such a great extension!

22nd March 2018

Versatile and meets all my needs so far

Great for setting up google shopping and also a great overal tool for many other things. Need a quick fresh Product database export? - Check. A developer recommended Wyomind to us and it was well worth the investment. Many thanks for their efforts and support.

20th March 2018

Data feed Manager is a great tool

Data feed manager is an excellent tool for an eCommerce manager that helps you set up your feeds with 0 knowledge of development, therefor saving a great amount of time. I totally recommend the use of it for every kind of e-shop!

kostantinos nt

14th March 2018

Google Shopping data made easy...

It took me hours to understand how to build a good feed for Google Shopping... and when I understood it, I realized it wasn't possible to build it easily... and having it updated regularly in the right way... I looked around and found many solutions... most of them looked promising, but a deeper investigation showed few of them were easy to set up... and even less of them were capable of handling data feeds for other engines. I already had positive experiences with Wyomind (WatchLogPro) so the choice was also quite easy. And I'm happy I did it ! I found a complete and detailed instruction set (actually a complete Google Shopping learning session !), which lead me quickly to a "set it and forget it" solution ! Thumbs up !

8th March 2018

Highly Customisable and versatile tool for people who want control

Excellent module. We were using this module for 3 years with google product and amazon. Initially hard to grasp as all complex things are but we very pleased to find it hadnt been dumbed down for stupid people. Id rather have to work to understand something than take it for granted. Unfortunately we couldnt afford to keep the channels going. However, we return now in full confidence that it gets the job done and well !

7th March 2018

An Essential Magento Tool for Highly Customizable Feeds

I’ve been using this extension since 2011 and it’s made our jobs so much easier. I would be hard pressed to find a such a feature rich and powerful feed builder that’s better than Wyomind’s Data Feed Manager. Most recently it has been a huge help in building magmi imports. But it’s also been a reliable tool for when we need to build repricer feeds for other selling channels, and shopping feeds for Google and BING.

2nd March 2018

Awesome solution

We use it to handle all our feeds - awesome tool to let none developers create and manage new feeds.

2nd March 2018

On ne peut plus s'en passer

Cette extension est déjà complète à la base, mais la possibilité d'ajouter tous ses propres attributs et d'en créer via code php, c'est tout simplement fantastique! Cela nous permet de nous connecter à pratiquement n'importe quelle marketplace rapidement, de créer des flux, de trouver des soucis dans notre catalogue, et bien d'autres choses encore. Comme indiqué, on ne peut plus s'en passer et je me demande comment les autres font sans!


27th February 2018

Seamless and no problems

I've used this software since last year and my shopping feed has performed seamlessly and lawlessly. I'm not surprised it is recommended by developers to me. I did look around and look at other options. Reading about this one seemed to persuade me and then when I asked two different developers they said the same thing to me. It has been a great choice and I have been very very happy

25th February 2018

Order (with picture) - EN2

I like this extension. I there aren't any problem. If you're wondering whether to buy it, do it. You will be happy.

20th February 2018

An amazing tool for exporting Magento data

Using this tool has been essential for many operations on our websites, including providing dropshipping services, generating statistics, and many more. Once you get it, using the plugin is quite easy and intuitive - you can do everything with it. Thanks for the great module and support! Best product export tool on the market, hands down!!!

2nd February 2018

Excellente extension. Support ultra réactif.

Fait gagner pas mal de temps de temps par rapport au développement d'un export en ligne de commande. Très pratique pour le client final tout en gardant la possibilité d'utiliser des fonction php customs pour les cas particuliers. Très bonne extension.

19th January 2018

Create feeds with ease!

I've been using this extension for nearly a year - what previously seemed like a daunting task has been made so much easier being able to create multiple feeds for multiple marketplaces with ease, would definitely recommend. p.s. the datafeed manager allows for the production of feeds for a variety of marketplaces and not just limited to the ones they show, this tool offers the flexibility to create feeds and pull attributes through at the drop of a hat!


18th January 2018

Great Datafeed extention

An excellent and easy way to manage and to export data. I have used others, so can compare and conclude that this is the one you want

16th January 2018

Must Have Tool

A real necessity for exporting live data. This extension has saved us considerable time and energy. It's much more than a just a data feed manager.


10th January 2018


Really good feed! Thanks


13th December 2017


Works very very well, outputs our products to Google and tock levels to various platforms


12th December 2017

Using it daily since last year

This is a very good extension, with customization and great flexibility. the developers are also active and responsive. the pre-installed templates are very helpful and cover most of the shopping portals. I am overall happy with this purchase.

11th December 2017

Good plugin, shame about the paid updates

The extension itself works fine. Had a few problems with upgrades but they were resolved. Too bad updates aren't free because some problems may be fixed with an upgrade and it's not easy to test this way.


7th December 2017

works well

nothing but works well for google merchant and facebook ads.


6th December 2017

Great Product

The data feed manager extension saves us a ton of time, great work!


1st December 2017

Great extension for product feeds

We use this extension for automatic feed updates and this works great!


24th November 2017

Robust and Reliable Extension

The extension is quite robust, I love how the feed configuration is completely customizable. Perfect for developers, but may be too complicated for non-devs. There is a learning curve, and takes some time to get everything setup correctly, especially working with the Google feed. After that, it's hands-off and you don't need to worry about random bugs. Overall I would recommend this extension (and have!) for its flexibility and reliability.


20th November 2017

Okay, but unfortunately with some mistakes

The DataFeedManager is okay, but also with some bugs provided which are however gradually resolved by Wyomind. Here, however, you always have to buy the update to the newer version for a fee, which is very annoying. We will permanently strive for an alternative.


17th November 2017

Works like a charm!

Wonderful must have extension for every serious e-commerce site!

17th November 2017

Works pretty well

Love the data feed, very powerful and flexible. Once you learn to master the different processes there is flexibility in what you can achieve. We’ve had ongoing issues getting the cron jobs working, hope the upgrade fixed it it!


17th November 2017

This modules rocks

I used to work generation feeds with GoMage Feed Pro module. But I always had trouble .... filters didn't worked OK... plus I couldn't get some attributes to work. Now....I am so happy I am writing this others lost souls can found peace. Support is by the way awesome. !

30th October 2017

a great extension to handle all your products feeds for all your distribution channels

A great extension to handle all your products feeds for all your distribution channels! It's easy to use and simple to setup for any marketing people. No need to call your DEV once the installation is properly setup. A clever tool to export simple products with attributes from the configurable products without any need of programming.


26th October 2017

Data Feeds Made Easy

The Data Feed Manager extension from Wyomind makes creating and updating feeds a breeze. We use this extension for multiple stores and for Google Shopping and Bing Ads, it is easy to include the correct fields we need, to pick which products we want included, and to filter which products types (simple, bundled, configurable, etc) or attribute sets we want included.


13th October 2017

must have tool

easy to use. i'd like have a log to find and fix the errors in export...

12th October 2017

Great extension and does what it says.

The data feed manager has enabled us to list products on many different sites. The editor and builder enable you as the user to make changes without the need of a developer.

12th October 2017

Great Product. Always Use Wyomind Products

I was first advised to use your products by my developer Dava since then i haven't turned back. it makes the feed so much easier to manage would highly recommend if your looking to setup a google shopping feed


10th October 2017

Data Feed Manager - good extension

Data Feed Manager - good extension, everyone need it.


4th October 2017

Excellent Extension

Excellent extension! We have been working for a while with Data Feed Manager and encountered only minor problems which we could handle ourselves as developers. With the new Fixes and Upgrades, we hope even this minor problems will be gone. Looking forward. Regards

29th September 2017

The only feed manager for Magento

great feed manager - lets you slice and dice your catalogue to ensure your feeds are optimised


23rd September 2017

Great extension

I've used Wyomind's Data Feed Manager on two sites now. It's flexible, works as advertised, and helps enable non-developer team members quickly produce the feeds to integrate with other services that would otherwise require custom work. Huge timesaver for our development team.I needed to add our custom product type to the collection filter for our feed and was blown away by how quickly support responded and pointed me in the right direction. Works great!! For programmers it does everything it must do, it checks data for you as well as code and previews it. Lot's of options to include or exclude items. We was able to implement all features within of a few hours and since then we never had a single issue. Overall a very good and stable Extension that is definitely worth its money. Also the website is very easy to use. It works marvelously and whenever we have questions the support team replies within a few minutes. I can only recommend this extension and Wyomind. Small minor I think the update periods should be longer, and one should be able to download the latest version that was available during ones update period. Right now, you are not able to download the latest version that was available when you still had a downloadable license

21st September 2017

Great extension!

We have been using Wyomind's data feed manager for over half a year now and we have been extremely pleased with how it works. We primarily use it for Google Shopping and with all the feed customisation options we have been able to flawlessly export our catalog and run successful shopping campaigns. Very professional extension and highly recommended!

19th September 2017

Quality Extension

Works as advertised and frequently updated. Support helps with any issues. Used primarily for Google product feeds. Highly recommended!

Rock Strongo

12th September 2017

Can't do without it

It is simple, you just can't do without Datafeed Manager from Wyomind. It does everything it must do, it checks data for you as well as code and previews it. Lot's of options to include or exclude items.

8th September 2017

4 years a good partner

We use this extension now over 4 years without complaint.

6th September 2017

Excellent extension

This is a really good extension. Easy to customize to suit any feed, you can customize the feeds in every possible way and use it with any formats and file configurations. The documentation is very good. Highly recommended!

6th September 2017

Best Data Feed tool ever

We tested many, this one is the best.


17th August 2017

Simple and Practicle

We are using this extension since 2014 and it's very useful. Allows to easily integrate with any feed program. It's very simple and fast to create new feeds.


8th August 2017

Does the job perfectly

Been using this extension for five years now for several feeds (including Google Shopping, Facebook and more). It does the job perfectly and support from Wyomind is A+ as well. Customizing the feeds is easy as well, with custom code available.


28th July 2017

Great extension

Everything worked as described. Easy to use.


25th July 2017

Great extension

Great extension that adds simple the shopping feed to Google. Highly recommended

25th July 2017

Great extension

Works well for us to generate Feeds for Google Shopping and trademe.


21st July 2017


Works well for us to generate Feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook and others


20th July 2017

Perfect for Generating Local Inventory Ad stock updates since Google doesn't support XML yet for LIA's

We were using Simple Google Shopping for ages and it was extremely capable and flexible, so choosing to upgrade to Data Feed Manager was a no-brainer when we needed a feed generator that supported other file formats beyond XML. Kudos to the Wyomind team! Thanks a million for building these well thought out extensions.

20th July 2017


The module is easy to use and can save money if you know how to use it.

19th July 2017

easy to use and a time saver

This module automates sending of feeds to google (important) and to various other avenues of selling. If you are trying to showcase your product on multiple avenues and want it automated- this is the module for you. I have customized what I am sending in my feeds and it works great. I have had the module for several years. Have found the staff to be responsive to my questions.

19th July 2017

Really easy to use, we use it for all our websites.

Overall it does what it says it does. I just think the UX and user interface are not the best. I would love to be able to do things more easily. For example I do not know how I can setup feeds to auto update every day. I have been using the Data Feed Manager for over a year now and so far, so good. I think the update periods should be longer, and one should be able to download the latest version that was available during ones update period. Right now, you are not able to download the latest version that was available when you still had a downloadable license

17th July 2017

great extension

This extension works well.

Frank C

15th July 2017


very good

13th July 2017

Nice Extension

The Data Feed Manager is an absolutely great extension. Easy to handle and efficient

12th July 2017

Really easy to use, we use it for all our websites.

We are using this extension for more than 5 years now, and there is still no better alternative. It's highly customisable and flexible and there are no irritating issues. Generating feeds have never been easier.

11th July 2017

I wish the user interfact was simpler so I could have feeds autoupdate for example

Overall it does what it says it does. I just think the UX and user interface are not the best. I would love to be able to do things more easily. For example I do not know how I can setup feeds to auto update every day. I have been using the Data Feed Manager for over a year now and so far, so good. I think the update periods should be longer, and one should be able to download the latest version that was available during ones update period. Right now, you are not able to download the latest version that was available when you still had a downloadable license


23rd June 2017

The best feed extension

We use data feed manager from wyomind for years on a daily basis, very stable and user-friendly, we recommend for sure.

21st June 2017

A 'No Brainer' for Data Feeds to Other Sites

We've used Data Feed Manager for several years because we wanted the easiest way to export to places like Google Shopping with as much information as possible. Compatibility with other engines is definitely a bonus and makes it easy to try other comparison/search sites.

21st June 2017

Perfect, no more words

With this plugin, I finally find the way to export all my feeds in an easy way, with a simple configurator I can export all data I need. They also add many templates to make export easier. You really solved my problem.

11th June 2017

Nice tool which saved us a lot of work!

We use data feed manager to generate feeds for many different price search websites and for google shopping. You can customize the feeds in every possible way and therefore use it with any given input formats and file configurations.

9th June 2017

Works great

The extension is easy to install and works very well.

5th June 2017


Amazing extension, it's very easy to make things work. It took me only 10 minutes to get my feeds ready!


31st May 2017

simple, fully customizable and rapid feed manager and generator

Great extension, with data feed manager we can manage all our feeds in a simple and custom way. we created some of custom attributes and dozens feeds for the main price aggregators, include Google shopping. the module is easy and fully configurable.

30th May 2017

the great extension for data manager

You can easily create all feed you want using a graphical interface and many short tag, you can create custom short tag and custom function, there also many pre-configured templates that are very useful to help.


29th May 2017

Perfect solution for exporting data

The perfect solution for exporting data.


23rd May 2017

Superb - easy to use extension

Easy to follow guide that helps build the feeds for our external sites and for google.

21st May 2017

Amazing !!

What a great product, works like charm. It helps to feed pretty much all shopping platforms.

18th May 2017

Best extension ever

This extension is really great. The complete configuration is simple and self explanatory. So far we have found nothing better for the price. Very clear purchase recommendation. And the support is also really great.


18th May 2017

We use it to feed many systems, current count is over 40 different feeds configured.

We started using the Simple Google Shopping feed but soon upgraded to the Data Feed Manager as it gave us a lot of functionality, including the ability to build custom feeds for specific shopping systems, we now have multiple feeds going out to Amazon, eBay, Tesco, Daily Mail Shop as well as Google. I also prefer to use this extension when doing exports as you can add specific PHP based functionality. This ability allows extra manipulation of the data as point of export. I have had issues with data manipulation a few times, where my PHP skills where not good enough and the guys at Wyomind have been quick to help. Can't recommend this extension and the support team enough.

17th May 2017

Great Google shopping extension you must have!

I have bought more than 5 copies of Data Feed Manager and it's the best Google shopping extension I've seen. Buy this if you are serious about your business. I had very few problems when using this extension. I contacted the customer service and got a very quick reply. They helped me solve my problems even if they were not responsible for them. I really appreciate it.


16th May 2017

Great extension - does exactly what is suspose to do.

I'm using this extension to generate feeds for Google Shopping, Bing Shopping,, Amazon, Kelkoo, The extension comes with multiple example feeds which are great to understand how the feedmanager is working.

16th May 2017

Great customized extension

It really saves your time, many popular feeds are preinstalled, if you need your own it is easy to copy one and customize it.

16th May 2017

Must have extension for Magento

Data feed Manager is a real system to export your products i every way you need, not only amazon google shopping ebay or the others precompiled marketplace but for example even in some customized system. Furthermore the customer care is one of the most impressive and faster service i ever seen. Nice work guys!!!

15th May 2017

Great extension

Great extension and quick support. Saves us allot of time.

13th May 2017


It works like it is expected.

10th May 2017

The data feed manager is great and really achieves exactly what we needed

What a great module. Extremely in depth and effective. Thanks Wyomind

5th May 2017

the best plugins for magento

i try the elastic search and i think that is very powerful and easy to use for the customers


5th May 2017

Love :)!

Works great and meet's googles requirements. Thanks!


3rd May 2017

Excellent extension

Has been a really good useful extension, use it for and Facebook products. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to scale up their e-commerce business and save time. The documentation is good and the module has all you need in order to create feeds.


2nd May 2017

Great extension

Very flexible extension, we are very content with its functions and like the fact that we can make feeds for different marketplaces. This extension saves a lot of time for me and my co-workers. I can highly recommend buying the datafeed manager from Wyomind.

28th April 2017

Excellent extension usefull and simple

Excellent extension, perfectly executes the required task. I use it to create xml feeds to Google Shopping and it has never disappointed me.

22nd April 2017

The greatest xml feed extension on market

I use this extension for more than 1 year. I tested deeply other similar from other vendors and only Wyominds make it easy to setup and forget xml generation. Google shopping works flawless. You have all you need to setup special prices, with prices rules. Also tax prices are handled correctly. I use this extension for many price comparators and no matter how the xml must be build - Wyominds Feed Extension does it the best way. I use complex PHP filters and rules - and I can make xml sufficient for any 3rd party xml/csv importer. It also support bundle product type and child items. I have other store - which uses advanced custom options - and there is no other xml feed extension that support custom options like Data Feed Manager does. 5 stars! The best feed extension on market

14th April 2017

Excellent extension

Excellent extension, perfectly executes the required task. I use it to create xml feeds to Google Shopping and it has never disappointed me.

11th April 2017

Flexibility is great

With the possibility to customize the data with your own PHP code, this feed manager is definitely far better than the competition! With the addition of your own custom fields I haven't found a scenario in which this feed manager can't give me the solution!

5th April 2017

Additional Feeds

Wyomind's Data Feed Manager extension has been great for us with Google Shopping, along with the ability to create additional feeds required by our different advertising partners. I would definitely recommend their extension!


3rd April 2017

Game Changer

Data Feed Manager makes it so easy to integrate with new advertising platforms and marketplaces. We currently use it to run daily updates for many different partners including Google, Walmart, Amazon, Criteo, and more. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to scale up their e-commerce business and save time.

1st April 2017

Super Flexible Product Exports

We have been using this extension for over 3 years. Installation was straight forward and anytime we needed support to customise our feed templates the team at Wyomind have been very helpful. The extension itself is really flexible and we use it not just for shopping feed generation, but also to export data to other 3rd party systems. Scheduled generation and auto FTP uploads have helped us to automate so many tasks too.


31st March 2017

Good extension

Has been a really good useful extension use it for google shopping


30th March 2017

Truly must have

We do recommend that extension to all our customers, as you can solve numerous issues with it. Today more and more cool 3rd party services appearing, that helps to boost marketing and sales, and Data Feed Manager helps a lot with any of them.


26th March 2017

Good extension must have it.

Been using it for last 4 years, great!

23rd March 2017

Fantastic Module!

This module has been running really well for us for about 2 years now!


23rd March 2017

Easy to use

The extension was very helpful in our process to create and manage our feeds. Easy to use as well.

20th March 2017

Very usefull extension

This module has been very usefull for us, we use it with our affiliation partners like Tradedoubler and Public Idees and for google shopping. The documentation is good and the module has all you need in order to create feeds.

16th March 2017

Just works, amazing

Module is very flexible- Highly recommend!

Jeff Lenz

10th March 2017

It works well in our website

We think that Data Feed Manager is a very powerful and flexible extension. We are able to generate different feeds and feed types, depending upon the application. For example, we need upload our products to Facebook, it can export exactly the data we want.

8th March 2017

Works well!

The extension works well for Google shopping

7th March 2017

Data Feed Manager is a very powerful and flexible extension.

Data Feed Manager is a very powerful and flexible extension. We are able to generate different feeds and feed types, depending upon the application. For example, some of our clients require comma separated values (CSV) files. In these cases, Data Feed Manager adds the required CSV headers.

6th March 2017

Excellent time saving plugin

We have been using this combined with Simple Google Shopping and it makes a huge difference in time saving. Set your rules and watch it generate your feed on specified times!

2nd March 2017

Easy to configure and very flexible

We've found the data feed manager extension to be very easy to configure and use for all of our external feeds. Primarily bought for google shopping but now feeds out to over a dozen systems via http and ftp. We particularly like the customisation using PHP and the built in custom fields. We really couldn't be without it, thanks for a great product!

2nd March 2017

Must have for feeding external services.

Primarily purchased for Google Shopping. Now we use it for several other feeds as well. Capable of feeding many different systems with widely varying feed requirements. Absolutely a requirement for connecting to external services and networks.


1st March 2017

Good and flexible

The extension works pretty good and is easy to configure. There were issues at first when trying to configure for Bing, however, the latest version has this. Very hopeful that this will work as well for that. So far so good. For Google this works perfectly.

28th February 2017

Works well!

The extension works well for Google shopping


26th February 2017

This is a must have extension

If you are serious to get your products out there this is a must have extension. Our sales has really picked up from the time we use this extension.

21st February 2017

Really Neat Product

Installed without a problem, does what it says on the tin

21st February 2017

Really Neat Module

Does a great job!

20th February 2017

Works as expected

We bought several licences. Works good


8th February 2017

Extension works very good and is really fast 12000 products in less 2 minutes

Extension works very good and is really fast 12000 products in less 2 minutes thanks!!


8th February 2017

Works really well

It's a bit confusing at first but it's honest such a great tool. We use it to to send product and inventory feeds to 3rd marketplaces. In about 30 min I was able to have a perfect inventory feed sent right to marketplace in question.

6th February 2017

Great at getting your data out to google

Used for many years to export data to google shopping feeds and now looking to use for other merchant channels.

Stuart Porter

2nd February 2017

Must have extension

Easy to use an well documented definitely a must have extension


1st February 2017

Great extension

Really excited to have this smart module running on my store. Easy to install and it's very flexible to customizations. We never had any technical issues with it. Very helpful and fast to respond support service on top of it. Great job Wyomind!!!!!


26th January 2017

Easy & Powerful

One of the best extensions out there, we use this extension for feeds to multiple other systems, including paidonresults, google merchants, external stock feeds to customers and more, it couldn't be easier. Great for XML and CSV exports, fast and flexible with lots of standard filters and it's own functions for generating custom data. The only thing we have found is that if you have a large number of Attribute sets on your install, it can drag heavily on the database when exporting large amounts of data, but this can be avoided with a little thought about what you are generating and when.

24th January 2017

Excellent extension and support

We use the extension to generate product feeds for multiple marketplaces. We never had any technical issues with it. When we had failed to achieve something and reached out to them they were always quick to reply and solve our issues. I can only recommend Wyomind and their extension.


20th January 2017

Best Plug-in

Excellent solution to manage all types of feeds. We were very pleased.


16th January 2017

Great Module

We use it to export our products. Easy install and no problems what so ever. A lot of options to configure

13th January 2017

Excellent extension

We have been using this extension for 2 years across multiple website and it really saves a lot of time with auto-generating feeds. Easy to setup with predefined feeds. This is exactly what we were looking for.


7th January 2017

Great and flexible product

I can suit this extension as I wish. Fast support. Excellent

5th January 2017

I have used datafeedmanager for 3 years.

It is very essential tool.


4th January 2017

Great extension for most shopping feeds

Really extensible and flexible. You can essentially create a feed for any shopping channel easily. Also comes with some useful default popular shopping channels. Thanks!


2nd January 2017

automatically generates multiple feeds everyday for other channels

its a very useful extension and automatically generates multiple feeds everyday for other channels. quick and helpful support

2nd January 2017

Good extension

The data feed manager is a good extension which we use for all our Data feeds, however make sure you buy additional upgrade months. We have had issues with incomplete feeds because of an old version of the data feed manager extension.


30th December 2016

Excellent extension

We have been using this extension for 2 years across multiple website and it really saves a lot of time with auto-generating feeds, set your filter and away it goes! Easy to setup and go.


23rd December 2016

Great module for creating standard feed and customize them

Good support but they could improve dev licensing.

20th December 2016

Great extension for data feeds

We use the Data Feed Manager in a multi-store environment to generate our data feeds for Google Shopping and other merchants, we can export feeds in various formats - xml, csv, txt. It's a great and important extension that improves our bottom line. However, we would like a better licensing support for the development environment.


17th December 2016

Best feed extension

I'm a consultant and SEM manager. I've deployed this extension on more than 25+ stores. Whenever there's been any problems, Pierre always helped fix within 24 hours.


16th December 2016

The best accurate Feed Manager Ever.

It made my life easier for the Google Merchant Account. The feed works so great with cron updates.

15th December 2016

Works as expected

This is exactly what we were looking for. Makes it ease to create multiple feeds

20th November 2016

crashed my store

Crashed my store. Support didnt seem to care and gave me refund. Never seen it work but im sure it does. I would have liked having the extension but with support not interesting in even finding out my environment to ensure it doesnt happen to others.


15th November 2016

About configurable products?

I bought module, easy to use, everything as described. My problem is CONFIGURABLE products. There is no sample data for configurable stocks with child products. I asked them, how can I show my simple products under configurable. They didnt give me any sample data feed for configurable products with childs. They explained this is special and asked for 100Euros. Module is 95Euro, you are asking 100Euro for small data feed. That was interesting. And after I sad this is too much, They locked my ticket, I didnt ask anymore. Am I advice module = yes, Support = of course NO. If you need sample for configurables I have, I can send you sample without any price.


30th June 2016

Fantastic plugin, even better service

This plugin does exactly what it says it's going to and is very easy to use. However, what really sets it apart is the incredible support. I've had a couple of instance where we needed some help in getting our data to format correctly, and each time support responded within a couple of hours to help us fix our code. I couldn't recommend this more.


23rd June 2016

The best extension for price comparison

Great extension. Simple and powerful. It can handle more and more datafeed without server charge.
Save me hour of work


17th June 2016


Excellent extension, Excellent Support
It worked very well in and very good reactivity of the support.


3rd June 2016

Excellent support

I have had a number of occasions reaching out to support and always had excellent support! Keep up the good work.


29th May 2016

Wow am I pleased!

I knew this extension was way over my head when I purchased it so I paid for the configurable installation. It was the best money I've ever spent. They were very, very conscientious about getting it installed properly for my particular application and I couldn't be more pleased with the end product.


6th April 2016

Great, out of the box!

This extension is very easy to use. Up and running in just a few minutes. The documentation an the Wyomind site is excellent. I had a few little questions on how to make a feed work like i needed it to and the FAQ provided al my answers.


7th March 2016

Awesome extension and support

Very useful and complete extension and amazing super responsive support. Every request was answered really fast and I could accomplished everything i wanted with this extension. super recommended!


16th February 2016

Superb Service

This extencion is A Must Have!
I had problems because I ordered wrong extencion(monday morning:-), but Wyomind fixed it with in minutes. Thanks to the support team everything is working perfekt! The extencion is as described and working good! Thanks!


13th January 2016

Amazing extension

I'm a marketing agency, managing over 5 different stores. There's 2 things that makes this extension very valuable for us:
a. Flexibility - the feeds can be altered in any way we want.
b. Support - If we don't know how to do something, there's really kind and smart support team that usually helps within a few minutes..
Very happy.


2nd December 2015

Awesome extension

Thia extension do exactly what promise.
Great support from the team.
Thanks for all


12th November 2015

Amazing support, great module

Made initial contact with Wyomind, a response came back within a couple of minutes saying the module could do what I wished it to do.
After buying, install was straight forward, we needed a solution for tiered pricing which then calculated against another value, the support for this was pretty amazing and didn't have to wait more than 5 mins before the next response came.
Thanks again.


12th October 2015

Data Feed Manager

Works perfectly for us, it does exactly what we wanted works exactly the way we hoped. Can't think of any improvements to even suggest.
The companies support is fantastic, we also use their delivery time estimater.


9th October 2015

great extension and support

this extension does what it says. i had a problem with a custom attribute and the support helped me to make it work. I highly recommend this extension!


2nd October 2015

Superb extension with outstanding support!

This is definitely one of the best export extensions out there. The customization options are endless, I have not yet stumbled across one requirement this extension couldn't fulfill. The possibility to use php functions, If / else conditioning, etc with any attribute allows for a dynamic export of literally any information.


30th September 2015


Not only is this extension amazing but the customer service that Wyomind provides is at the ver top level of quality. I am very happy with the quality work that there team provides and the functionality all of their plugins provides. I wish there was another star so that I could give it 6.


25th August 2015

The best modul &amp; developer on market!

I think this developer & this extension is best on market. 150% Support, friedly and really really helpful!
I recommend this extension and hope this developer will develop more extensions for our needs!
5 Stars!


30th June 2015

Excellent Extension, Excellent Customer Service

This extensions does exactly what it says on the tin and works a treat, saves a lot of manual work.
The customer service/support is also second to none.
If you are looking for a data feed extension this is the one to buy.


30th April 2015

High quality extension

Works on CE 1.9.1.
A lot of functions. Easy to use by duplicating the included templates.
Some tricky operations however.
To add a new variable in the template, we must add it as a filter. But to me, a _filter_ is to filter, not to create variables :)
Then the code has to be placed in app/code/local and not in app/code/community. An old mistake from the developer it seems.
But that's details. A good extension !


10th April 2015

Very flexible for all your export needs

We are using Data Feed Manager from Wyomind since years now and appreciate the flexibility of use (especially the magic atteributes). When needed support is always great and reacts within minutes.


26th February 2015

Time Saver

We've used this tool for a while now and have to say it has been perfect for what we needed. A great product and valuable marketing tool.


23rd February 2015

Excellent support!

We have been using datafeed manager for a while now and am really happy with it. Much more important is the excellent and very quick support we are getting.
Thanks again for your can do attitude!


16th February 2015

Excellent extension for exporting product data, maybe the best

I have been using the DataFeedManager for about 3 years now. It is very flexible and you can achieve results very quickly.
And the support of the guys ist outstanding. Definitely the best support I have ever received.


28th January 2015

Great Extension - Fantastic support

This is a great extension that gives you a ton of flexibility with your data feeds. The speed that I was able to replicate and build on existing templates for things that are certainly outside of the box for this extension was fantastic. Support was also very helpful, had to contact a couple of different times for questions about what I was trying to do and they were always quick and helpful with a response. A+ on this one all around.


8th December 2014

Developer is very helpful when you have an issue

I can not rate this extension highly enough.
When I did have an issue the developer was there to help me.


1st December 2014

Best Extension for all shopping sides

We tried some of the Data Feed extensions but this one is realy helpful and without bugs.
Good Work.


30th November 2014

Developer feedback

Purchased this extension months ago. For a new feed, had a quistion which Pierre answered within 24 hrs. Very pleased with this excellent support!


11th November 2014

Excellent product, even better support

I've used Wyomind's Data Feed Manager on two sites now. It's flexible, works as advertised, and helps enable non-developer team members quickly produce the feeds to integrate with other services that would otherwise require custom work. Huge timesaver for our development team.
I needed to add our custom product type to the collection filter for our feed and was blown away by how quickly support responded and pointed me in the right direction. It would be more convenient if custom product types were added to the filter list dynamically, but the resolution provided by Wyomind support (adding the custom product type to filters.phtml) was quick and effective.
I would prefer to see the code located in app/code/community, and the source is obfuscated (and thus more difficult to understand and extend), but this extension provides great value out of the box and support worthy of commendation.


7th October 2014

Best support ever

Having used this product for a while now, its always been 100% rock solid. When I have hit a problem as I did yesterday, a quick email to the guys brings a swift response and after granting access, they found a fixed the issue within minutes! (and I have to say it was down to me not the product).
Many times a day, this product runs and generates many feeds for tens of thousands of our products without missing a heartbeat.
Thanks for the product and thanks for the ongoing excellent support!


24th September 2014

Top Notch Support

I'd left an earlier review about Data Feed Manager extolling the positives of the extension, and wanted to follow up with another review regarding support.
I was running into an issue getting my feeds to appear correctly in Google Merchant Center and after a few hour of frustration decided to contact support.
They immediately responded to my email and within a short period of time helped identify the problem; nothing to do with the extension, just an operator error on my part regarding entering the correct information in GMC.
It was not really their problem, but they went the extra mile and walked through the issues with me and I now have my feeds up and running in Google Shopping.
Excellent extension. Great support!


24th September 2014

The best!

Excellent extension! We use it for Google Shopping!


23rd September 2014

great extension &amp; excellent support

Wyomind has proven multiple times that they create great extensions and have excellent support. They did not hesitate to help us when we wanted a more complex field in our csv export, the problem was fixed within a few hours! Definitely recommend this extension.


23rd September 2014

Great and friendly support

I needed help for the basic price and requires the support was right there. To all requests immediately came a helpful answer. Can only recommend the module and great support. Many thanks to Paul and Pierre.


12th September 2014

Excellent Extension & Support

We've been using the Data Feed Manager to output xml and csv feeds to multiple aggregators and PPC providers. We can't fault it. The support is prompt and friendly. Thanks!


11th September 2014

Good Skeleton - Need to Buy their Support

Out of the box it looks as it works perfectly with all of the feeds. They confirmed it is compliant with Google's new feed specification, however what is not made clear is that you have to do all of the work yourself. The templates provided are just starter templates and do not work out of the box to feed data for every type of product (configurable/bundle) to Google, for instance.
For example, bundles do not show up, unless you make sure you uncheck "not individually visible", which sort of defeats the purpose of that field.
Upon pointing that out, I was met with brashness from the customer support
"If you're too lazy to read the documentation and understand how it works, I'm afraid we can't help you more."
Don't bother wasting money on this product. Its quicker to just write your own code, then spend hours pouring over their documentation.


5th September 2014

Excellent Extension

We've been using Data Feed Manager for sometime and are extremely happy with the extension and support we've received.
If you want to increase your presence on other shopping channels, this is the one to purchase.


2nd September 2014

best customer support in world.

excellent extension and fantastic support.
very easy to use once set up properly.
Paul From customer service and other person very help full.
they reply to email in no time. even on weekend.
great people and great extension.


23rd July 2014

Superb customer support

We have a particularly complicated product set up on our sites and Wyomind kindly allowed us to test the product risk free to determine whether it would meet our specific business needs.
Although Data Feed Manager is extremely feature rich, it unfortunately didn't fully support our non-standard implementation, so we opted not to use it and were kindly refunded. However, the product itself looks great and the customer service we experienced was really quite excellent. Thanks, Wyomind!


30th June 2014

Great product and support

The product works exactly as specified and I had no installation issues.
I have found it very flexible and saved me a lot of time setting up several feeds in different currencies for different providers.
Support has also been excellent and my two queries have been answered in a matter of minutes.


27th June 2014


I bought this module some time back and used it for google feeds. Then i used it for free account. The feed was doing really great for our shop and we decided to upgrade to the pro account. This was not so easy to implement so i contacted Wyomind support. Their response was quick and they really helped us to solve things i did not know to implement. This is were i saw how powerfull the module is. It is a must have for webshops if you want to work with feeds. Great support and a briljant module.


13th June 2014

This Really Simplifies Handling Multiple Feeds

We push feeds out to multiple shopping sites and with the different format and attribute requirements of each, it's always been difficult to keep them up to date, much less available....
This extension simplifies the whole process and is very flexible on any extra requirements.
Developer is quick to answer any questions and provides great support.


6th June 2014

Amazing Extension.... And if only every company operated like this!!

Forget the fact this extension is fantastic and has all of the exports pretty much pre-configured leaving your only job to be creating a folder on your server.... The support I have received from Wyomind has been nothing short of amazing!
Due to some issues with our site it took a huge amount of time for me to get this extension working correctly, Pierre and Paul answered question after question promptly and without complaint, even offering advice on issues not related to the extension. Now it is working and it does exactly what I expected.
Thanks guys! Keep up the good work.


28th May 2014

Great tool!

This is a really great tools! Works perfectly. I had some problems in the beginning, but they helped me. thanks to the staff!! Still took some time to set it up, but now everything automatic.... Great extension!


24th May 2014

Great Product, Even Better Support

This data feed manager has been fantastic for our website. It took some time to learn how to set things up, but they have pretty good documentation on their website.
The best thing I can say about this extension, however, is that the support is phenomenal. On three separate occasions I've written the developers when I've been stuck trying to get something to display in our datafeeds, and each time they've gone above and beyond in helping me fix the issue (usually responding to my email within hours). Unbelievable, friendly support.
Obviously, I highly recommend this.


15th May 2014

Excellent extension and support to match

Just getting to grips with this extension and it's both easy to use from a novice perspective (like me) with lots of preloaded templates for all the major price comparison sites.
I needed some modifications done to permit me to add some custom attributes to my feed and both Pierre and Paul responded to all my queries instantly and helped me get everything up and running within a few hours.
Outstanding support, great extension, highly recommended


10th May 2014

Excellent functionality &amp; Support

The datafeedmanager has lots of capability and makes our different datafeeds possible. Needed support for a new datafeed and the speed and resolution of our problem was impressive! Thank you.


7th May 2014

Best extension I've used so far

This is a great export tool with tons of flexibility. I was able to produce everything I needed which avoids several manual steps we were going through which had a lot of risk. Their support, I dealt with Paul, is first class, not only do they get to you quickly, extremely helpful and provided working solutions first time. I would recommend this extension to anyone and so far has been my best extension experience.


6th May 2014

Excellent Extension w/ Excellent Support

This is exactly what we needed to get into both Amazon and Google Shopping. The extension is very well documented and Support responds within minutes to any custom requests. I just got done working with Paul at Wyomind to implement an if/then statement for the pricing. He's a ninja!


29th April 2014

The best data feed for any comparison site

This extension is very customizable and we were able to use it for all of our data export need for the shopping comparison sites.
The support was very helpful also when we needed some more complicated rules for the export.


25th April 2014

The best Feed Manager, Period

just the best there is, versatile, highly configurable and always responsive and excellent support.
Highly recommended!


15th April 2014

Thank you for making my Life Easy!

1st off if you are looking for an extension for product feeds, this one is hands down very easy to use and does exactly what you need it to. But that's not why I'm writing this review.
The Customer Support is the best I have experienced with any extension developer. When I had some trouble, Laurie went above and beyond to make sure everything worked the way it should. When I e-mailed them i expected to hear back tomorrow because of the time difference but Laurie e-mailed me back in under 3 minutes!!! WHAT?!?!! Thats crazy.
If you are looking for a extension developer with the best support ever please check wyomind out. I will be purchasing more of their products in the future!


11th April 2014

Great functionality, excellent service

We've been using this extension to successfully upload feeds to various places. It comes preset with all the necessary templates and we only had to make one minor template customization to get it running just the way we wanted.
Moreover, we had a small collision with another extension and so we reached out to both developers on one email thread. Both were absolutely first-rate in debugging and helping us resolve the problem. I highly recommend Wyomind's support, should you need it and would certainly buy more extensions from this developer.


9th April 2014

Very flexible feed generation extension

We have been using this extension since 2011. It is the best extension I have seen for generating feeds, with lots of options.
Support by Wyomind is very good and always very fast. This gives us the confidence that when we are facing an issue it will be resolved quickly.
Also the documentation for this extension is very good and extensive.


18th March 2014

really good extension best support ever

no issues on installation on C.E without any change on the default template the feed worked perfectly. I needed some workarounds for specific kind of products and I received a real solution in the shortest time I've ever seen in a support. It wasn't even just a one time thing, I've asked several things and got every time a real answer right away. I would seriuosly worry for him if you don't get an answer :D


17th March 2014

Great Extension with exceptional support

This is extension is extremely useful if you need to upload your products to public marketplaces. After getting used to the logic, it helps creating data feeds easily. And the best is that the developer is very helpful and responsive if you run into problems with the configuration. It has upgrade fees, but I think they're justified by the usefulness and the support this extension has.


13th March 2014

Must have extension

Great extension, easy to use and very good support from Pierre!


7th March 2014

sweet , works as need it !

Generates xml data of over 30k products in a few minutes, it works smooth just wonderful , and this guys give the best support .


3rd March 2014

Very Pleased with Developer Support

Pierre answered my question within a few hours. Any problem I had when transferring from the developer to the live domain was resolved very quickly. Really pleased with the level of service i've received.
Im looking forward to using Data Feed Manager on my website.


12th February 2014

This extension is a must for all store owners

Save time and make money. This extension removes the laborious task of creating feeds for the many shopping channels out there. Quick and easy to install, simple to understand, and comes with great support. I've used a number of different extensions from Wyomind, all have worked as described, and proved to be worth the price 20 times over.


12th February 2014

Excellent support!

Many thanks for the support and help (special thanks to Pierre!). This extension is awesome!


29th January 2014

Great Tool - Great service

We were in search for such a tool and found this one. We like this great tool, as the description keeps its promises. And the service in case of questions is simply great and fast. Thank you.


29th January 2014

Beautiful extension, great support

The extension works correctly, no problem with the installation. It can handle all the comparators price and functionality are endless.
But the best thing ... support! thank you very much


17th January 2014

Great extension, great support

Upgraded from Simple Google Shopping as it struggled with our thousands of URL rewrites, and generating the feed would crash our site.
Data Feed Manager is MUCH better, and is incredibly powerful. The feeds generate in a few seconds and is yet to take the site down after several months of use.
The support offered is amazing. Quick to respond and all our issues have been resolved within a few hours. Not only that, they're friendly and seem happy to deal with support requests. Whereas most developers are quick to blame the user, and don't spend the time to understand the problem.
All in all, a great extension and developer.


20th December 2013

Perfect Extension with brilliant support

Data Feed Manager is the best extension for data feeds I know. Functionality is superb, support is really fast and helpful. Thanks!


12th November 2013

Must have

We use the data feed manager in every Shop we support. It's really great and the best support you can have.


8th November 2013


Great product, has all the functionality we require. Easy to create and manage data feeds.
On top of this, the support from the developer Wyomind has been absolutely fantastic.
Excellent all round.


30th October 2013

Great and Super Support

great extension with an easy customization of the feed templates. The support is very fast and kind.


30th October 2013

Great Extension

Data Feed Manager brings all the functions what we want. Easy to install and set up.


7th October 2013

Great customer support!

Beside the fact that I love the extension, the support from Wyomind is absolutely fantastic. In most cases I have an answer within the hour. Above expectations!
Thumbs up guys! Thanks for the great support.


4th October 2013

excellent extension

I wish I have discovered this extension earlier. It's very flexible and simple at the same time, which is quite hard to achieve. You can create nearly every feed you need within minutes, I just love it! Even parent / child relationships are very easy to create for XML and csv...
The developer support is also very quick and helpful!


1st October 2013

I'm very satisfied

I use the module for almost 2 years and am very satisfied so far.
Questions to the support be the same for example answer with examples.
I can highly recommend the module.
Sorry for my bad English. (Google translator) :-)

Grua Kay

18th September 2013


Excellent support and very useful extension. Had some problems with the installation but got both quick and very helpful support.

Anton Malmberg

16th September 2013

Data Feed Manager

This extension is excellent and works perfect. Have had a couple of technical support questions and Pierre has been quick to respond with a solution.


10th September 2013

Impressive response time

The extension work as described. Easy to install and to work with it, and the suport is awsome fast.
We contacted several times to make questions about how to create new feeds. They replied in less than one every time.
Now, some weeks after our first order, we make a second one. By mistake we purchased the wrong extension. They correct the download link in less than a minute!


8th September 2013

Keep the Good Work!!!

The customer service is superior. I emailed them, and in less then an hour they responded. Within a few hours my issues were fixed. Consider, I bought the extension an year ago, and I still got the same quality service. The extension is easy to use and offers many options. I am a store owner not developer, and it wasn't hard for me to setup the feeds, they have the templates preset and ready to use, however you still need to spend some time and read the google shopping etc. program guidelines and adjust the templates according to your specific products. The good part is that Wyomind has an extensive library on their website and is all explained even you can find an updated data feeds there. Also, I liked the filters, which allows you to exclude products from the feeds by almost endless criteria. Bottom line: quality extension does everything it claims and even more, and superior customer service. I did my choice with no regrets. I recommend this extension.


3rd September 2013

Great extention and excellent support

Wyomind is very helpful in creating Data Feeds instantly. Minimum coding and configuration effort, preview the feed before submission, and especially the Magic Attributes and other attributes coupled with options for entity conversion, stripping tags etc. helped me to create the feed in a few minutes. This extension is beneficial for any kind of stores and can be managed by both technical and non technical admins.
The support is fast and reliable and answers to all the questions and issues immediately.


2nd August 2013

A problem but solved with good support

We purchased this to make uplaoding to Google and others easier and automated. Some initial issues with the actual FTP were quickly resolved by very helpful support from the developers who spotted the problem (the FTP doesnt need ftp:// on it!) and we were working in no time.
However well or not a component works, the key is the support and the guys were quick, responsive and helpful.


19th July 2013

Best Data Feed Extension

I've tested several extensions to generate data feeds to Google and other Shopping websites. Data Feed Manager is by far the easiest to use and the most versatile. Moreover, the development team is highly responsive! Thanks!!

Dennis N

4th July 2013

Perfect solution and easy to customize!

This is a amazing plugin !
Contrary to what Cybez Solutions says you can do whatever you want. You can even remove all html tags from a description : it's quite easy, just need to give a look at the great online doc.
Thanks to Wyomind.


4th July 2013

Awesome tool, excellent support

A great extension for all your feeds anywhere, very clear interface, intuitive error checking etc. Also the support is very quick and helpfull.
Would absolutely recommend this extension and Wyominid to anyone who needs this functionality.


4th July 2013

Review Correction

This is a review in correction to the review we gave on 3 July 2013.
The plugin is excellent and works for all the various feeds you want to create.
There was an understanding issue with our developer and thus the review posted before stands invalid.
Thanks for the excellent support from Wyomind and apologies for the incorrect review.
We will certainly buy more of your plugins for our other stores
Cybez Solutions

Cybez Solutions

10th June 2013

just perfect

I've tried many other extensions but this is the only one that is working how it should! It gives you extensive possibilities in creating a datafeed.
The help from support is making this extension one of the best there is. Fast, knowlegeable and friendly.
Keep it up!


29th May 2013

Excellent extention and astonishing support

This extention is a must-have for every webshop that takes itself serious. Virtually unlimited options to output any kind of feed of what kind of products you like in any of your categories. Lightning fast support and unbelievable helpfullness. Would recommend to anyone, any day. Thanks


16th May 2013

Great extension with excellent support

Great extension and the support is also excellent. Submitting feeds is simple and less time consuming now. Worth every penny!


16th May 2013

Perfect Extension - perfect Support!

We have several extension from Wyomind in use and especially this one is a great and powerful tool.
Also the support could not be better!
Thank you very much!


8th May 2013

Great plug in does exactly what it says.

Good extension, support is also fantastic. Creating feeds is easy. Value for money is Top!
this tool you just have in your store, it is definitely worth the money.


6th May 2013

Does exactly what it says

Awesome module.
Works like a charm.
I had some difficluties setting it up, as you need to know the shortcodes for the feed.
Got a response within 20min, and problem was fixed!


6th May 2013

Great feed manager

bought this extension several times to make some product ml feeds for customers. It works great - and the support is fast and very helpful


28th April 2013

Great extension

I have bought this extension to make some product feeds. and it's working great.
After some setup problems ( great support ) it''s working for google and
best regards.


19th April 2013

Superb plugin

does exactly what it says on the tin and the support from Pierre and his team is absolutely fantastic.


11th April 2013

Great product, excellent support

Installed product on test site and on live site, had great support, really fast reaction from the developer. DateFeed works easy and good now.


27th March 2013

Very happy to have bought this extension!

This is the first time I am writing a review for an extension simply because it just wows me! Having zero knowledge of data feeds, Pierre has assisted me in every way he can to get me up and running.
The support via email I received from Pierre is just top notch. Most of the time I emailed him, I received a reply in a few minutes. Never had I received such a responsive and helpful assistance and Pierre will really go all the way to get things going. Just read all the reviews on this page and you will know Pierre is just the perfect guy to go to if you have any needs in data feed.
The extension itself is very easy to use after the initial setup. Now included with automatic FTP upload feature, together with schedule task feature, I don't need to worry about Data Feed Manager anymore. Feed is now generated automatically every day and uploaded to FTP automatically. Saves me a lot of time with this!
And needless to say, the price for the functions and the unrivaled support from Pierre is simply unmatched. This is the extension you NEED to get if you are thinking to get into Google Shopping or other comparison shopping engines, I am sure you will be very happy as I am.
That's all for my honest review of Data Feed Manager, and thanks again for everything, Pierre :)


24th March 2013

Very fast support!

Great plug in does exactly what it says.
And thx. to Paul for very fast support!


13th March 2013

Really good Module

Does exactly what it says and excellent support
Thank you


5th March 2013

Best of Breed Feed Extension

I've installed quite a few different ones for clients in the last couple of years but this one goes well beyond where others leave off.
The interface takes just a little bit of getting used to since Wyomind has taken the the time to put all adjustable parameter at your fingertips but the beauty is that as a developer I can configure this and don't really have to explain to my clients how to use it.
On top of a very well designed product we've gotten first class support from Pierre.
Highly recommended and I will be recommending this to any client that comes my way with a request to set up shopping feeds.


28th February 2013

Brilliant. Makes a complicated task simple to do, even with custom attributes

This extension is excellent. We now have data feeds for google and others as well as totally custom feeds for our distributors.
We needed a product which was capable of including non-standard attributes as we have an ERP system integrated and this handled it like a champ.
Support was always quick, polite and very effective, even with our complex requirements, we got it running exactly as we wanted very quickly.
10/10 for us.
Thanks guys :-)


26th February 2013

Makes my life easier !

I'm using Datafeedmanager for about 3 months now, I can absolutely recommend it! It does what it;s supposed to and Wyomind has a good manual and support if you need it.
Worth the money!!


29th January 2013

Really great extension and great

Really great extension and great and superfast help from Pierre the maker of the datafeed manager. If you are looking for a feed tool look no further, this one is great.


23rd January 2013

Great extension and excellent sup

Great extension and excellent support.
We never had a service so fast and effective!


21st January 2013

This is great!

This is great!


3rd January 2013

Must-have extension

I use this extension on one of my websites and I really think it is a must-have extension. I plan to use it on my new website that uses the Ultimento template, does anyone have any feedback on this extension with Ultimento? Thanks Tom


29th December 2012

I have been meaning to write a re

I have been meaning to write a review on Wyomind for some time. Our Data Feed Manager extension has been awesome. We have a very large overly complex store. We produce very large feeds for about 20 partners twice a day. This all happens in a few minutes, with minimum load on the server. It just cranks away dutifully producing feeds for over 6 months. Our store admins can create crazy complex feeds, no developer needed.

Please beg Wyomind to create an importer with the same UI.


20th December 2012

This extension works perfect. I c

This extension works perfect. I can upload my feed to most powerful portals like amazon, shopzzila, It is very convenient and easy to use.


17th December 2012

This is a great extension. We had

This is a great extension. We had no problems with instal and it does everything we need and more. Highly recommended.


18th November 2012

the Data feed manager is great wo

the Data feed manager is great works wonders. The support team is the best i have seen.


7th November 2012

I recommend this company. Not jus

I recommend this company. Not just for their excellent products but also for the care and attention they provide to users of their extensions.

So far, I have not found a match!



2nd November 2012

Without doubt the support from th

Without doubt the support from this company is the best I have experienced. I have tried every other feed extension and this blows the rest out of the water!

A very impressed customer


26th October 2012

I can highly recommend this nice,

I can highly recommend this nice, useful extension - it works perfect and the support (Pierre) is superfast in answering. Long story short: It's all worth its money! :-)


24th October 2012

Wow, wow, wow!! Pierre replied to

Wow, wow, wow!! Pierre replied to my inquiry within 20 minutes, answering all of my questions in record time! I purchased the
extension + installation & set a time with him for the installation to make sure there were no glitches on our front / back end. Pierre made contact 10 mins before our scheduled time & installed the extension perfectly within 15minutes (his service was incredible!) + the extension works perfectly & does exactly what it promises. Thank you Pierre I couldnt be happier :-)


15th October 2012

Brilliant!! This is a great exten

Brilliant!! This is a great extension its solved several issue for me including my GoogleShopping feed and several custom feeds I needed (including one to power my ebay listings). Support is also excellent, Pierre's been very fast to assist with the few teething issues I had (all of which were with my side!).

If you are looking for an extremely flexible extension that will allow you to setup pretty much any type of product feed you like, this is the only one worth looking at.


3rd September 2012

very good extension and very good

very good extension and very good support!

thank you very much.


30th August 2012

Great product &amp;amp; great sup

Great product & great support. These guys know what they're doing. Would be lost without it.


29th August 2012

Perfect module! And the support i

Perfect module! And the support is just perfect! Fast, friendly and very competent! Many thanks! Here you get real value for your money! Best regards from Switzerland


23rd August 2012

Very flexible module that allows

Very flexible module that allows you to create pretty much every feed you need. I contacted support about how to add the shipping costs to the price based on the shipping group it was in and within moments I got a reply and everything was fixed. I will definitely use this module for other shops again.


31st July 2012

Really a nice product. The suppor

Really a nice product. The support team is awesome. If you have issues, you can email them and can get response immediately. I would definitely recommend this extension.


25th May 2012

This extension is truly awesome a

This extension is truly awesome and 1000% times better than GoMage.

GoMage took 12 hours to process. Wyomind takes 15 minutes.

Support is great too!


16th April 2012

I have been very happy with the S

I have been very happy with the Simple Google Shopping extension for the last few years. With the new version of Data feed manager, I was happy to upgrade. Again, Pierre is the best. Highest recommendation! Tom ver 1.5.1


5th April 2012

Just to add, great and speedy

Just to add, great and speedy support on this product. Answered support e-mail very quickly. Great support!


26th March 2012

Pierre is seriously amazing. My d

Pierre is seriously amazing. My developer was not available to set up the feeds so Pierre took the time to help me set them up. He is amazingly fast at responding and is incredibly helpful!! Thanks so much for your help Pierre.


7th March 2012

Great extension. EXTREMELY Flexib

Great extension. EXTREMELY Flexible. Great support. Great results. Definitely recommend!


3rd February 2012

works, thanks.

works, thanks.


18th January 2012

I installed GoMage Feed Pro and w

I installed GoMage Feed Pro and was never able to make it work. I read in many forums how everyone was having all sorts of issues, like me. It turned out it uses a ridiculous amount of resources. I was supposed to even increase my server's PHP settings like memory limit, max post size etc.

I bought Feed Manager and all is now happiness. It worked right out of the box without any hassle. It is EXTREMELY quick (unlike GoMage) and it even allows PHP expressions!
It does everything that GoMage does (filter by category, by attribute, etc etc etc)

I finally got my feeds working and a happy client.


25th November 2011

I purchased this plugin two times

I purchased this plugin two times for two different customers. I must say this is the best data feed tool I ever tried.

By the way, guys : your support is simply amazing !!


23rd October 2011

I purchased the Data Feed Manager

I purchased the Data Feed Manager and was not sure what to expect in terms of technical and after sales support, as I needed the extension for my client business I ran into issues installing it, I am pretty sure it was from my end. I emailed Wyomind and immediately they did their best to sort the issue out. Fantastic support, Many thanks for a great product.


4th October 2011

Thank you for your help, it w

Thank you for your help, it works!


30th September 2011

Hey Wyomind, This e

Hey Wyomind,

This extensions works great! Quick question:

What code can be used to pull out any additional images?


28th August 2011

Great extension, we connected eas

Great extension, we connected easily two several sites like Google shopping and Our Google feed was excepted almost instantly. The support given by Pierre is truly amazing and very fast.
This one is the one to get if you need feeds.


22nd August 2011

Excellent extension, our Google f

Excellent extension, our Google feed is now prefect. Pierre is also extremely fast to reply to questions and is developing the extension constantly. Any problems and questions were sorted. Feels like he is on your team!

This is how it should be!
If you need feeds, buy this.


18th August 2011

Extension is exactly what we need

Extension is exactly what we needed to get our products onto google shopping and kelkoo - works great.

And top rate support from Pierre - all our questions both before and after purchase were dealt with and answered within minutes.



16th August 2011

Yes it does comply if you use

Yes it does comply if you use version 2.5.2
I bought 2 of them and use them both for several feeds.
Configuring is easy with the pre configured templates.


5th August 2011

Good extension, good support. Cre

Good extension, good support. Creating feeds is easy. Value for money is Top!


17th July 2011

The best extension what I have fo

The best extension what I have found for data exports.
It includes templates for an export to Google Shopping and all exports for our affiliates partners can be adopted from the existing export examples.
On the beginning, we had some trouble with our bundle products, but Pierre give us the best support, what I have ever had. The email reaction time was under 5 minutes and our problems was solved on the next day.

Thank you for this Pierre!


29th June 2011

Good extension. Easy to use and h

Good extension. Easy to use and highly adaptable. Exactly what we need !!! :)


27th June 2011

Great Extension, Ins

Great Extension,

Installed on v .Installation was easy and no trouble whatsoever.
I had some issues with XML samples, but Pierre was very helpful and I got
it right after a few emails.

Thank you Pierre, for having the patience to bare with me.


New features

  • Performance improvement

New features

  • Translations for metafields
  • Fix for retrieving the translated description and title of products
  • Store management enhancement
  • New pricing including the Basic plan for free and all other plans are now cheaper
  • Fix for option names and values including special characters
  • Security enhancement
  • Fix for discount fetching
  • Css style minor fix
  • Fix for the Shopify admin auto-redirection

New features

  • New placeholders library
  • Preview in text mode/data sheet mode for csv/txt data feeds
  • Performance improvement / code refactoring

Release candidate

Demo store

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