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Orders Export Tool allows you to create xml, csv and txt order files from your Magento admin panel and export them to any CRM application or order management software/platform. Any kind of export file types can be easily customized.

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Orders Export Tool
is available for Magento® 2

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Does what it has to do!

Support reacts quick and helps me out fast.

Robine - https://www.nnpartners.nl/

3rd May 2018

Great support

Purchased, installed, and support helped us customize it exactly how we needed it with some complex code to manage vat numbers, and helped us set the export time to every 10 mins. Great product and service - saved us lots of time and admin from our old solution.

Phil Ellis - http://daemonprintsupplies.com

20th April 2018

Very Useful extension and gives us what you want.

i m web designer and i m using wyomind extension from long. I must say that it works fantastically! The support team is friendly and fast.


19th April 2018

Best Export Extension and top support!

Fast and really nice support. Has saved us a lot of work. We can only recommend Wyomind and this extension.

Thomas - http://cbd-vital.at

6th March 2018

Very very good but I think their is a bug in the encrypted code

As said in the title this extension is very professional and flexible.You can export whatever attribute you want in whatever format you want. A problem I found is the export profiles are exported on the "checkout_submit_after_all" event, so if you redirect your client to a payment platform the export will occur before the payment is confirmed (so this can be an issue with you orders state for example). So I had to manually change the event in which the export is listening but it seems that this is causing a problem to mark orders as "exported" but as this part of the code is obfuscated I can't find where it's bugged... I hope I will get this problem fixed with the support which is reactive.

Pepe - http://monespacedesante.fr

27th February 2018

A very flexible extension that gives us all the options we needed

The Order export extension gave us access to all the order data we needed along with very flexible custom attributes. The choice of data delivery by a number of different methods and timed schedules was also very useful. Requests to Wyomind were responded to quickly and efficiently.

Gary Martin - https://www.bivouac.co.nz/

11th February 2018


I am a web developer and I use Wyomind extensions on some clients and I find them fantastic. The Order Export Tool extension makes it easy and free to export data on orders, using output files on different channels.


29th January 2018

Useful extension for many applications

I was looking for a bridge that would allow me to interface Magento 2 to my billing CRM, when I came across this extension that was right for my case. I must say that it works fantastically! The support team is friendly and fast.

Massimino Maria Rosaria - http://www.kinnik.it

23rd January 2018

Helped Us Export to QuickBooks

We used this extension in combination with ZedAxis to export to QuickBooks, perhaps not the smoothest solution, but it worked for us at the time, and it worked well. Very customizable, you can write your own PHP to really customize it as needed. Fairly simple setup, although we had a couple hiccups, it worked out fine, and support was solid in helping us to figure it out. This was the only extension we could find that would export each additional item in an invoice as its own line, duplicating the order information, rather than trying to cram it all into a single line(which makes for a very messy CSV file). We also used it for Stamps.com exporting and importing, since they haven't updated to support Magento 2 yet. So again, very versatile tool. Overall, very solid, just wish Wyomind would give lifetime updates, considering the price, and have us pay only for support.

Daniel Eck

14th January 2018

Wonderful tool

This is a must have export tool for Magento 2. Rock solid and totally versatile piece of software absolutely useful for your M2 store. My rating is 5 stars without any doubt.


27th November 2017

works, sometimes got some issues

Simple and works, but got some issue and hard to find out how to solve since not lot people use it I guess.

sennin32 - http://shopkey.doyustudio.com

22nd August 2017

The export tool help on export the custom shipping information

The export tool helps on export the custom shipping information where Magento 2 lack off. The function is catered all my requirement.


21st August 2017

Useful tool

It's quite helpful to process/automate order processing on a busy site. Easy to configure.


7th August 2017

Saved us a lot of manual work!

Before using the Wyomind export extension, orders placed on our website were all keyed in manually. Since installing, the orders are pushed into our shipping system automatically. It's reduced the workload on our customer service team, increases efficiency with faster order processing and works great!

Chris S

12th July 2017

Works great!!

The order export tool was easy to install and saves us a lot of data entry time entering orders into our ERP system. Highly recommend!

ben - https://www.hangers.com/

26th June 2017

Excellent and versatile tool

This module is a very good one as it allows you to create directly via back-end differentiated exporting profiles (i.e. export file formats) for your orders. So, if you use different shipment providers or if you change shipment provider, with this tool you have the flexibility to generate the files you need and pass them to the IT system of your used carrier(s). Also, the extended configuration facility offered by this module gives you the possibility to define what orders to export at a very granular lever.

Davide Cosnonni - https://www.advancedlogic.eu/

28th May 2017

Unable to include custom attributes in feed

I have a custom attribute eg "Player name" with input type field (the customer enters the player name before adding to cart). This appears in the order detail page. I need to include it in the feed. I expected this to be a standard feature.It requires writing php code. I haven't been able to come up with php code that works, and neither has the developer. Does anyone in the community have experience of this and can help please?

Xcom Dev

26th February 2017

Excellent Magento module

Perfect for exporting all Magento order information into the correct layout for us to import into our external company system. On the occasion where we have needed support it has been perfect and any issues resolved very fast. This magento extension is very highly recommended.


7th February 2017

Really useful!

This extension works perfectly on Magento 2.0.10 Flexible and useful I had a really good support from Wyomind. 5 stars of course

Linh PS

20th January 2017

Excellent module pour ma compta

Ce module est parfait pour faire un export pour la compta voir beaucoup plus !!! Il est hyper simple à utiliser et fonctionne très bien. Merci à toute l'équipe de Wyomind pour ce module génial.


5th January 2017

Worked like a charm

The extension works perfect, allowed us to easily generate a orders file to synchronize everything with our ERP automatically. The support is fast and reliable. Thanks!


27th December 2016

Useful thing

I have used this extension with Datafeed manager and Salescast connector export data into Lokad salescast system over two years. I use ftp scheduled sync to refresh salescast data in Lokad and there was no any bugs has been found in this time. Thanks for great stable module


14th December 2016

Better than advertised.

We needed a bulk export tool for orders for invoicing suppliers, this tool exceeded our needs in exporting these data.Custom made attributes are easily included in export reports, a must have for us.Also this extension is really easy in configuration and use, no hours of studying the the possibilities needed!I will look at other extensions of Wyomind!


10th January 2016

Great Extension

This is a good extension, it works as described and is easy to use. This has already saved me heaps of time in being able to export information directly into my customer database and shipping tool. It is very flexible and I can already see a number of other areas this can help me with.Developer support was also very good. They had me up and running in no time. Thanks wyomind.


3rd January 2016


This extension do what it says!To accommodate our specific requirements we needed an adjustment. The support was incredible fast and reactive!Thanks again guys! Great JOB..


20th October 2015

Very good

The Extension had a little error, but the support fixed it within a few hours. Very good extension and support!!! Thanks!


30th September 2015

BRAVI: continuate così!

I recommend to all Magento users this extension especially for the support that is SUPER. I especially thank Pierre and Paul who are patient, professional and very fast in solving problems.Thank youPietro


20th March 2015

The best export extension on the market

If you are searching for an excellent extension for exporting your orders which you can import into almost any system, you have to buy this extension! You can customize the extension in the exact way you want it, and if you need any help, you can contact the support team and you will get help within 10-30 minutes, it's fantastic! Not only ftp upload is availabe, it's also possible to send export files to your email!


9th December 2014

Excellent !!!

Support is great,reactive,... and product let us a lot of flexibility.Congratulations for this module.Arnaud


1st November 2014

Awesome Extension & Support

These guys rock!Not only creating great extensions but also for supporting my sometimes stupid sounding questions with fast and helpful support.Thanks Guys

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8th July 2014


HiI bought this product last week and had a few snags! However the developers had excellent support and resolved all issues i had!They really stand out of the crowd these guys and i can recommend them with impunity!Thank you Pierre!You made a customer for life out of me!


5th February 2014

Best support i have ever seen

This module works great, but the support that its given is really 5*Pierre responds real quick on any question. When my developers couldnt figure out some customization issues. Pierre offered to do it himself. Really great geisture as we had much urgency with this job. 100% RECOMMENDED!


17th January 2014

A great product surpassed only by the developer's support

I needed to export orders to several places, and all of them had very different xml schemas. Multiple export profiles allowed easy creation and management of the multiple schemas. Filters prevented extraneous orders from being sent. And custom attributes allowed me to convert data into whatever crazy format was specified. I had several questions for support and not only was the response prompt and helpful, but continued well after hours


3rd December 2013

This extension far exceeded my expectations.

We needed an extension that was user-friendly with a high level of customization. Wyomind delivered it in spades!The set-up was quick and easy. Documentation was readily available and written in manner that even a novice like myself could understand.What few issues I did encounter were quickly and professionally resolved by customer support. In fact Pierre wrote two custom attribute scripts for me when all I asked him how I could do it myself.You will not regret purchasing this product.


3rd December 2013

Very good support!

Very good extension and support. I had a few problems but they were fixet in a day by the developer. I recommend both the extension and the developer


18th October 2013

Good tool and great support!

The plugin really does what is descriped and is very easy to use.If you have questions, they are answered very quick from the support and for a really good price the report was customized for me.Thanks!


11th July 2013

Amazing extension and support

My clients are way behind on technology so I needed something to export their orders without them having to do much. This extension works perfectly and the customer support is amazing!!


24th June 2013

Great product, great support

The extension works perfectly as expected. My question got immediately responded by the support team.Higly recommended.


16th May 2013

Great Developer Support

As a preferred supplier I was happy to see the new Order Export extension and when we had to query the developer they prompt in their reply as ever!


13th May 2013

Great Tool

This tool works great. it is now very easy to create my own reports with variables I would like to see. It's saved me a lot of timeI asked for help by the support and they were fast and good.Thanks.KingToys


8th May 2013

Works exactly as stated

Have tried a couple of other extensions/modules to export orders, but they did not quite work. This extension/module does exactly what it says on the tin.It is very easy to use, and understand, you can even make new export templates as needed.The developer seems to be always there ready to help if needed, though I have not needed any help, we have been discussing adding to the module to accommodate tracking information, this enhancement would make it even better for the Google Trusted Stores feed,Third module by Wyomind and have not had a problem with any.


4th May 2013

Another High Quality Extension from Wyomind

This is my 3rd extension I purchased from Wyomind and the quality of their extensions are consistently high. You will be able to tell that they put a lot of thoughts into designing and developing their extensions.I previously purchased the data feed manager which now has been sweetly running for 6 months on multiple product comparison sites including Google merchant.What really shines about this extension is the ability to custom the outputs, and even inserting your own script to do your own calculation. It takes all attributes from Magento to assist you generating most accurate order output. It is a very flexible module with plenty of features.Admin interface is simple to use.I'm not a programmer, so support is very important for me and their support team never fail to promptly answer all of my questions. My experience is not a once off, I have always utilised their support with my purchase of their extension.I look forward for the purchase of another useful & high quality extension from Wyomind.


22nd April 2013

This extension is extremely good.

This extension is extremely good. And the person deicated to support for this is also excellent.Overall, a very useful extension.


7th March 2013

Without a doubt the best

Having tried several other order exports I have to say this is without a doubt the best. Its totally customisable and has enabled me to create various different export types for delivery partners and accounts purposes. It saves me literally hours every day. Support is also absolutely brilliant from Wymomind, Ive bought several extensions and have always been assisted with any setup challenges with very patient and prompt support. If you need a powerful order export extension, this is it!


13th January 2013

Tool works like a charm.

Tool works like a charm. Makes it very easy to create your own reports with variables you like. Saved me a lot of time.


21st December 2012