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The Elasticsearch suite is finally out! Just in time to get ready for the 2018 holiday season.

Our team has been working hard to propose a complete tool for you to considerably enhance your Magento 2 search and navigation.

With the Elasticsearch extensions, you can make the search on your shop as quick as a flash and offer the privilege to the visitors to find what they are looking for in a few seconds with a completely customizable layered navigation.

Make the most of your Magento 2 search and navigation with the Elasticsearch suite!

The Elasticsearch suite is a package of extensions based on the power of Elasticsearch, a search and analytics engine. It is composed of 3 major extensions to offer a smoother navigation and to make any search on your shop much more relevant, quicker and user-friendly than the default Magento 2 search tools:

  • Elasticsearch Autocomplete

Display instant and relevant search results including products, categories, CMS pages and search suggestions in a smart and elegant box from any page of your website.

Top features: Immediate results, All product types/categories/CMS pages included in the search results, Did you mean suggestions, Keywords highlighting, Products and product attributes weight...

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  • Elasticsearch Multifaceted Autocomplete

Enhance the search results from Elasticsearch Autocomplete with a multi-faceted navigation including filterable attributes, products sorting and many display options (configurable attributes, Add to cart button...).

Top features: Elasticsearch Autocomplete features, Display options (product ratings, configurable attributes), Breadcrumbs, Buttons ("Add to cart", "Add to wish-list", "Add to compare", "Email to a friend"), Filtering by any product attribute, Price slider and input boxes, Products sorting...

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  • Elasticsearch Layered Navigation

Make your categories and search results pages so fast to navigate thanks to a powerful set of search tools! Offer a complete layered navigation by adding as many filters as you want in your pages. 

Top features: Filters management in the Category and Search results pages, AJAX cart, Infinite Scroll, Breadcrumbs, Buttons ("Add to cart", "Add to wish-list", "Add to compare", "Email to a friend"), Price slider and input boxes...

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Note that you can get all the extensions in one with the Elasticsearch Suite package which groups all features and provides you with a complete suite to enhance your Magento 2 search.

Offer an optimized browsing experience

As the mobile commerce continues to grow, it is not a surprise that searches are also made on mobile devices.
For that reason, our Magento Certified Professionals have designed the Elasticsearch suite to be fully responsive so that your customers can enjoy a seamless user experience on whatever device they enjoy using most.

You should be all ready to enjoy the end-of-year sales! 

At Wyomind, we are very happy to announce the launch of this new project and we would love to hear about what you think! You can send all your questions and comments at www.wyomind.com/contact.html.