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Hello there!

We hope you are totally ready for summer!

At Wyomind, we have done great work on several extensions.

Among our catalog you will find new products but also updated and enhanced versions of existing extensions. Feel free to have a look to the changelog tab on each extension page.

Also, we want to thank you! You are 28 000 users worldwide using our extensions! And almost 1 400 reviews were posted on our website, with an average rating of 4.9/5. This is awesome!

Elasticsearch v.6

Among new releases, Elasticsearch has been a huge one.

Our extension is now compatible with... *wait for it* ... Elasticsearch server v.6!

The last version of the Elastisearch server is indeed faster. This will allow you more than ever to enhance your search results relevancy and speed.

With the Elasticsearc extension v.6, you now have the choice to use the Elasticsearch server v.2, v.5 or v.6. 

You can have a look to our demo here and make your own opinion!

Mass Product Import & Update

Fresh update for Mass Product Import & Update! Now it uses a completely new user interface and PHP API. 

The new interface makes it so easy for you to manage your import profiles. Our famous black box, that you can find in some of our extensions, is such a great tool to configure your mapping seamlessly. It is composed of 3 major features:

  • an Input preview
    To see the data of your source file.
  • a Library
    To check what are the values you can use for each attribute.
  • an Output preview
    To give you an idea of the data as they'll be upated. 

Also Mass Product Import & Update allows you to fully customize and control the data output by using PHP scripts in different ways. So if you need special configuration in your mapping, you can use plain php code.

You can play with the new features directly from our demo (the extension is also up to date for Magento1). 

Google Rich Snippets

A new extension is out!

The Google Rich Snippets extension allows you to enhance the visibility of your pages in the search engine and get a better rank in Google Shopping. Cool, isn't it? 

The extension offers many advantages: 

  • Easy
    If you think you need technical skills to manage this tool well don't be so sure! Our Google Rich Snippets extension does the job itself, no need to get your hands dirty!
  • Customizable
    However, if you like to get your hands dirty, no problem! You can edit, update and customize the rich snippet template to refine the data as you want.
  • Reliable
    Google Rich Snippets also provides a testing tool to make sure the product page code is ok.
  • Compatible
    The extension allows managing any type of Rich Snippets (JSON-LD, schema.org, RDFa,....) and supports all product types.

The Google Rich Snippets extension is available for Magento 1 and 2. If you are interested, you can have a look to the documentation.

Google Product Ratings

You have many product reviews and you want to display them in Google Shopping? It is possible with the Google Product Ratings extension. It allows you to highlight your Product Listing Ads in Google Shopping by displaying your products reviews through a valid and adapted data feed.

The extension is quite complete: 

  • Time saver
    You can display your product reviews in Google Shopping in one go.
  • Reliable
    Be totally compliant with Google's requirements.
  • Automatic
    Automatically and regularly send your updated product reviews feed to Google

The extension is available for Magento 1 and 2 as well. If you are interested in such a tool, you can have a look at the documentation directly. 

Among latest releases!

These last months at Wyomind, some new versions of extensions have been launched!

Releases for Magento v1.X

  • Cron Scheduler Pro v1.4.0
    released on 28/06/2018
    Magento v2.2.5 compatibilty
  • Dynamic Category v.2.6.0
    released on 13/06/2018
    Category indexation via the CLI
  • Mass Product Import & Update v3.0.0
    released on 17/05/2018
    More intuitive user interface
  • Mass Stock Update v6.0.0
    released on 24/04/2018
    More intuitive user interface
  • Data Feed Manager v7.13.0
    released on 26/03/2018
    Compatibility with PHP 7
  • Google Customer Reviews v2.2.0
    released on 07/03/2018
    Add of the list of the products in the success page code
  • Google Products Ratings v1.3.0
    released on 20/02/2018
    Empty review titles are excluded from the data feed
  • Google Rich Snippets v2.1.0
    released on 10/01/2018
    New testing tools with quick links to check the rich snippet in Google's testing tool and direct link to the page

Releases for Magento v2.X

  • Advanced Inventory v.6.7.2
    released on 28/06/2018
    Better management of the Add to Cart button
  • Mass Product Import & Update v3.0.1
    released on 11/06/2018
    Support of the category creation with Magento Enterprise Edition
  • Cron Scheduler Pro / Cron Scheduler v1.4.0
    released on 28/06/2018
    Magento v2.2.5 compatibilty
  • Mass Product Import & Update v3.0.0
    released on 30/05/2018
    New user interface & New PHP API
  • Mass Stock Update v7.0.0
    released on 24/05/2018
    New user interface and New PHP API
  • Pickup At Store v3.4.0
    released on 24/05/2018
    Compatibility with Magento 2.2.4
  • Payment Method Rules v1.0.0
    released on 18/04/2018
    First Release for Magento 2
  • Google Customer Reviews v3.3.0
    released on 08/03/2018
    The extension supports now the product listing in the order confirmation module
  • Google Merchant Promotions v2.3.0
    released on 23/01/2018
    Compatibility Magento 2.2.x
  • Elasticsearch v6.0.0
    released on 08/01/2018
    New responsive autocomplete box, Compatibility with Elasticsearch v2, v5 and v6, "Did you mean?" feature available now in the autocomplete box...

To see more, you can find all changelogs on each extension page.