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Well, this is it, holidays have arrived and the Wyomind team took some days off.
But no worries, we are back and we have surprises for you.
New extensions are out this month so keep reading!

Improve your layered navigation with AJAX Layer Pro!

Guys, if you're looking for a solution to improve the layered navigation of your Magento website then we've got something that you should love.

AJAX Layer Pro is a powerful extension that makes your layered navigation more fluent and efficient.

Among the key features, you'll be able to:

  • Completely configure your filters
  • Customize the display of your filters in the frontend
  • Use optimized keywords in the URLs
  • Enjoy a fully compatible extension

The extension starts at €95 for one Magento instance.

If you're interested in that extension, you can have a look at the complete documentation here.

File Attachments: Upload and attach files to your product pages!

Have you ever dreamt of making links automatically available on your product pages when attaching files? Well that is possible with the File Attachments extension.

The extension is especially useful for product documentation and user guides.

You will be able to:

  • Automatically display attached files in your Magento frontend
  • Completely manage your files
  • Enjoy a fully compatible extension

And guess what? It is only €30!

Don't forget to check our documentation and to contact us if you have any question. Our team will always be happy to help.

Check out new releases for July

Below is the list of all the releases that came out in July.

Releases for Magento v1.X

  • Watchlog
    version 1.1.3 released on 09/07/2016
    Urls in notification message drive now to the notification page and watchlog page instead of the dashboard
  • Ajax Layer Pro
    version 2.4.0 released on 23/07/2016
    Improved products count in the categories treeview
  • File Attachments
    version 1.2.0 released on 26/07/2016
    First release
  • Mass Stock Update
    version 3.10.1 released on 27/07/2016
    Possibility to add a port in the FTP url when retrieving the import file

Releases for Magento v2.X

  • Elasticsearch
    version 5.1.3 released on 02/07/2016
    Advanced search management
  • Orders Export Tool
    version 5.0.8 released on 02/07/2016
    Minor fix for multiple store views export
  • Advanced Inventory
    version 6.0.7 released on 07/07/2016
    Automatic assignation of orders from Paypal (Express + IPN)
    version 6.1.0 released on 20/07/2016
    Compatibility: Advanced Inventory is compatible with Magento 2.1.0