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In February, quite a few things have changed at Wyomind!

To no one's surprise, we've continued our work on Magento 2 extensions. Among the extensions available for Magento, 9 are now compatible with Magento 2 (including 2 free ones). It seems we're on the right track!

That doesn't mean that we've stopped working on Magento v1.X extensions.

And that's not all, keep on reading to know more about the main events of February!

Be aware of the new releases!

This month at Wyomind, we’ve been working hard to launch some new versions of extensions and include the features you’ve requested!

Below is a list of all versions that have been released in February. Check it now!

Releases for Magento v1.X

  • Estimated Delivery Date v.3.1.0
    released on 03/02/2016
    New function: define a restocking date for the backorder products
  • Estimated Delivery Date v.3.1.1
    released on 22/02/2016
    Optimized support for configurable products (configurable swatch) and correction of spelling mistakes

Releases for Magento v2.X

  • Watchlog v.2.0.0
    released on 01/02/2016
    Compatible with Magento 2
  • Data Feed Manager v.8.0.0
    released on 04/02/2016
    Compatible with Magento 2

Data Feed Manager is available for Magento 2!

We know that this was expected for a few months now so we're quite happy to announce that Data Feed Manager has finally been released for Magento 2 this month.

The extension offers the same features as Data Feed Manager for Magento v1.X but is slightly different in terms of use. Indeed, for a better compatibility with Magento 2, the syntax to use in order to retrieve any product data has changed.
No worries, you'll easily get it as we have a quite complete documentation that should help you to start with.

The documentation includes anything you need to know about XML and CSV files to be able to use Data Feed Manager as well as all steps you need to follow in order to configure your data feed according to your needs.

For more information on Data Feed Manager for Magento 2, don’t hesitate to take a look at our documentation!

Our very first Video Tutorial is now online!

Over the past few months, we've been working on our very first video tutorial. We haven't spent much of our time on that project as we've had a lot to do for the Magento 2 release.

However, we've decided to choose a clear and simple topic for our first tuto, something that seemed to be a problem for many of you: the category mapping for Google Shopping data feeds.

Indeed, we've received a lot of support requests from customers that didn't know how to retrieve the Google categories that best match with theirs in their Data Feed Manager and Simple Google Shopping data feeds.

The video explains how to get over the problem in a few easy steps.

We'll be glad to receive your feedback on that first try as well as any subject that you think it could be interesting as a video tutorial.

You can check our video tutorial here!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or ideas, we'll be happy to help.