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Hey there! We hope you're totally ready for returning from the summer holidays! 

As the Estimated Delivery Date extension has changed a lot lately, why not explore all new features?! More info below.

Did you know that you can install your Wyomind extensions on Magento 2 via Composer? Well, now you do and you'll be able to do it after a look at this article!

Finally, at the end of that newsletter, you'll see all new releases that have been launched in August. 

Estimated Delivery Dates: Top features!

The Estimated Delivery Date extension offers you a multi-level lead times management. It allows you to establish and personalize lead times for each one of the products available in your Magento website and on different levels:

  • for in stock/out of stock products
  • for each product individually
  • by product attribute
  • by custom options
  • by store view

You can totally customize the Estimated Delivery Date extension and display personalized delivery messages. These messages are displayed in different places:

  • the product page
  • the cart and checkout
  • the transaction emails
  • the customer account

Ready? 3... 2... 1... Display a dynamic countdown and let your customers know at first glance how much time is left before the product can be shipped. 

You have also the possibility to define a back in stock date. Even if there are already lead times defined for out of stock products, when there's a date defined for restock, the lead times are then calculated accordingly.

Finally, you can at any time get a preview of the estimated delivery date for one product in particular, in order to see if your settings are correct. Easy, isn't it?!

For more information, you can have a look at our complete documentation about the Estimated Delivery Date extension. It is available for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Install your Wyomind extension via Composer

Now with Magento 2, you have many possibilities to install your Wyomind extension. Among these possibilities, you can install it via Composer if you have purchased the extension on the Magento Marketplace or on Wyomind.com. This will save you a lot of time as it should only take a couple of minutes.

For this, you need to request access to our repository reaching our team by creating a ticket from your Wyomind account or via our contact form.

Once you have those credentials, add our repository to your composer configuration:

composer config repositories.wyomind composer https://repo.wyomind.com

Then, to install the extension, run the below command:

composer require wyomind/modulename
bin/magento setup:upgrade

You can even activate your license via command lines:

bin/magento wyomind:license:activate Wyomind_ModuleName ACTIVATION_KEY

Attention, modulename and ModuleName must be changed to the name of the extension you're installing. If you have any doubt about the module name, you can run the below command:

bin/magento wyomind:license:status

Feel free to have a look at our faq that explains how to install the extension via composer.

If it comes to be a real struggle, please let us know as we would be happy to help!

Among latest releases!

New versions of extensions have been launched in August!

Releases for Magento v1.X

  • Advanced Inventory v5.6.0
    released on 20/08/2018
    Possibility to display a Stock Status message in the product page

  • Mass Stock Update v6.2.2
    released on 03/08/2018
    Improved management of the error message in the source file
    Possibility to identify the product with the product ID
    List of the ignored products from the cron task report available via a link to a file

Releases for Magento v2.X

  • Advanced Inventory v6.7.3
    released on 02/08/2018
    Better perfomance in the Magento backend
    Fix on a JS bug in the cart when selecting a configurable product option

  • Mass Product Import & Update v3.2.0
    released on 21/08/2018
    Possibility to add the product position in the category
    The import keeps the position of products that are already assigned
    Urls re-indexation when updating the url key

  • Mass Stock Update v7.3.0
    released on 22/08/2018
    Compatibility with Mass Product Import & Update v3.2.0

  • Simple Google Shopping v13.5.0
    released on 28/08/2018
    Enhancement: Better management of category filters and mapping

  • Mass Stock Update v7.4.0
    released on 29/08/2018
    Compatibility with M2EPro API
    Improved FTP support for distant source files

Don't forget that you can see more in the changelogs tab on each extension page.