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Order Eraser

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Order Eraser allows you to simply clean your sales database by deleting useless orders, linked invoices and all linked data in one go.

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Order Eraser
is available for Magento® 2

Clean your sales database with Order Eraser for Magento® 2!

Quickly and massively delete orders

  • Select the orders you want to delete in Magento® 2
  • Automatically delete the invoices and other data linked to the orders


To install the Order Eraser extension in your Magento® 2 backoffice, you need to:

1. Before installing the extension, it's advisable to backup your Magento® 2 installation.
2. Then, you need to refresh caches in System > Tools > Cache Management.
3. Now you can download the zipped extension from your Wyomind account > My downloads.
4. Once you have downloaded it, unzip the folder content.
5. Copy the app folder and paste it into the Magento® 2 root directory. You can merge the directories.
6. Open a console and run the following command on the Magento® 2 root directory:

bin/magento setup:upgrade

Once your installation is complete, don't forget to clear the cache and log in again.

If you are working on Magento® 2.0.x, you'll have to rename:


With Order Eraser for Magento® 2, you can clean your sales database in one go. The extension will automatically delete:

- the orders you've selected
- the linked invoices
- all linked data

The extension can be ready to use from your Magento® 2 back-office in a few minutes only.

After having installed the extension, go to Sales > Operations > Orders.

There you have many possibilities to delete your orders.

Tick all the orders you want to delete, from the actions dropdown, choose "Delete". A popup is displayed, click on "OK".

A notification should be displayed at the top of your admin saying that your orders have been deleted from your Magento® 2 admin.

You can also delete one order at a time either by clicking on "Delete" from the "Delete" column or by clicking on "Delete" directly in the order view.

In the case where the order(s) that you have deleted was/were linked to some invoices or credit memos, these latter will also be removed.