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Guys, summer has arrived and we have been working hard on Magento 2.

Also, we have some ongoing projects to complement our 25 popular Magento extensions and provide your Magento website with everything it needs in order to sell more. Keep reading to get more details.

Work in progress for Magento 2

We have good news this month! We've resumed the work on Magento 2 extensions and we are currently making the Mass Stock Update extension compatible with the last version of Magento. Indeed, many of you have already contacted us and asked when this would be ready. Well it's on the right track.

The extension for Magento 2 is exactly the same than the one for Magento 1. You'll be able to update your Magento 2 inventory in one go through any CSV and XML file.

Among the new features that will be available in that version for Magento 2, you will have the possibility to retrieve your CSV or XML file from a URL directly.

Other extensions will also be compatible with Magento 2 and should be released very soon. Don't worry, we won't forget to tell you when it is out!

Elasticsearch: Make sure the server is installed!

You may already know that we have released the Elasticsearch extension a few months ago. This allows you to improve the default Magento search results and to enhance your search results relevancy.

The Elasticsearch extension is available for Magento 1 and is also compatible for Magento 2.

So that the extension can work, this is really important that the Elasticsearch server is also installed. You can find a step by step documentation on the Elastic site and on Wyomind to see how to install the server by yourself.

If you don't feel very comfortable with that procedure, note that we provide an installation service starting at €100. One of our Magento Certified Specialists takes care of the installation of the Elasticsearch server on the host of your choice for you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question, our team will be glad to answer!

A new one is coming!

Guys, we're currently working on a new project for Magento. We're already sure you'll love it!

This is about a complete booking and reservation extension. It will be particularly useful if you're selling any kind of bookable products from your Magento website such as reservations for rooms, restaurants, travels and also doctors appointments, spas, cars rentals, etc.. 

Our objective is to build an extension that is flexible and that can work for every business in order to give you the maximum of possibilities.

We would be glad to know if you have any particular needs concerning that project, so feel free to come to us with your ideas. It is always possible to add new features to the extension.

Check out new releases for June

Below is the list of all the releases that came out in June. Note that all the extensions available for Magento 2 are now compatible with version 2.1.0.

Releases for Magento v1.X

  • Attribute Option Pro
    version 1.1.1 released on 01/06/2016
    Fixed admin configuration section
  • Orders Export Tool
    version 4.1.2 released on 03/06/2016
    Management of .dat format files
  • Data Feed Manager
    version 7.4.1 released on 03/06/2016
    Support for {G:PROMOTION_ID} attribute
    version 7.4.2 released on 14/06/2016
    Fix on URLs
  • Elasticsearch
    version 4.1.3 released on 11/06/2016
    Fix for Magento Enterprise when retrieving products urls
  • Estimated Delivery Date
    version 3.1.3 released on 16/06/2016
    Backup of the extension product attributes after an installation

Releases for Magento v2.X

  • Advanced Inventory
    version 6.0.6 released on 09/06/2016
    JS fix for the permissions management from the admin
  • Orders Export Tool
    version 5.0.6 released on 16/06/2016
    Fix in the orders view in Sales > Orders